Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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Did somebody actually ask why people dislike the the Star Wars prequels so much? Really?

The terrible dialogue, the lack of pacing, crappy character development, overused and fake looking CGI.

Oh, and Jar Jar Binks.

I think that about sums it up.

Anakin: I hate sand, it's coarse, hard . . . not like you, you're soft. Makeout with me!
(she does)


I don't know what all the fuss is about. Hayden Christensian did a very good job played Anakin. Sure, he was a little whiny, but did you ever consider that the character was written that way? I'll admit, the guy who did his voice in BF2 and Revenge of the Sith Video Game portrayed him better: As a ruthless and hateful Sith lord, but the prequal movies were better than the original trilogy in every single way!

Heh, the whole 'slap his hands away from the editing desk and give him a box of crayons' line had me crying, as well as all the bashing of the new movies. Fantastic review!


I was excited about this game before it came out and heard all the very bad reviews, played a friends version and then decided I have more fun running round the Plains of Oblivion for hours on end collecting grass, but then again Lucas is busy humping all his 70s franchises to death, so really he should be stopped.

Hilarious review as always. Yahtzee rocks!

Follows The Escapist's own review of saying how damn awful it was. I can only agree that a game that rests on a singular, repeated mechanic is only doomed to fail.

Yes. I can't think of a game that's relied on a singular, repeated mechanic that hasn't been doomed to failure. Well, except for Pong, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Pac Man, Mario, Minesweeper and Peggle.

Still, as far as a fair few recent releases go, you make a fair point.


Battle Medic:

The Sorrow:

Battle Medic:
I will be counting facepalms from now on.
You picked the wii version.

In quite a twist, the psp version is very good.
The PS3/360 version is endless fun though. On a completely different note, you are absolutely 100% correct about I-III.
*second facepalm*
Still no wii attachment that increases accuracy.
*third facepalm*
On to another, completely different statement: Why did you stop picking opening\ending songs? I miss them.

He removed the songs for fear of potential copyright issues.

oh, ok

He should hum them then. ;)

hmmmm... clever

Geart review as always and just want to say cant wait to get it (tight on money as always) got to get the 360 version though.

well i liked the force unleashed, actually i thought it was pretty fucking good!

I liked the force unleashed when I played it, but then I did play it on the PS3. A great review as always. Liked the put down of George Lucas. I had the horrific misfortune to glimpse on a tv show about the first films a small adaptation of them called something like Ewoks Christmas. It was only a clip, but it was far worse than even the prequels. Keep up the great reviews Yahtzee!

if you have the choice i say use the other consoles but i guess they dont have the wacky games the wii has

im still going to buy this cause i have a 360

Rented it, and the camera is truly awful! I walked into walls because it was looking the other way!

One constilation to anyone who brought this:
At least they nail Ja Ja Binks to a wall.

the truth of the matter is there really is no continuity to star wars. oh sure they want you to believe there is with the movies but once you step slightly outside the original trilogy and the shitty prequels you are in for a realm of contingency errors that could kill a small dog. for example Shaak Ti, the jedi master on what i can only call the world largest fungus, has actually been killed three different times, which just feel like the people of Lucas Arts felt that they should take the term "beating a dead horse" and apply it literally...

as soon as i heard "to take down the emperor" i knew that it did not bode well for "star killer" (seriously wtf is with star wars and working the word "star" into anything sith related? is it just that the sith cant think of an original idea? do they just sit at a board meeting going "ok we need to name a 2000 mile long space craft, how about star... star.. STAR DESTROYER, it's so unique, unlike any other name we have given anything!"), as soon as he was starting to turn good, got all his affairs in order it was pretty much foreboding of that after crossing the laser tunnel of death (where sanity goes to die) he would basically have his neck snapped. which from the get go we could tell there would be no happy ending but it was still hours of build up for a quick ending (though there is a dark side ending where instead of trying to kill sidious you kill Vader, those who made the rebel alliance in the light side ending are all killed and all continuity is shot to fucking hell). but the fact of the matter is i didnt hate the game, no i rather enjoyed tossing tie fighters around like it was nothing for just the sole purpose of hearing a satisfying explosion, but really when you have fucked up all continuity as much as Lucas has it might as well have just been it's own stand alone franchise instead of the fan fiction delight that it is ( i cant unhear "parallel time line" being applied to this game... oh how i wish i could).

personally i wouldn't have minded having one of the first ideas for this being done, where you are a wookie warrior but it will never happen since lucas is hellbent to never let a wookie have it's own game calming it is because "characters need to communicate well"...

loved the review and can see where he is comin from but if u wanted you don't have 2 run round zapping people......even though i do hehe

I have to say that it looks absolutly fantastic on the PS3. Although of course it looks good, but that dosn't nessisarily mean that it is good. Forget going through all of the levels twice

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

This week Zero Punctuation pushes around hapless Stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Watch Video

For the record, The Clone Wars WAS a two hour introduction clip. XD (That's not to say it was GOOD, by any means.)

awesome rewiev as allways ^^ And i would like to see a Star Wars movie where they use their powers to something else than pointless fighting over who's got the biggest willy.

Here is an actual video of Darth Vader using the force to win a dance competition:
Yahtzee has again proven that he can see the future. Fear his powers!

I dont think that TFU was that bad nor did i think that the new trilogy was that bad either (even do i did think the original trilogy was better). And another question Yahtzee. You dont like star wars, do you?

lol Wii controls really do suck.

This did a jedi mind trick on me. I thought it was fun on release and then my beer goggles subsided and i was left only with hollow button mashing and pauses after combos. Weak.

YES, break dancing competition!!

YES, break dancing competition!!


Just kidding. I can see you're new, so we'll let it slide. Welcome to the Escapist! :D

The game was freaking 5 hours on the Wii, and the second playthrough was so easy, just max out force push and there ya go. I just waved the nunchuck around to kill everyone. This is why I got a PS3

Seriously, The Wii version and PS2 version made me belittle the whole game. I just got the 360 version yesterday and I'm 2 level's in and it's 10 times better.

you forgot to mention that each boss fight ends in a quick time event 0.o and if u fail they heal back to half health o.0 (stabby)... and needs another stabby later as to y byc dnt mention this as from his hate of them...?

Hey the video is missing! Someone alert the officials!

Video is down!

I wouldn't give George Lucas a canyon if i were you because he will make a bloody cartoon star wars movie next.

While not very informative to the game as a whole, does offer some good insights of the Wii version.

id rewrite the prequil trilogy so Darth Vader kills jar jar binks by cutting off each of his limbs and force chokeing him to death.

...anyone else notice that Space Janitors now plays at the end of this video?

CONGRATUALATIONS, Yahtzee! You got exactly that.

Disney threw out every idea Lucas ever had (Aside from the Prequels and the CGI CW series), and you get Carrie Fisher giving her best Superman impression.

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