Sony: PlayStation Move Is For The Hardcore

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...I still dont see how this argument will sell it to the hardcore gamers? Movement is all well and good, but, we dont want to be flailing around when we want to relax, we just want to play and take it easy.

I still want to see more on how exactly it will work, but, im not sold on it yet


Because the Wii has sold so well, I guess everyone thinks it would be a great idea to invest in motion controls.
But trying to sell the Move to the harcore crowd? Meh, doubtful, no one wants to tire themselves out by failing around.
We shall have to wait and see.

If you can't use the controller for this:

Then it's useless.

Not very convincing when the picture you give ( not sony ) just has a guy playing golf with it

To paraphrase Ben Croshaw:

There's a simple test. When the PlayStation Move was first revealed, did you ever seriously try to defend it on an internet forum? If yes, you will enjoy this peripheral whatever it's faults and you might as well start spamming my email address with hatred right now you miserable fanboy twat.

One of the reasons I play PS3 games - the fact that you can play them while lying down comfortably on a couch instead of jumping and flailing plastic peripherals around like a loon. So, no PS Move... you still have a hell of a lot of work to do to impress me.



Sony, I love you, but no. Just no. I don't believe you.

Although if you make a PS3 version of Shadow of the Colossus with PlayStation Move controls, I'm fucking buying it anyway.

Yup, I'm a fanboy.

lol I concur. not about the PS3 version of SotC (tho that'd be epic) Sony is talking out their arse. . . Again.

I will admit that I was momentarily impressed with the full 1:1 control and the reaction time, which is near instantaneous, good for swordfights, but I can't help but feel that swordfights and maybe, laser-swordfights are about as much as you'll get out of the motion sensor. :/

I big meh that I'm just gonna roll on by.

Well, we do know it's several levels above the Wii in certain areas. It's not really about that though, his claim is really more the realm of the developers, I think. Maybe a bit of advertisement too. Developers need to make MC games that the hardcore will be into. Plain and simple. If the additional functionality that Move offers allows them to achieve that, well, I'm all for it then. Motion Control doesn't just _have_ to be about casual gaming, even if it did achieve great notoriety through it thus far.

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