The Wii Bowling Ball: The Most Dangerous Wii Accessory Yet

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I reckon this is some kind of test. If you buy a plastic bowling ball for your Wii you officially get declared mentally deficient and are put on the goverment depopulation list. Unless you buy it ironically or to make a hilarious youtube video of you bludgeoning someone to death with it.


Words fail to express just how..."special"...this is.
Perhaps a pseudo-math equation works best.


Wii Bowling ball = Failfailfail
If that makes any sense.

Well, you wrote it backwards, but it does make sense. If 222 = 8, then your statement is correct (though improperly written).

function = answer is a calculation, he was making an expression.
thing = value/function is an expression

a calculation works something out
an expression in general says that you think thing = this, or in programming that thing is set to this.
he was making a statement including an expression, and thus was correct.

however I think you would find
wii Blue Ball Bowler = Fail (conway) fail loose fail/1 (conway) fail

Wiki the conway function, for all the noobs out there.


this has the breaking thing written all over it. the first time i would try this i know ill break something. (even though i dont have a wii, i got PS3)

My reaction

good luck on the fully functional Wii chained mace.

I just seen this on here is the link ! Wow, escapistmagazine got on


I give it a week at most before the first YouTube video of a ball smashing through a Wii, a 50-inch HDTV, the window behind it, and a 3-year-old girl on a trycicle outside the house, all in the same fumble.

I give it an hour

I give it right now.

Wow, so much hatred over a gaming console, get a life.

Well any product that can be used to potentialy kill someone is atleast worth a look so i'll still buy it.

As we have learned: Putting a Strap on something doesen't fix the problem. People will still refuse to use it, and TV's everywhere will hate them for it.


Oh this is just GOLD! Seriously the Wii has taken casual gaming waaayyyy too far... and then there are the casual gamers that call themselves hardcore, because they have a record on wii golf.

This whole accessory thing has gotten way out of control. Wasn't the whole point to make simulated actions without the need to touch the actual object...

How about, instead of investing time and money into unnessesary accessories, make more good games instead.

can thee add a tether to the ball so you can roll it and it comes back to you?

Jimmy Fallen would LOVE this!

Just you wait for the Red Steel 2 Wiimote Katana attachment.

Hamster at Dawn:
Now we just need Wii pins. Then we could throw the ball at the pins and it would be just like a real game of bowling.

...or you can just really go bowling. Real bowling that is, the one you need to rent shoes (unless you have no life and already have bowling shoes.

I don't know if some one has commited on this but isn't there a web site dedicated to wii disturction? if you know of this please let me know by quote?

What the fu...WHY? IS THIS REALLY NECESSARY? This has "Bad Idea" written all over it.

Oh well, can't wait to see videos of people wrecking stuff with this thing.

Now all wii we need is a life-sized Wii baseball and bat.

Not as dangerous as a knockoff zapper I saw that had a laser sight. You can replace a TV, not your eyesight.

Lol, this just in,Special edition Conduit pack, with Wii-gun and Wii-bullets, point away from face.

If I get that it is going through either a window or my brothers skull.

Either or I a getting a new something whether it be window or room.

Say what you want, the Wii is actually quite sinister and destructive.

Say what you want, the Wii is actually quite sinister and destructive.

I knew it! this is how they plan to make us pay for WWII.

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