Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Doomsday Viruses

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Thunderous Cacophony:
So, that cop from Parasite Eve... What happened to her pants? I've heard of distressed jeans, but there was literally about 20 strands of fiber keeping her from exploding out of the front of her pants.

Also, I was going to recommend that Lisa go out into the sun and have some chicken noodle soup to feel better, but that's clearly not an option. Maybe huddle in the basement with a Fudgesicle?

I think that's her from 'third birthday' which I've not heard good things about, also, Aya wasn't a 'rookie' cop in PE1.

Good List.. I remember being on WOW when that happened, luckily I was high enough level, but it was funny as heck.. FOR THE FIRST DAY.. then it got old. I didn't know about the studies, but that seems pretty cool. Look what can happen. The low level = the young and those with weak immune systems. Use those to spread and incubate. Scary stuff.

Feel Better Lisa. My allergies decided to kick up and I am so happy I bought a box of Puffs Plus.. ahhh facial tissue with lotion.. Also I understand the sunburn thing. I was resurrecting a house for Habitat of Humanity, and I thought I was pretty much working indoors most of the day, somehow I got sunburn.. So confused!

Wow Lisa does sound sick.
Fet wells oon Lisa.

I would make soup for you, but you shown a distaste for soup, maybe some tea.

You think getting sunburned in the shade is bad I got sun burned through my shirt once

I remember that WoW plague like it was yesterday.

So..many..skeletons in Orgrimmar was overwhelming.

No Grey Death? That's one I would have included - cool list nonetheless though.

Also, nobody goes to the doctor over a cold. Just deal with it.

Get well soon Lisa. Wasn't expecting to see the Chimera virus but I think you gave it deserved merits as a virus...that turned people into sentient zombies to an alien overlord. I'm very happy to see it there.
BUT THANK YOU ON THE CORRUPTED BLOOD VIRUS! Seriously, that was a massive problem, and if the CDC could use it as a model then you go something fucking serious.

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