de-rez: The Truth About 3D Realms

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Well you do all now what this is goin to mean right? Spend 11years makin one game and it, oh course, is goin to be the greatest game of our, or any, generation!!!


This was a piss poor video and I my self with out any backing have made better.

If you want to make something like this you should at very least look up some of the info behind the subject.

Maybe how 3d realms was self funded for the most part, and how take two was not giving them the backing they needed to get the game finished.

And if maybe you did some research you would have found things like images of level, models of people, guns, and monsters. Also some level images.

It's crap like this that makes gaming in general look like a trash forum of entertainment, with no knowledgeable backing on topic. Next time you see new from games or game makers being seen as just blogging by the associated press please thank your self with a cherry flavored shotgun shaft.

isn't 3d realms dead as of last month?

Not bad, hes done better work in the past

De Rez again?!?! Wait, this is an old video... :(

haha, oh, what a trip down memory lane this is.

I'm just confused as to why you're doing a De-Rez repeat? I really enjoyed a lot of De-Rez work so I'm hoping that this is a sign of its return.

I'm confused, that was dated about 2 years ago...
Anyway, good video.

this could either mean De-rez is back to escapists again Which is really awesome :)..
or just a prank ?...

I miss de-rez, hope theyre all doing well

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