Kotick Itching to Sell Cutscenes As Films

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Brilliant. The Starcraft 2 cutscenes would make SOOOOOOOO much sense without the rest of the game...

I remember buying the Diablo II Collector's Edition, which had a separate dvd with all the in-game cinematics. I didn't mind it as part a collector's Edition but i would never ever spend money solely for the cinematics alone. They ARE part of the game if done right/good, nothing more...

Ok Bobby pick a game. Any game. Take all the scenes out put them together and you tell me if they make any sense. I can tell you right now they won't. Why? Because between every cutscene there is other scenes. MORON!!!


Oh what have you done?! If Kotick reads this he will be sure to do it also we know he will read it because I'm pretty sure he spends his time googling himself to see what people think of him so he can find new ways to piss them off.

Btw I can totally blow your idea out of the water, make a game, put only the beginning cinematic in, then make them pay seperately for the gameplay ($40), then for the cinematics ($30), then for the soundtrack ($20) then for the ability to save the game ($8000).

Because obviously in this recession fans are made of money with more disposable income than entire countries.

Has nobody even tried to assassinate this guy yet? Seriously?

Aww Kotick, because evry kind of media needs it's blood-sucking asshole

I want to hurt Kotick.

Seriously though. Go on youtube or play the damn game again. If anyone gives Activision more frigging money for something so ridiculous, considering it would be without the context and atmosphere of the gameplay surrounding the cutscenes, then I will be very sad with the world.

Geez, that's kind of silly. Cutscenes are great but if you only watch the cutscenes you're not getting a solid story from start to finish. The gameplay advances the story and contains the main conflicts so gameplay and cutscenes should remain married to each other.

Imagine if you bought a DVD of the Matrix only to realize that all of the fight scenes involving Neo were cut out of it.

Didn't Blizzard already do this for the original starcraft?

Eat a dick, Bobby.

Kotick is an amazingly large douche

Bobby Kotick is a troll guys.

Move alone now, nothing to see here...

Kerrigan's face says it all here. Even she disagrees with this. D:

Ok .. so take the videos out of the games ... take the gameplay out of the games ... What industry do you think your in Kotick?!?!?! .... moron

Damn it, Bobby. Stop saying stupid shit. You have enough money as it is.

I mean if nobody here is really buying into this idea then it means there's no hope for Mr. Kotick's plan at least. If he still goes for it, I'll help start a torch and pitchfork mob if anyone wants in.

it isn't that bad. I mean, people have been compiling the cutscenes from games and making them into movies for quite some time now. They've even sold them on DVD. Sure, he is one greedy little bastard, but honestly this is just cutting out the middle mad. And charging twice as much. If they were to lower the price down to regular DVD/Blu-ray prices, I really wouldn't see this as a bad thing.

or they can just do what Other M did and just have a movie mode in-game. But this is Bobby Kotick; he'd never do that...

besides the price, I'm not mad at him for this one.

That's retarded, if I've already bought the game (including the custscenes) I'm definitely not gonna pay 30$ just for the cutscenes which I've already bought.
Besides, that wouldn't make much sense.
Imagine FFXIII with even less gameplay (ba dum tish), you'd have the characters being whiny and emo and whatnot in one area, then suddenly they'd be whiny and emo and whatnot in a different area, with absolutely no transition.
Unless they were to insert "And then they went to the next area" it just wouldn't work without having to add extra cutscenes where the gameplay should be. Then it might actually be worth buying.

I can't help but wonder if this guy is just using all this shitstorm as a diversion for something.

Does anyone else think Kotick is getting hilariously evil? Really who the fuck is gonna spend money for cut scenes with no game? Cutscenes are not that high quality without some gameplay in between them. Here's an idea Kotick: In Metal Gear Solid 3 after the player has beaten the game they can view any cut scene from the main menu if they want to re-watch them HOW ABOUT YOU IMPLEMENT THIS INSTEAD OF TRYING TO BLEED THE AUDIENCE DRY. His milking of his franchises is getting ridiculous now.

When I got MGS3:Subsistence I got a disc that was the cut scenes, some codec calls and a little bit of other stuff strung together to make it a feature length movie. That was a pretty cool little feature.

For free.

Rating slightly below the twenty-year-old NES games included.

Kotick has no soul. Actually, he did, but he sold it for 50 bucks.

Jack and Calumon:
That seems lazy and an excuse for money grabbing. I could watch the cutscenes on Youtube if I wanted to. Also, the gaps where the gameplay was will be around.

Blizzard did this before? Oh... well... Blizzard like money too.

Calumon: I like cake and money. Can I have a money cake?

Ok, either Calumon got bigger, or he got real close to the camera.

On topic; this isn't actually that bad of an idea. A lot of games now have really nice cutscenes that are interesting to watch apart from playing the game, much like with OSTs. While I 'd say $20-$30 is a bit steep, but $10 or $15 would be more than reasonable.

Except for Bayonetta. I'd gladly pay $30 for the ability to watch the Bayonetta cutscenes as I please.

Once again, Kotick shows off how big an asshole he is.

If he decides to take the cinematics from games, make a movie out of it, & sell it for extra $$$, I don't give a shit. But if he wants to sell games WITHOUT in-game cinematics, & charge you extra if you want them, then that's the WORST piece of skullfuckery he could throw at us.

Modern games are a medium of storytelling, & cinematics tend to move that story along. Take that out & what are you left with? There are some games out there with poor graphics or gameplay, & its only redeeming factor is it's storyline. Take that out & nobody would dare look at it, let alone play it.

What I feel would suffer from this plan, were it to be implemented, is the Starcraft 2 expansions,given the slow pacing of its release (due in part to Blizzard's game development principles, which I respect).

Hahaha, does he fire anyone at Activision that disagrees with him or something? How did no one raise their hands on this and say "Umm, Mr. Kotick? That... Sounds like a horrible idea..."

Besides, if some one had an interest in the game and would like to find out the story, why wouldn't they just BUY THE GAME!" Guess what kids! If you buy the game instead of this CD filled with cutscenes, you get this little thing called gameplay as well!

Kotick, we play video games, if we wanted to watch a movie, we'd watch a movie, if we wanted to watch a cutscene in a game, we'd play the game to see how that cutscene relates to what just happened in the actual game itself...

How does he not hear the tidal wave of a million facepalms span out across the world?

Has nobody even tried to assassinate this guy yet? Seriously?

Well, that would mean we would have to,

1)Get through the first level with all the guards and minions.

2)Memorize all the traps in the second level.

3)Tread carefully through the third level filled with ice and giant endless pits everywhere.

4)Barely escape a giant flaming boulder in the 4th level.

5)Beat the evil twin ninjas mini boss level.

6)Fight your way through the 6th level of even more guards and even stronger minions.

7)Have an epic battle with Kotick only to have him narrowly escape via a chopper to another

8)Be framed as the bad guy by Kotick and have to do a series of 2 or 3 stealth levels by
avoiding the hordes of innocent ignorant citizens out for blood.

9)Get paged by an unknown female who tells you about an organization she works for that shares the same cause as you and could use your help.

10)Find said secret organization and get there quickly via a level or 2 involving use of vehicles.

11)Learn of their plan to bring Kotick and his posse down and decide to go along with it which means a couple of levels involving you working with this organization only to realize you have a lot of common with the female who contacted you earlier.

12)Curse Koticks name as one of his henchmen kidnaps said female.

13)Find Kotick at the heart of his headquarters and commense in another epic showdown, only to realize that he is but a pawn in a bigger picture and you learn that the real enemies are the ones that decided to recruit you in taking down Kotick in the first place.

14) Find yourself in a cliffhanger where another game is made involving co-op gameplay with you and that female character.

I mean if you're up for all that, then sure go ahead!

Great idea Bobby, better yet, have the cutscenes be pay-per-view, after each individual level you would get a message saying: "If you want to see the cutscene and make sense of the story, pay 2 dollars now". But why stop there, remove the music from the game and make it not part of the game, so people have to buy it and play it on an Ipod while playing the game. You can also make the various features priced as well. For example the game starts with only an exit button and you need to buy DLC to get various other modes, like "Start game" or "Options".

Sounds like a great idea.
Until they remember that there's a small site called youtube.

Eat a dick, Bobby.

I second your notion.

This is why piracy exists.

oddly i'm for this... it will remove all the boredom that has creped into games. giving me the option to buy the cutscenes is also giving me the option to totally ignore them. it's a dream come true! games like assassin's creed may need to find new ways to deliver exposition so the story line isn't disrupted by those who don't get the curscenes, but overall... i see this as a good thing.


Eat a dick, Bobby.

I second your notion.

You just bumped a year old thread. GG.

Why buy the cutscenes when you can go online, watch them for free, and avoid spending money on them or the crappy games that have no redeeming quality except cutscenes.



Eat a dick, Bobby.

I second your notion.

You just bumped a year old thread. GG.

haha, dint even notice.

Yay for movies with inchoherency as parts of the movie skip, as though there use to be something in between.

It can't fail!!


..... oh, wait

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