Feed Dump: The Missing Toilet Paper

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Liver of a wombat... how would that even become a part of that mythos? :O

Bieber fever is an STD... it all suddenly makes sense...

you can have sex with music?

........Me and my iron maiden albums need space.

And wait, what's this about background music that isn't there anymore... ? I can honestly say that I've never even noticed it because I'm more focused on listening to the people speaking...

This indeed. I've never noticed any background music...

Brad is looking good! He's lost weight I think. :) Welcome back, Brad!

Hilarious episode as always.

There's no way I can say this without sounding like a bad person, but it's true: I found it hard to concentrate on Kathleen's jokes due to the cut of her shirt and the angle she was facing the camera. I mean, she looks great and I enjoyed her political joke but I would be able to enjoy it more if she just covered up a little better next time. I'll probably take heat for saying this but I just have to be honest: I'm a guy and I want to concentrate on what is said.

Nice to see you guys read the comments. It is much better without background music.

The monkey has been scared for life due to Bieber exposure.

How does an entire country run out of toilet paper .... simultaneously?!?!?
Seriously, no-one can be so inept. There had to be a sudden jump in demand, or someone burned a warehouse full of it to the ground.
Also, the question has to be asked: If Germany now owns that monkey, how much does each individual citizen own, democratically?
Like, do I own 1/86.000.000 part of the ex-monkey of Justin Bieber?
I wonder what that's worth .....

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