The Big Picture: The New Originals

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I'll agree with this, but I will be going to see it opening weekend hopefully.

I think the big thing is (at least in America) movie audiences are largely baby boomers with a smattering of young adults and teenagers mixed in. While you and I might be more likely to say, watch a stream of a DOTA 2 or LoL match from the comfort of our own places in 1080p with quality sound, many people don't do that. It's still a foreign concept to think of that as entertainment over TV or Movies. Movies have always been a social place to go to with friends. Thing is, I never liked that about them. All to often people talk your ear off during the film, people get up to move, you might have to leave to go to the rest room, people can be assholes.

I think box office money will start to decline once the younger generations start to get a bit older. I say this because from what I've seen, the trend is this... The Stay at home experience is getting more appealing and seeing a rise i quality, the theater experience is getting worse and not changing.

Yup, I completely agree. People are generally a lot more tech savvy now and easily capable of hooking up something by themselves, without needing something like the Xbone to tie it all in for them(though that will likely get a lot more interested in using their home as an all-in-one experience center).

Interesting that you meantioned E sports; I've found it to be much more interesting than the recent years of football(soccer) and other sports, where things have gone absurd with cheating, faking, doping and what not.
The only sport event my social circle gathered for was Superbowl. Now it's League of Legends and it's a hell of a lot more fun to watch, because we can relate to it.

I'm gonna be honest its Giant robots vs giant monsters. I don't need any reason more than that to see it.

At worlds end looks awesome!
Also going to see this since I first saw the trailer.

What was messy about Man of Steel thou?
I enjoyed it quite a bit and didn't find it "messy"?? O.o

You sold me on this movie when you said Del Toro is directing the movie. Before that I really didn't pay any attention to the movie at all. Didn't watch any trailers, or seen any press.

However I will support the movie for one fact. I want a certain rated R film Del Toro wants to get made. "At the Mountains of Madness". A true Lovecraftian story addapted to film. With the visionary director behind Pan's Labyrinth, and Hellboy 2(Say what you want about this movie but the Troll Market was just amazing. Even though it was a meh filler movie.) I would just have to see this movie for how he portrays the monsters.

So if by supporting this movie has just a chance to green light that movie then I'm on board to seeing Pacific Rim. Who knows I might actually enjoy this movie too.

Sigh... I am still quite wary of this movie. Something tells me that this is going to get the Mecha genre completely wrong - and that something is what I have read in terms of opinions so far. Mecha is about the pilots' struggle against themselves much more than about giant robots fighting an external threat (see "08th MS Team" for a great example that is not Evangelion-like silly, or read the book Mecha Corps - it's not too well written, but has pretty good characters). It is about coping with the responsibility, about personal issues and how they must be overcome. The characters don't seem like they can support that.

Edit: Also, I didn't really like any of Del Toros movies so far. But honestly, that doesn't bar him from making one that I would like.

Ron Perleman, that is all

I've wanted to see this ever since I saw the first trailer. It looked big and bombastic action done right. Sure, it might be silly, and I wanted be surprised if the story was a little thin, but considering that this is a movie that is supposed to tap into the supposedly childish notion of: 'WTFBBQ THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!11!!1!!!' I can't really say I'm that bothered. Additionally, if Pacific Rim doesn't turn out to be another fucking overly grim, not nearly as intelligent as thinks it is mope-fest, it should be up for 'best of the summer' by default. I'm getting pretty damn tired of these so-called 'fun movies,' and their CHILDISH insistence on maturity. Can we please just have some god-damn fun for once?

This movie does interest me, as when I saw the trailer, my first thought was there would be a new Godzilla movie. Then I saw that it looks like a good combo of Gundam and Godzilla, so even if it's straight ass, I'd probably still enjoy it.

Well, I shall certainly be seeing Pacific Rim, as IMO it is this years big movie. Something bold and different and more importantly something original. Seeing as we may never see Evangelion like this way, this is the next best thing.

I do agree that much of Hollywood is losing much of its imagination, that's why its leaning much more of comic books and novels for influence and adaptions. Over the last few years, it also seems that much of the better imagination and creativity has gone into original tv shows than movies, so its good to see movies raise their game.

I could be cynical but I guess I wont sincce this seems to be viewed positively, but to me this isnt really original (seeing giant robots fighting something of equal size or just monsters is something that's been seen in the anime world enough time its its own genre). I mean, I like the idea behind it and yeah its better tahn sitting through just sequels and remakes (not that i'm disappointed there's a carrie remake, its been a while since the property's been touched and im looking forward to an updated take on it especially if the director is good. Hell I and probably other king fans would enjoy seeing more of his old stuff revisited [third times the charm for 'salem's lot eh? and you cant tell me a dark tower series wouldnt make mad bank]), but I just dont see it as that big original story and savior of hollywood ideals some people seem to be making it. its just a movie about big robots fighting big monsters and one of those "lets just give the nerds what they want cause the big bang theory and (almost) all our marvel commic book movies are doing well" things that hollywood is trying investing into as the culture changes. Still something I'm willing to go see, but not something i'm going to hold on a pedestal.

... besides, whenever someone complains to me about originality I'm always reminded about a quote a friend told me second hand that went something like there's only five real basic stories in all of history and everything i just putting a spin on one those.

You just listed four of my most anticipated movies!

Pacific Rim
Only God Forgives
The Worlds End

So yeah...I definitely agree with this! I have the skeleton of an original screenplay (actually I have 2 different ideas) in my head. I just need the time and motivation to put it onto paper...stupid university sapping my creative energy.

Huh. And I was planning to see this because a cast that includes Ron Perlman and Idris Elba are going to be making a live action version of Godannar....unfortunately with less TnA. But hey, nothing is perfect.

Guys Pacific Rim is not Evangelion. It's clearly XCOM Terror From the Deep

Great episode this week Bob, well said. I actually will be seeing Pacific Rim. I'm going to make a specific point of it now, because not only do I agree with what you said, I'm actually intrigued to see "Giant Robots" done well and the trailer looks pretty good.

PS: Is Bob really selling "Let's Play Super Mario Bros. 3", the book... really?!

The spin-offs/rip offs for Pacific Rim might just be more interesting than the actual movie, will be worth watching. One critic complained that there was "not enough sympathy for the monsters" that you get from traditional Kaiju movies.

Also this seems to be a good outcome from the aborted Hollywood remakes of Evangelion. I wish they would END THE SERIES and not keep trying to re-jig it after all this time.

I did buy the three box sets of Godzilla movies, the only one I could not watch was the kid's movie. Some of them are a lot more brutal than you would expect. In the Terror of Mechagodzilla, Godzilla gets his arse kicked and in Godzilla vs. Destroyah there is an erie premonition of Fukishima when Godzilla attacks a power plant from the sea.

Anyone else betting that there probably will be another spidey reboot in the 2020's? :p

Anyway I have a gut feeling I will end up seeing this film regardless of the reviews(my friends don't pay as much attention to them as I do) but if the decision was entirely up to me I would like to see the reviews first. Take unknown chances is ok but I generally try to avoid them whenever possible. So here's looking forward to tomorrow's ETTM.

Sad to say, I'm not wholly interested in Pacific Rim, not because it's new or "foreign" but because, original or not, it looks like another brainless action-fest. Yes something can be "new" and "original", but that doesn't mean it can't be just as derivative or empty as an adaptation.

On that note, I'm surprised Bob has been going on about "support original stuff" and hasn't said jack about "Now You See Me." It wasn't the best thing I ever saw (frankly the "unknown benefactor" mystery was for me the sole point of interest in an otherwise mess of pointless CG and underutilized talent) but that premise - bank-robbing magicians - sure as hell isn't anything I've ever heard of and it's become a sleeper-hit: I'm pretty sure it's hit the 100 mil point. Where was praise for that? Certainly "Purge" falls in the same category and I half-suspect it was the premise that made that a success, even if it turned out that it sucked.

Why are all the episodes of this series ('The Big Picture') so good?! :'D

Wait, if it's based on a manga or anime - isn't that kind of like adapting a comic book?
It's Japanese comics, but that's just anticipating the depletion of American IPs to buy up.
Think about it: A minority in the west reads manga/watches anime. So, even any old, trodden out storyline of that genre will effortlessly seem new and fresh to this here audiences.

Support original movies? Never. I'll support GOOD movies, no matter where they're from. (And this looks good, I'm probably gonna see it tomorrow). Because it looks cool, not because it's an "original" film (whatever the hell that means - the idea itself is nothing new).

Pacific Rim is not an original movie. An original movie cannot be directly ripped off from an anime (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and rate the term 'Original Film' in my opinion. I suspect this film is reliant on anime nostalgia and tropes and that it will primarily draw the action movie audience that thinks the recent Transformers films are cinematic masterpieces. I intend to go see it solely because my finance got bitten by the 'Remade Transformers' and she wants to see some Robots duke it out with something. I hope that Del Toro has elevated the film with his presence, but I am skeptical that this will be anything more than special effects and action.

Bob, if you get any more preachy, we'll have to start sending altar boys your way, if you know what I mean.
Personally, I prefer the episodes of The Big Picture when there's some snippets of information on geek culture. Even if it's not that, it's usually a take on current events which is at least... refreshing. The content of this episode can nicely be summarised as "Go support films that are original in content".

ANYTHING that's popular will garner sequels or spiritual successors. This can be seen with the influx of films based on comics and I'm sure you know several other trends. Quality is never assured in anything. Even when reviews hit the internet/papers, you still might not like what they did. Hell, isn't that the foundations of a cult classic? The simple way to summarise this episode is "watch what you want to watch and want to see more of".

I'd outright boycott any more Pirates of the Caribbean films because I've had my fill of Captain Jack Sparrow being "wacky". I'm watching the midnight release of The World's End because I damn well love Simon Pegg as a comedy actor and found Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz to be comedy genius. Now, if he hit the mainstream success of having lead role in films released every year which decreases in quality as time goes by (see Adam Sandler), maybe I'd stop seeing them.

Should people see Pacific Rim? If they want to, sure.
Should people see Transformers 4? Again, if they want to.

With all that said, I'll be watching Pacific Rim in the near future, though your review and the general hype surrounding it was enough to convince me, not this episode.

So, how'd that work out? Opened below the second weekend of a pretty good sequel (Despicable Me 2), and below the first weekend of a terrible sequel to a bad movie (Grown Ups 2). I think you're losing this one in the U.S.; of course, Asia's another matter!

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