141: This Is Your Brain on Smart Drugs

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Very little to do with gaming, though. All it does is make me want to get my hands on some Ritalin, how expensive is it?

Reading this article, and all these responses, I can't help but liken this situation to the debate we may have on artificial limbs and attachments someday. By artificial, I'm referring to prosthetic arms, legs, eyes, etc. People may end up willing getting body parts chopped off and replaced by a synthetic equivalent that does the job better and faster. At which point, we'd have to ask ourselves "when do we stop being human?"

I know, it sounds like something from cyberpunk or Shadowrun, but think about it. I highly doubt these drugs are composed entirely of natural compunds found in nature. These pills are likely lab-created, filled with synthetic chemical compounds (and by all means, prove me wrong if I am wrong). So, what makes that so different from getting a mechanical arm that could type as fast as you thought and lift a ton with no ill effect? You're just using modern technology to improve your own performance, aren't you?

This follows the philosophical question of "Do androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and to a lesser extent Blade Runner. I highly recommend that book if you haven't read it.

As someone who takes Adderall daily, I can say that without it, I would be a wreck.

Yes, I have become dependent on it. And some days, I don't take it, and do fine-- and I try to make those days last. But some days, I absolutely must have it, and I take it and feel fantastic.

People need to strike a balance between habit, competition, and necessity. Mine is somewhere between habit and necessity, and I act accordingly. Everyone is different. That's all there is to it, I think.

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