Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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So much Wii hate in this thread. Careful you don't get vertigo on the way down from your stilt-walking high-horses, foam-mouthed as they are with rabid fanboy-ism.

hahahah great review. They really should just give george lucas a stern talking to and tell him every movie and game he made this year was crap

hahahah great review. They really should just give george lucas a stern talking to and tell him every movie and game he made this year was crap

I'm done with Star Wars. Done. After playing Lego Star Wars, Soul Calibur 4, watching the Family Guy Star Wars special and now seeing this shit, I wipe my hand off the whole franchise.

No part of any Star Wars movie was THIS good.

oh no way, my wii also started leaking brown liquid O_o
that was ages ago now, we've traded it for an x box 360 because he sat there growing cobwebs XD
now the xbox can grow some cobwebs
anywho, great review yahtzee! XD id love to see darth vader breakdancing

Huh.........he never actually gave his opinion of the game. He just verbally killed lucasarts and george lucas with a rusty thumbtack.

Wtf happened to the force? It was awful in the movies, it was easier to kill a person with your lightsaber than with the force. In the game, everyone can throw starships around! If this game is supposed to link the two parts of the story together, than the force decided it was tired and went to sleep for both trilogies, then got bored and decided to kill everything in this game.

Finally someone to critisise the force unleashed for what its really like, thankyou Yahtzee

He's criticizing the Wii verson, not the 360 or PS3 versions. The Wii version sucks, but the versions on the other consoles are just plain awesome. Fantastic physics, good ai, awesome combos, good controls, amazing graphics, fantastic visual design, etc... Go play the other versions, they're much better than the Wii version (Yahtzee said so himself).

wii sucks ass
true dat
i would like to see more pc games reviewed
but thats not my call eh
keep going yahtzee


Random argument man:

A. It's far too soon, since its just got out
B. Australia banned SH: Homecoming and Yahtzee can't get his hands on this game.

Australia is so weird. But bans never stopped people from importing games before.

Even if your argument is sounds, my first point still applies.

Haha, excellent review! Had me laughing the entire way through it, plus it's great that someone finally mentioned how terrible the wii remote is.

The ending was fantastic. I always find it funny when the credits animation cuts in immediately after he stops talking.

Great review once again! Except I gotta start remembering not to drink anything while I watch them.

IS it just me who finds it almost painfull that George Lucas gets to make movies? The man struck gold with the orginal trilogy and now he's churning out crap left and right lika a retared. Alos, the man has so disturbing visions for cinema such as his obsession wih special effects.

I swear to god if he gets a chans to do a movie withot sets, actor or story and only CGI and voice moduling then he will do it.

meh, would of prefered a review on force unleashed whether or not is was the truth or to slater it for fun, rather than yet another way of saying what we all know about the WIIs failings; although it is not quite as bad as the PS3 taking about an hour to install a game and ten minutes for each save, too much power not enough skill in that consol.
Well the 360 version was blinding, not too sure what game everyone else played on the WII and ps3 but the sexbox had the game down and probably the best game out on it, which is saying somthing when im not a starwars fan and I'm rich enough to afford just about every game for all the consols. Shocking that finnally a game comes out that has a good story, thats fun and that does not take about thirty hours of cut scenes and 20 minutes of game play like every final fantasy game out there -,o*
Boss cutscenes and their deaths is the best part of the game, was very nicely done and each boss gets an epic death.

COR 2000:

Idiot. That's the same thing as "Video games are responsible for fat kids and increased violence."

No actually. It's saying George Lucas is responsible for fat kids and increased violence.

I didn't like this review. For the first time since I started watching ZP, I disagree with him. Wii has some obvious failings, George Lucas has made too many games, etc, we all know that, how about after realising the Wii version wasn't so good, go and have a go on the PS3 version?!

Bless you, Internet People. Getting all butt-hurt because the game didn't live up to your grand expectations, despite how great it was. Assassin's Creed anyone?

Force Unleashed was a good game. It had a few glitches, like an occasional wall you'd fall through or a bit of hill you'd slide down and get stuck on, but start to end, it's full of epic fun and battles. Nothing matches up o charging into a sea of enemies and using the Force to dispatch them in a variety of ways and pulling TIE Fighters out of the air when you get bored with them.

My cousin keeps telling me the Wii version is fun as hell and that he beat it within a few days or so (he's got school after all). I haven't played it yet, but I wasn't all that enthusiastic about it to begin with.

And what? The apprentice's name is Starkiller? Wasn't that what Lucas was originally going to have as Luke's last name? Wow, the irony in that. I think there was a Starkiller in KoTOR, as well.

I found the review to be hilarious, because I dislike the new trilogy a lot. It didn't have the endearing characters or even the realism of the first trilogy. Yes, puppets, miniatures, and special effects are more realistic than CGI CGI and more CGI. I'm sorry but that's the cold hard truth.

And Goodman: Maybe Yahtzee didn't wanna blow his money on another copy? I mean, I know he gets paid and all to do these, but that doesn't change the fact that Aussie's get stuck with ridiculous price tags.


COR 2000:

Idiot. That's the same thing as "Video games are responsible for fat kids and increased violence."

No actually. It's saying George Lucas is responsible for fat kids and increased violence.

That's just ridiculous.

Edit: By that, I meant you people saying "George is to blame for everything" is like blaming video-games for everything bad.

Now THAT was funny. I may even gloss over the rubbish intro this time.

I swear to god if he gets a chans to do a movie withot sets, actor or story and only CGI and voice moduling then he will do it.

Too late. They made Clone Wars already.

Apparently 360 version isn't much better, especially with the damn quick time events.

*sigh* I'd been waiting for Yahtzee to savage this game, but I was hoping he would spend more than a few seconds talking about the actual GAME, rather than spending two-thirds of the review bashing the Wii and a quarter of it bashing the admittedly-very-bash-worthy George Lucas.

This bit I have to agree with. After waiting for two reviews-worth of this game being out, he finally reviews it. Only problem though is that he spends a good chunk of the game griping about something he already griped about (Spack and Ziki review), another good chunk griping about something I've already griped enough with my friends about (though I'll admit I like the analogy of keeping Lucas distracted with a coloring book), and then only a small portion actually talking about the game.

Though I suppose he was a little limited on the Lucas bashing, I don't think he's allowed to put spoilers in his review, so it isn't like he could go-on about how the specifics of how the story of the game is completely terrible, so the next-best thing is to just goto town on Lucas since the story was his fault to begin with.

I will say though, in the game's defense, that I enjoyed it (edit: On the 360, despite its terrible load times). The boss fights are poorly designed, but the bulk of the game is very enjoyable. There's just something therapeutic about utterly destroying an entire room of Stormtroopers (or other cannon fodder depending on the level), and then giving some special attention to the last surviving guy in the room.

Would have preferred review on the PS3/360 version but beggers can't be choosers.


Thank you as ever for such a review, the prequels do need cutting loose from the rest of the films before they drag it down any further.

Can you tell me, please, >WHY ON EARTH< would you review something like that and not stalker: clear sky? Is it because you actually like it... or do you know what it is at all. im really getting desesperate. :(

Anyway on topic; star wars always been cheesy and boring for me just because of the hype... its too cheesy.

PS: I totaly loved the ''replace the storm trooper by spartan from halo'' short.

edit: Im really making no sense when Im tired and trying to write something in english. *sigh* Bah w/e... time to play Warhammer.

I love this one, I really do. Laughin' out loud...

it seemed though that you were more having a go at the wii then the game there was about 30 seconds talking about the storyline then the rest was about it being a bad game for the Wii still loved it though as usuall ***** (5 stars)

It's too bad you didn't go for the PS3 or Xbox 360 version yahtzee. You would have enjoyed it a little more I'm thinking. But still, gold as always.

Theres a few things you have to know about the wii for it to work. You not only have to hold it at the right hight but at the right distance aswell ie me sitting in armchair making vague rist movements. Mostly however any large exagerated move will make the machine confused. This is a console that works better if you cant be stuffed to actually swing the wii mote. That and it was a bad idea to let another moron play on even wii sports as i was soon dodging the wii mote which rebounded off the adjacent wall.

The whole wii sensor should have more development or hey maybe they should develope one that actually works for the same console. It also gets a bit weird being in the midle of those old people that think wii fit actually works better than say being outside and a bunch of todlers.

what happened to you man you yoused to be cool it was all about the games and you sold out
no really though that was quite good but there are a lot of other new wii games that lend themselves to funnier reviews i.e deBlob

I'm particularly surprised that Yahtzee had picked the Wii over the 360/PS3... How odd.

Why does this surprise you? A lot of people are looking forward to the Wii version because they assumed motion-sensitive controls would make laightsaber duels awesome.

Once again, a Star Wars game fails to meet expectations. I think the last good SW game I palyed was Tie Fighter.

probably one of his best so far, not all of them recently have been as funny as some of his starting ones.

I hate to say it, but Yahtzee just got officially owned.

I could probably send you my copy of the 360 version if you wanted...;-;

how come theres no force fire?

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