The Big Picture: That's No Moon

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That's No Moon

With Disney acquiring Lucasfilm what could the consequences be?

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Me-thinks Bob's giving this two thumbs up...

Matthew Vaughn and Colin Trevorrow and the two names that as doing the most rounds for the directors chair.

Yeah the prospect of any new Star Wars freed from the stigma of the prequals sounds good to me. Although I though for sure you would mention how just weeks before you wrote on article on the escapist about how the SW films will never be remade but wouldn't it be neat if they could be. Anyway this also means we will get new Star Tours or possibly an entire revamp of the future Land as SW land. That is worth being excited about.

Guess what I own already?

I don't need your Blu Rays as long as these still work.

I'm honestly "meh" about the whole prospect. Then again I don't think it's possible for me to get excited about any new developments in any properties that I've enjoyed anymore. In fact, I tend to approach any such new developments with much more apprehension than excitement.

The Star Wars EU was usually fun, but the plots got so convoluted over time. I used to read all the Star Wars novels but when they started trying to fill every moment of post-Death Star era with some crazy adventure it got silly. Silly beyond usual Star Wars silly.

I've heard good things about stuff that came out after I stopped reading, but I never went back to find out for myself. And I honestly don't mind if they throw all that stuff out the window. I never thought of the books as canon. Just fun diversions.

The whole secret things can't stay as secret for long, really? If that's the case wouldn't we have leak info on Half Life Episode 3 by now (I'm pretty sure Valve employees are tight lip about that game).

Anyway, the only time I would start to doubt or be against the whole thing is once we actually seen development of the upcoming film.

If I remember right the script writer will be the guy who wrote Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3

Scarim Coral:
The whole secret things can't stay as secret for long, really? If that's the case wouldn't we have leak info on Half Life Episode 3 by now (I'm pretty sure Valve employees are tight lip about that game).

Half Life 3 is a lie. Just like the cake.

On topic though this was pretty surprising and kind of cool I think. It'll be a while until we see anything like a trailer and we'll see how excited I am with that but until then I'm going to keep an eye on it and see how it plays out for good or for ill.

Disney internal security is horrifying. They have MIB who just pop up out of no where in the parks and escort you out if you are causing trouble. This escort also takes you UNDER the park. Its creepy.

At least according to one of my Professors who likes to tell the story about the time he went to "Disney Prison".

Interesting stuff, Bob. Your LucasFilm as Rebel base analogy kind of parallels Kevin Smith's revelation in his latest book Tough Shit--though obviously the cultural importance is several orders of magnitude higher. Smith went through most of his career buying into Harvey Weinstein's doctrine that Miramax were the punk rock hordes smashing down the walls of Old Hollywood, then he claims he realized Weinstein had basically sold out while the big studio guys were actually a lot cooler and "with it" than he ever imagined.

I honestly thought you would going to do a Wii retrospective special with the Wii U now t-minus 5 days from launch(in North America). But yeah I have mixed feeling about this, all I can hope is that they don't screw this up, but it appears that I not alone in this since Trey Parker and Matt Stone are with me if last week's season finale of south park is anything to go by.

If something is big enough that it gets mentioned and/or parodied in south park, you have it made. In the WoW themed episode Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny grind up their wow characters to battle an uber player killer threatening to destroy the game, and Cartman freezes himself to wait the last 3 weeks till the wii's launch only to wind up 500 years in the future; that is comedy gold.

Oh Vader
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Oh Vader, what a pity
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You grab me by the throat
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Don't freeze my friends Vader!

after thinking about it I think that I'm excited to see more Star Wars movies for the same reasons Bob brought up during the video (like how well the Avengers turned out) and I too am looking forward to seeing a new release of the theater versions of the original trilogy.

Thanks, Bob. This was a shot in the arm and a hand-holding at the same time. I was worried that Disney will ignore the expanded universe, but the only portion of post-Episode 6 that I care about is the stuff by Timothy Zahn. I was fine with the disregarding of the expanded universe that came out of Episode 2 because Kevin J. Anderson is a terrible author. At least now I can calmly go to see Episode 7 knowing what to expect, and I may be pleasantly surprised.

Also, I am looking forward to seeing a new Star Wars movie because hopefully it'll be the first one with decent dialogue.

Heh I thought there would be more Venom, and rage then the dignified acceptance.

OT: speaking to how Disney is now. I would think that it is more or less at least a protection of the originals then anything, but hoping, and pinning for those Blu-rays is just the same as yelling out "Lucus Should burn in Hell for destroying my STAR WARS"

So you think they'll stop at three movies?
Or you think they'll milk it further?

Learned something about Lucasfilm today, I did. Other than that, Bob echoes my sentiments and speculations pretty handily.

Actually, those secrets do happen all the time. These days, if you hear a leak, it's almost always intentional. And there's often thousands of people involved.

The part about the lack of leaks was something I hadn't even thought about. Other than Valve, I don't know anyone who can keep things a secret for that long, and Valve has the benefit of being a relatively small company whose staff is basically a tight-knit community not unlike a middle-American small town. And even they have stuff get leaked from time to time (the entire Half-Life 2 beta, for example, or an early version of Source Filmmaker).

As someone who listened to the conference call that broke the news, I can tell you that part of the agreement between Lucas and Disney is that Lucas films still have final say over the Star Wars franchise. That was made explicitly clear at several places in the conference call.

In the short term, that means Disney has no control over the books, over the graphic novels, the toys, or what gets on Television. That also means as long as Lucas films says no, kiss all thoughts of a Original versions Blurays good bye.

At least in the short term anyway.

I have to admit, it IS impressive how they managed to keep this a secret until now. So yeah, I'm excited about the prospect of new Star Wars movies, I'd like to see what they come up with. Also, lol, poor Song of the South.

I didn't jump on either bandwagon that emerged during the first announcement IE the far negative view of "High School Musical IN SPAAAAAPCE!" to the far positive view of "Whedon casts Nathan Fillion in VII", I just breathed a sigh of relief that Lucas no longer has his claws on it.

Anything could happen, but the notion of original Bluray releases is a refreshing notion.

Dear Movie Bob,

It's the first time I stop mid-video to post a comment.
It's about the "remastered/unaltered original Episode IV-V-VI"... Yes, where Solo shoots first. No CGI, even good one.

...Amen. If they do it, I will buy it, and I will shed tears of extasy.

Then the tapes are going back "To the vault" ;) LOL

Pretty much sums up what most (sane) people have been saying.

Seeing LucasFilm sold was pretty shocking, but I think we can all agree that Lucas really hasn't been treating his IP's well as of late and in the hands of the people who oversaw the making of the Avengers movies Star Wars has the potential to be awesome again.

Doesn't mean it's going to be, but there is actually A New Hope for it again.

And yes, the THX remastered version on DVD would be FANTASTIC. I have the VHS, but no longer have a VCR. :'(

Hm... yeah, Star Wars is guaranteed to earn you some money. Though that probably only works for movies. SWToR doesn't seem to be doing so good.

I'm honestly surprised more isn't being made about the fact that Disney also bought Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker sound in the package. I guess culturally that won't change much, but those two companies are involved in nearly every single movie production and have to be huge money makers in their own right. I can see George parting with some of his intellectual property that he isn't exploiting, but I'm curious why he would sell off companies that do nothing but print money. Maybe he wants the cash up front to pay for his charity work?

Yeah no one wants to see "heir to the empire". That was a good book. Lets keep it that way please and thanks.
Star Wars reboot anyone? Anyone?

Oh Avengers. The most paint-by-numbers superhero movie I've seen in the last five years and it gets lauded as the second coming just because Robert Downey Jr. didn't eat anybody else on set.

It's never good news when Disney buys up a studio. That just means that whatever property they now own will never take a risk again with their story. They'll be pretty and have interesting aesthetic styles, but their central message is always along the lines of 'give up your dreams and do whatever it is you're supposed to do'. Tron: don't be a rebel, be a computer nerd like your father. Avengers: got superpowers? You gotta fight crime now. Toy Story 3: you're a toy? Do whatever your owner tells you. Wreck-It Ralph: you're cast as a bad guy in a repetitive, boring universe? Do that until you die, or else.

So, no. I don't just want Star Wars again. I want something new. Perhaps another actually interesting story within the Star Wars universe. The relationship between The Empire Strikes Back to A New Hope, if you will. All I actually expect to see is Return of the Jedi with significantly more Ewoks and a lot less sister-bangin'.

Well, I can only imagine that, just like Marvel with Disney, pretty much nothing will change (besides the hypotetical chibbi Star Wars stuff on Disney Channels, but the Lego Star Wars shorts of CN are already terrible, so yeah) and in fact, things will get a bit better this time around.

Squeenix?, where's our Star Wars cameo in Kingdom Hearts?.

That CIA director joke was aces, Bob. :lol:

I wonder... Does this mean there's a small chance for Battlefront 3 and the Republic Commando stuff to resurface?


So, Bob kinda stated that the expanded universe is canon but "not really"... Look it doesn't make any sense, I READ that there's (or was) a kind of OFFICIAL council (recognized by lucas) in which "experts" went through the released books to state if they were canon or not. Shit George Lucas directly ordered certain directives, such as "which major character might get killed or not",

. Same thing with the Darth Plagueis book, he prohibted any book on Darth Sidious' origins to be released until he himself gave a say so.

I do agree the expanded universe is sorta messed up in places, look at characters like Asajj Ventress, what's her official story???...

That CIA director joke was aces, Bob. :lol:


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