WoW Player Threatens to Hijack Plane

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What's he gonna do, talk nerd until he bores them to death?

Good god. Anyone here still has faith in humanity?

no i lost that when i got a job at mcdonalds

That guy must be feeling pretty stupid right now. I blame video games!

I see what you did there.

The best thing to say right now is....

lol wut?

I seriously cant tell if this was a joke or people can be stupider than snails.

It's the video game's fault! Arthas hijacked a 747 in one of the quests! [/sarcasm]


guy = hijack plane

hijacking planes = bad

guy = videogame player

therefore, all videogame players want to hijack planes, which = bad.

Dear god, you just made me think of the field day Jack Thompson could've had with this if he were still a lawyer...

Wow. Just wow. There are no other words for this.

Good god. Anyone here still has faith in humanity?

I can't even remember when I lost mine.

The reason stuff like this happens is that society just sucks. People get beat up at school or what ever, and you know give the little guy a gun and he can take out that arse hole jock that has been ruing his life. Not that I am advocating anything like that. But people need to look at things like what happened at Columbine.. and not make more weapon laws.. but make it so there is no need for the weapons... although convincing some douche that is a bully in H.S. to stop being a prick is like telling him to forget how he was abused by his step-dad.. its not going to happen.

I'm as humored as I am mortified.
I seriously want to know what this kid was thinking..

This about sums up what I was going to say.

Kids these days.

Always makes me laugh when some e-peanut says something online that his real life 50 pound nerd frame cant cash.

Why would you... I just cant... What the?

How could someone be so stupid? If he was being serious then it is slightly less stupid because he wasnt just blowing hot air but it would be more evil... Heh, kinda ruined his life now huh? He probably wont even be able to get a really sucky job now.

Oh my god...when the FBI said they were going terrorist hunting in WoW I pointed and laughed - but now the jokes on me.

That was my first thought.

Who, at the time, would've guessed someone this absolutely moronic existed?

No goddamn way this is real, no way someone can be that idiotic. Who actually reveals their evil plans before they commit them, I mean c'mon!

It's from the Batman school of evil geniuses.

Good god. Anyone here still has faith in humanity?

after the hannah montana trailer, robert mogabe, and this?... nope.

Good god. Anyone here still has faith in humanity?

Not after reading this.
Can people actually be that stupid? I mean really, come on. I hope that the FBI, have a talk with this poor excuse of a human being.

Ten bucks says he was a Blood Elf Death Knight.

I'm not sure I've laughed that hard in a long time. But yeah... The moderators and GMs of WOW will watch what you're doing, and although they're NEVER around when the game glitches up, you say one thing that's bad and they will mess your account up.

Granted, theres a difference between saying "Fuck" and "Shit" constantly and saying "I'm going to bomb a plane." Nevertheless, that kid's reeeeal stupid. Maybe those 13-17 year olds will stop playing thinking they're "so cool" when they say dumb stuff like that.

That guy must be feeling pretty stupid right now. I blame video games!

He's going to feel pretty butt hurt when the feds throw his dumb ass in with Bubba at Sing-Sing or Levinworth.

this scares me. only on monday, i was on a plane to boston, if he'd lived in new york...


Intention not attention, this is the real terrorism; misspelling and terrible grammar.

Sound the alarm, guys! Someone somewhere just made a typo!

Clearly a Bond villain... Ooh, if he gets arrested, can I have his secret underwater lair?..

This has what to do with WoW? more like blizzard caught a potential terrorist playing one of their games, whoopie do da, life goes on.

...5 bucks on Night Elf.

Probably just an attention-craving idiot.

Well, he got it now. At the cost of any respect for him, of course.

Ahhhh posers, you gotta love em.

Ha! This made me giggle at his stupidity. I'm glad they took his computer.

Wow. Umm My my is drawing a blank besides "wow".

That is so pathetic...

he had to hijack a plane because he couldn't afford a flying mount.

Wow, that is
I wonder what level of stupidity you must be to think you can get away with something like that?

Well someone has to say it. Only a WoW player...

I see what you did there.

To quote Yahtzee "Go team retard!"

that guy must be a serious Wowtard to do that!

Probably just an attention-craving idiot.

Well, he got it now.

As much as I don't really enjoy calling anyone an idiot, this quote, unfortunately, really sums it up this time.

Nice to know that the watchdogs are ready to pounce at any time, even on dumb jokes made by teens playing video games. That's where the core of terrorist organizations operate.
Oh, but it's a small price to pay for freedom.

What's really stupid is that the FBI actually looked into this. Don't they have real terrorists to locate?

Sparrow Tag:
Besides the fact he's an idiot, seizing his computer was probally a bit of an overstep. I mean, how many terrorists play WoW? And how many tell people they're actually going to blow up a plane?

The answer would be none. (I hope.)

The answer would be more than you could imagine.
Either way it is a crime to declare such an act in the public, regardless of your intent to follow through on it. It's one thing they got right with the Patriot Act. There are plenty of ways to mouth off your machoism, but something like that is never ever cool.
And think back to all that was discovered in plain sight after the fact about the terrorists who hijacked three planes one September 11th. If one person listened to their inner voice telling them that learning to fly without learning to land is suspicious, a lot of lives might have been saved. Terrorists are NOT evil masterminds. They are human beings same as you and me, infallible, just with a big chip on their shoulder and a screwed up idea of how to get their point across.
Kudos to Blizzard for taking this seriously.
(Besides, if by some small teeny-weeny chance the guy was hacked, the FBI will discover that when they do look at his computer.)

It's astronomical.

EDIT: Also, I blame rap music.

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