What Videogame Villain Are You?

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Never knew Bowser was a family man.

I don't see why Team Rocket are crappy villains...I mean, look at the hero. How many professional gym leaders has Ash put to shame? How many tournaments has he won, or come close to winning? I think the fact that these guys can pull out all the stops against him and his friends and come out smelling like roses (or even win on occasion) pretty dang impressive.

The lich king

I was hoping for Shodan but I got Bowser, and was quite dissapointed when She didn't exist in this poll, she and the G-man if he actually is a villain. but then I did the quiz again and got the faggot sephirof (or how the fuck you spell his name) so I did the quiz entirely untruthfully and got Bison and THEN I was okay with it!

so true, AidoruKami...

for some reason the quiz glitched and opened a second window with both Pacman Ghosts and Glados, I could get behind being both.

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