173: The Dice They Carried

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That was actually touching. The inner self never changes, habits fold around to acustom to surroundings, but if you like something at a given moment, well, you'll always like it a bit.

I am another Texan, and the author is quite right: this is gun country. I myself currently don't yet own any not powered by air, but that's just a time and money thing. Still, as much as we love guns bladed weapons aren't exactly right out. Everyone I know carries at least one knife (myself included) and many more would carry swords if it weren't illegal. It's legal to wander around with a loaded shotgun on your back, but not carry a blade over nine inches. *shrug*

at any rate, I just took issue with the idea that noone cares about blades here. s'madness iss wot it iss

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