Zero Punctuation: Saints Row 2

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I think this was a very well balanced review. First real review he's done in months. This review just goes to prove that you can be funny without all the negativity.

that supervillain sandbox game is in production now you know..look it up.

A game where you play a evil villain from a batman style universe to try to take over the city would actually be quite entertaining.

Dang it, with all the games I'm waiting for to release, I'm not sure if I can afford this one too.

wow, i think because of his review the sell for the game are going to go up, or at least the up on GameFly.

yahtzee likes it so i'll get it when i finish farcry 2

City Of Villain is NOT what I think that Yatzee had in mind, at least not the way it is presented (it IS a MMORPG, and we all know that Yatzee hate those)

A GTA 4 like game where the main character is a Super Villain In Training instead of Nikko Bellic would be amazing. Nikko is a super villain anyway (what with his Super Power that render him invisible to the cops unless he touch their cars), why not get rid of the angst and give us more (realistic) action.

Kinda like a Crackdown but with where you can control a gang and battle Super Heroes wannabe (there can't be Super Heroes without Super Villains)

Wow, poor old ladies

Yahtzee I love you, Thank you for loving this game, Thank you for pwning GTAV, and thank you for getting people to buy it.

Ha, and you guys didn't belive me when I said this game would pwn gta.

This was a bad review.

Of course it is. Congratulations on missing the point in epic fashion.

Oh, and am I the only one who found "Don't think too hard about this simile; I certainly didn't" hilarious?

Bowler Hats FTW! I like this review a lot, it really does make me want to play the game and also damn myself for being too young to buy Rated M games and not owning a 360.

Saints Row 2 is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed GTA4 as well, but I can't overlook the incredibly annoying bugs in SR2. If they had just polished up some of the bugs in SR2, it would have been an exceptional game. As is, the game freezes up a lot, the car physics like to go insane every so often, and AI will mess up during missions a bunch and make you replay from previous checkpoints to get them out of endless loops. It really breaks up the flow when you have to restart your xbox just to keep playing...

My copy of SR2 is possessed. I was playing it on my friends 360 and his reader burned out. I bought my 360 in 2006 and I never had any problems wiggling the power cord couldn't fix. After a few days of SR2 it broke. I was on the Ultor branch of missions but I didn't get to finish. That pissed me off.

Now I have to wait to play Fable II and Fallout 3. I'm having a really hard time.

Two things:

1)I wholeheartedly endorse giving Yahtzee whatever means necessary to have that Supervillain Sandbox style game see the light of day.

2)I would have never, EVER, *EVER* (shifts to 1999 Chris Jericho)EEEEEEEEVER (shifts back to normal) expected Yahtzee to make a Team Rocket reference.

My thoughts exactly, although I significantly enjoyed the TR reference because I recall that aspect of the show being particularly funny to me as a small child. Well done as always!

Anybody notice the Monty Python's Flying Circus reference?

Well done Yahtzee. It almost makes me want to play this game. Sadly I have no XBox and no heaps of money to throw around all willy-nilly.

I picked up right away on the Monty Python reference and I felt it only added emphasis to Yahtzee's kick*** accent. :D

The only thing Saints Row did better is by adding a bunch of useless features. If Rockstar had left off where they did from San Andreas they too would have added a bunch of useless features.

Unfortunately they decided to NOT follow San Andreas' footsteps. They instead removed features and worked on other areas like,graphics,physics,and detail. I myself am a modeler and can appreciate the amount of work put into making the GTA 4 city. You can tell that in Siants Row 2 they just copied buildings and textures all over the place to fill things up.

To summarize what I'm trying to say in Gta 4 you can go to the middle of the city and stare at beautifully modeled buildings, amazing car models and physics, and an astounding amount of adverse and active pedestrians. In Saints Row you won't see any of that, but you can get in a side seat of a car and shoot rockets!

It really depends what kind of gamer you are. Personally I would love to have both scenarios. But if I have to chose I'd rather play a game that has style and grace than one that was made to keep ADD kids busy for long periods of time.

yet another great review and another shock, he likes Saints Row better than GTA4

How is that a shock? GTA is overhyped retro trash that other game companies have learned to do better. If they'd actually put something fresh into their system instead of reshaind, then maybe they'd have a better product.

this review was terrible, not only did you give it way too many good marks you actually showed it some love. that is NOT why we enjoy your reviews. No Yahtzee, Bad! Your not supposed to like the game.

this game is actually better than GTA4? I am shocked, considering the premise is yet another game where you control a group of street thugs.

who is that guy that he always has a picture of? in this one he was there when he was talking about "innocent people"

He liked it?!? He really liked it?!? Great oggly moogly. lol

ok........ he spent half the review bashing the wrong game! hope he does fable 2 next week

Yahtzee like a game!?! Better watch it before his fanbase moves on. Seriously though, (is there such a thing?), I was very surprised to see Saints Row 2 get a lot of nods from different gaming sites, as a GTA clone, it's broken it's training wings and learned to fly solo so it seems.

I vote.. Fallout 3, for next week, thought to get through the content it'll probably take the better part of a year.

Thanks for the review Yahtzee, one of the funniest i have seen in while
I am a Sony fanboy, but this makes me want my 360 back if only it wearnt for the stupid Red Ring

N1 Yahtzee. Far Cry 2 next?

You make the game sound so very appealing, Yahtzee. You haven't steered me wrong yet with your reviews. Painkiller being one that would have been overlooked by me that you highlighted. I'll be sure to try this game out sometime, it could be a new favorite for me and my whelp.

poor old ladys..

good vid very funny


Yahtzee I love you, Thank you for loving this game, Thank you for pwning GTAV, and thank you for getting people to buy it.

Ha, and you guys didn't belive me when I said this game would pwn gta.

oh look who's lips need prying off of Yahtzee's ass, where did this faggot come from?

Ouch, such a hurtful comment and from a noob to. when you post more than me feel free to say whatever you want.

N1 Yahtzee. Far Cry 2 next?

My thoughts exactly, man I didn't even know the game had come out I just know it's going to rock.

Awesome review, as always, and now I'll have to buy Saints Row 2 when it comes to pc too.

Funny review. Particularly the bits about GTA. Good stuff

Yahtzee is such a fanboy! Ahh! Flames!

Good video, Yahtzee seems to have been reviewing all the games I have played of late so its always good to hear some one else's opinion on it other than GTA COPY/CLONE.

I like both.
GTA IV for its Grittyness and Saints Row 2 for its less seriousness.

I might get it. But first I have to get Fallout 3, Fable 2, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Space. Ofcourse, by the time I have and am done with them, the planned new Hitman and TES game will probably have been made and released and will more than jump the line in games to get. :P

Clearly Yahtzee hasn't played City of Villans since most of what he said at the begining you can do in that online game, apart from it being batman that beats you up but heroes and even some villains who are in the way.

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