The Thin Starting Line

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That must have been a joy to draw.

....It'd make a great poster too.

I would pay so much money for this. Seriously.
The media would have a field day with it, though.

Would the generals be racing tanks? That would be fun to watch, Patton in a Sherman racing Rommel in a Panther(I would say Tiger, but that really wouldn't be a race now would it).

Historically, the Tiger was capped at 38kph to stop burning out the engine. If the engine governor is removed, a Tiger I could reach 45kph on good terrain (say, a race track). The Sherman, depending on which engine is installed could go between 40 - 48kph, so there is a good possibility of the Tiger winning in that case.

I also thought 'I would play this'. They'd need Admiral Miklós Horthy and Field Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey as unlockable or DLC characters though.

I would definitely buy this.




Good to know I'm not the only one that would play the shit out of Hitler's Master Racing. Guess I'm not as horrible a person as I thought.

No, you are still a horrible person. It's just the rest of us are all horrible people too.

Let's form a club!

OT: What we need is some World War Six shooters. Set in the far future, when the Korean cyborg troops and the Atlantean sharkmen band together to combat the imperialist might of the United States of Monaco.

Much better than the previous CM comics. Keep this up.

Needs more FDR in a turbo-wheelchair.

I must say, if they actually released Hitler's Master Racing, I would likely buy it immediately and proceed to play the shit out of it. Even if it was bad, it would probably be hilariously so.

I came extremely close to missing the joke in the game's title. So glad I didn't.

Also I just want to say that mini-Stalin is absolutely adorable.

Man, Stalin has some mad drifting skills.

Shut up and take Poland, this sounds awesome.

Hitler could actually be Mario, with a "new look" moustache and confused nationality.

Also, Hitler's car should be a Mercedes.

"Hilter's Master Rasing"

Ok now that is funny


Happy to see I'm not the only one who's in love with this concept that Grey and Corey have come up with!! Normally I'm not one for racing games but I would definitely play this. A cartoony cart racer with figure heads from WWII would be awesome. *starts day dreaming about concepts for the game*

Why does Erin have so much coffee?

i miss them in the sense that i have had enough of modern military shooters.

i'm really really missing the days when the vicious imperialist xenophobic nationalistic bastards threading all over other peoples countries with a ridiculously excessive war machine were the people i was supposed to be killing, not playing as. (badum-tish!)

I want that game now. Dibs on Stalin!

Where's the Red Skull DLC?!! ;)

Give me an HD version. Instabuy

That's being saved for the next-gen re-release - including a marketing campaign counting down to "HD-Day".

(Okay, I'm sorry, I'll leave.)

Let's kickstart this thing.

So wrong, yet SO right.

Sadly, I could see this actually being made.

Please let Go-Kart Hitler be a reoccurring character.

I'm guessing De Gaulle and Roosevelt are coming with day-one DLC?

nope, day-one ON DISK DLC along with Patton.

Though, to be fair, Patton tends to screw up on turns with his Jeep.

I would so play that...
It looks like fun.

That last probably the best picture I've ever seen. I think I agree with everyone when I say I'd play the frak out of that game!

The Wooster:
The Thin Starting Line

Ein volk, ein reich, ein winner.

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Hate to necro this thread but...

Thank god for Modnation Racers, searched the archive for this so I could do them in the game; first one being Churchill being British n' all.

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