Jimquisition: Breaking the Bones of Business

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You didn't say it! You sack of $%&*! Why the fuck did you cut off my ending? I've never had to pay you before to get the rest of my conte... oh. Well played, Senior Sterling.

I noticed a lot of IAP since I started to download little apps to pass time on my tablets and mobiles since a couple years ago. But then I thought, well the game's free so of course they're going to tempt you to spend money, can't complain if it's for free (the option is always there to just say no).

And I thought this would be confined to these platforms, even though the 'credit packs' were pretty offensive to say the least ($99 for 15,000 credits or whatever, who is going to spend that much on a fucking casual time waster?) I never thought this would make a jump to AAA, full priced games. I mean that's just more insulting than the BS that DLC is. I just didn't think anyone would even have the audacity, the mere thought of doing that, and charging the full price off the shelf at launch. Seriously, to hell with those dickwads.

Everyone! Pirate Dead Space 3! Download it, play it, flail it in their faces and get rid of it.

If you really want to play it, then pirate. Don't give these imbeciles any money or sales figures, let them all sink like the rubbish they are!

No, the best thing to do would be to just ignore Dead Space 3 entirely.
Don't generate hype for it. Don't talk about it. Don't play it. Don't seed it. Don't torrent it. Don't buy it.
Pretend it does not exist for at least 3 months after its launch. Wait for their response.

When they inevitably blame piracy for that fucking huge gap in their bottom line, we can all have a good laugh.

And if they go under and can't produce any more games as a result?
Then economics has done its job.

Jimothy Sterling:
Breaking the Bones of Business

A new business model comes along, designed to attract gamers with interesting ideas and consumer-friendly pricing.

Watch Video

Well... ok then. Glad you came to your senses. 0-o

good episode. funny ending.

It looks like you were having more fun on the driving simulator than with the new FF game huh? :-p

Jimothy Sterling:

I know the video is about the WRONG attitude regarding free-to-play mmo games and the attention it seems to have garnered from the likes of ActiBlizz and EA... but i still feel like there's a game which has been around for a decade now, and which should at-least deserve an honorary mention for even being around that long.
This fucking behemoth has actually had to upgrade from Cryengine1 to Cryengine2 ...did i mention it's the only true mmorpg i know of that even uses Cryengine? And it's had like four different outside developers come in and create content for it in the form of entire new Plantes, as-well as a movie tie-in with UniversalStudios?! Or that it has a real-cash economy with a fixed US$ exchange-rate of 1$:10ingame
Or the fact that i had to find out about it through some sketchy blog that depicted it like some chinese gold-farmer's wet-dream?!! >:\
Help me out here Jim, cuz i am honestly confused as to why the general gaming media likes to pretend this thing doesn't even exist, while the toolbags at ExtraCredits praised Diablo3 as some shiny new innovative design in taking people's money, even BEFORE the fucking abomination that ate 9 months of my life was even Launched >:[

the game i'm talking about is called EntropiaUniverse btw >.>

Jim at least you have the goodness in your heart knowing games like League of Legends and Vindictus are still going about there business on the internet. Sure a lot of triple A gaming companies are destroying the market, but I think that as long as these little rays of hope companies control something that there is a chance that our support of them will allow them to take over and soon own a majority share of what the demons from hell have consumed in triple A gaming.

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