Prisoner Uses Metal Gear's Cardboard Box to Escape

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If only he'd used a magazine as a distraction on his way out, the universe would've imploded from awesomeness.

He's still a criminal though...

I will totally help you, dude.

oh man. i'm so going to get arrested and try this.

alright, you be my getaway driver.


If he is convicted, they should distill the ashes of his massive steel balls into their military's water supply. That should help with the skyrocketing surrender rates.

yet more fuel for the jack thompson fire. whats next, cops bust underground pokemon fights? woman steals high tech portal placing device, escapes confinement only to find that there is no cake?

Well the guy is no hero and it is very terrible that he murdered two people however he could still be made into a crime fighting mercenary for hire. Since he has been waiting over four years for his trial and was able to escape from a high secruity prison using only a cardboard box, a knife, and tactical espionage action, I think he should get a couple years of counseling and then be signed as a supersoldier for the French army as payment for the crimes he comitted. Who knows, maybe he's the French relative of Solid Snake?

This reminds me of the Turkish prisoner guy. Which reminds me that this guy has to be called Liquid.

Dude, that is awesome.

Someone give this man a medal, or at least his freedom. He earned that shit.

Where the hell did the guy get the box from?

Then again, this was a French prison, and those haven't been up to much ever since the Bastille was destroyed by an angry group of housewives.

It's really hard to read this article and pick out the truth from the bullshit!

Ah, I love it.

assuming he doesn't go an a killing spree or something, I say he's earned he's freedom.

If he does go back into custody, I wonder if he will use the same ketchup trick.

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