Blockbuster Considers Games-By-Mail, Netflix Bashes Idea

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As an employee for Blockbuster, I gotta say this not only sounds like something that needs to be done [about two years ago] but the buster should be putting up blue boxes to compete with those red ones


of course, neither of those are likely to happen and I'll likely be out of a job in the next few months weeks

My small town in Alaska has a Blockbuster and I've been using Blockbuster Online for over 3 years.
I pay $21.19 a month for unlimited(I was a member before they changed plans around) 3 movies out and 1 print out coupon for free movie per month.

The franchise here used to accept BBOs previous plan of buy 2 previously viewed DVDs and get one free *equal or lesser value* with their print out coupon.
Which is how I came to end up with slightly over 200 DVDs(at last count)

This plan,if it doesn't add any more cost..sounds good.

...Gamefly? So the failing giant wants to emulate it's two near-murderers, Netflix and Gamefly, by doing what they both offer?

Bit late, isn't it?

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Cho Yung Tea

So, wait...Netflix is bashing the idea of shipping games because they're cheap? We'll see how fast their tune changes when Blockbuster starts taking a good portion of Netflix's customer base.

I gotta give it Blockbuster, I don't know how a company that has been on the verge of bankruptcy for at least five years can stay in business.

U can already do this in the uk with lovefilm.

Netflix is just pissed they didn't think of it first. To bad there isn't a Blockbuster in my town.

Thus, the world just go lazier.

Calumon: Does this mean we're going to get fat?

Going to?
Look Around you. I think I'm the fittest person in my office here.

This is a great idea Blockbuster should've had 5 years ago. Even console owners will want to stick with Netflix because of the streaming feature.

I'm already subscribed to Netflix and Gamefly, so unless this is significantly cheaper, I'll be sticking with them. And even then, we like having a separate list of games and movies. Will blockbuster lump them all together?


Unless Blockbuster got an instant streaming service with as many movies and tv shows as Netflix... I probably wouldn't switch. Actually, I wouldn't switch. Ever.

Blockbuster, I use to love you as a child... renting SNES games and the like from you... but you need to die already.

Guess I'm sticking with my Netflix/Gamefly setup.

Blockbuster is not going to take Netflix customers away, at least not in any significant numbers that Netflix needs to worry about. I am pretty sure that a majority of Netflix customers (and I am one and have been for a while now) like having Netflix on their Xbox's and PS3s and DVD Players. All the places that Blockbuster is NOT. Nobody I know has Netflix for the DVDs by mail, they have it for the streaming to a great variety of devices like me. Personally I have requested exactly ONE DVD by mail which was purely by accident while learning the NF site.

Blockbuster is a "late to the streaming game" rental store thats a dying dinosaur grasping at the edges of the tar pit trying to keep its head above the tar. I watch quite a few movies but its been more than a decade since I went to a Blockbuster, not since I made the mistake of dropping a couple movies in the night box only to have them try to scam me for a late fee trying to say I put them in after midnight. I lit my BB card on fire and dropped it on the sidewalk as I drove away for the last time from a Blockbuster. I have not and will not return.

That said, I have wanted Netflix to start carrying games for a couple years now. I would actually use the DVD by mail should they include games, even at an additional fee. Problem is they need to stock PC, Mac, PS3 and XBOX versions of games and thats a lot of cost for a single game. Movies only need to be stocked in two formats, DVD and BluRay, easy and cheap. I don't know how much they could charge that people would pay and still make a profit having to maintain stock of multiple formats of games in hundreds of warehouses across the country. Their purchasing agent really has to SERIOUSLY know the gaming market to "guess" what to buy and what format to buy it in. How many "Modern Warefare 2" should they buy and on what platform? How many "Dragon Age" and what format? Movies are easy compared to that nightmare.

From a consumer point of view, the concept makes perfect sense. From a business point of view, its a serious financial risk that could easily force the company to invest 6 or more figures in stock and take a big gamble as to what game people will request and how much they are willing to pay to rent it. I can see that Blockbuster has little chance of survival if it doesn't try. Blockbuster is a failing business model with physical stores and its trying to transfer to the online model thats dominated by the behemoth thats Netflix. I can see that Netflix is quite stable in its market position and doesn't need to try, at least not right now. As the economy stabilizes in the future, it might make sense for Netflix to try but I won't hold my breath.

Half the Blockbusters in my area closed, and just this week the last few Hollywood videos closed down. So hell yes I would rent games by mail.

As long as they do it better than GameFly, that worthless POS service... (grumbling)...

I already do this and have been doing so for over 2 years now with Tesco dvd unlimited rental for 9.99 a month In fact in all that time i have never had anything other then games on my rental Que so their not exactly breaking into a untapped market here....

I don't know if it makes for a profitable business plan but renting unlimited games every month sure saves me a hell of a lot of money!!

It's official,Blockbuster has added this feature. Just received an email from them today stating I can add games to my Queue. As a long time subscriber,I only pay $21.19 a month for 3 out,plus unlimited in-store exchanges and a free coupon every month for a free rental.

If the price is fair this might actually make me start renting games again.

If the price is fair this might actually make me start renting games again.

necro much?

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