Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

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A: Yes, the School Shooter mod is extremely tasteless and very, very stupid, but it falls under free speech (just like all the rest of gaming), and I don't think Valve has any authority to close out an independent modding project.

B: Forget being disbarred. How the Hell did someone like Jack Thompson ever pass the bar in the first place?

C: Jack Thompson is and always has been nothing more than a troll. Maybe worse than that; he isn't even doing it for the lulz! I'm not sure why he's doing it, but what's clear is that he's doing it wrong, and the best thing we can do is ignore him.

Despite my lack of experience in the field of psychology, I can still firmly place my bets that Jack's sanity went down the crapper, like his professional career, after being disbarred.

Not to mention, does he know that a) Valve can't really control modders, b) his letters hold no weight due to his lack of lawyer...ness (I think that works) and c) if he tries to take this to court, any judge would promptly throw him out on his ass.

What? This guy again? Why are we still talking about him?

Well, you got to admit, this mod is a bad taste for the people who died in Virginia Tech and other school shootings.

BUT Jack shouldn't rag on about it "encouraging" students to do these acts. That's just ridiculous.

Like... does this guy know how mods work?

Does this mean I can write a terrorist plan on the back cover of a document or a book he wrote and then accuse him of supporting terrorist acts? Because... that's basically what he's going for.

Hang on... that's actually a pretty decent idea. Does anyone has anything written by this guy?

Shouldn't he also be after Bill Gates for making Windows? that's complicit in the creation of this mod, after all.

Then there's all the weapons manufacturers whose guns have been copied for use in the game.

Of course, Thomas Edison's living descendents MUST be liable, as the invention of the lightbulb brought about PC monitors, which are used to display murder simulators.

Lastly, I'd get in tough with the Greek government, as the ancient greeks seem to be the ones guilty of really discovering electricity, and without that we'd all be sitting in cave smacking each other with wooden clubs, instead of pretending to kill each other on screens, and we'd obviously all be far better off.

Ok, I'm all done trying to work out what's going on in that froot loop packed skull of his :D

Honestly, he used to anger me, now just the sight of his vacant stare amuses me.

I think if there was a racially motivated curb stomping by some neo nazi thugs, Jack Thompson would try to blame it on their playing of the Mario games and the jumping on heads based violence it teaches. The man used to be merely unhinged, since he got disbarred he's sunk to full on batshit crazy it seems :D

Without wishing to go all Godwin's Law, Jack Thompson would blame 'Mein Kampf' on the inventor of the pen, if that guy had also made something he didn't like.

I think Jack is confused:

As you either know or should know, your Half-Life murder simulator was obsessively played, and thus became a training aid, for a) teenaged Robert Steinhauser, who authored at Erfurt, Germany, the worst school shooting massacre in European history, and b) Seung-Hi Cho, who authored at Virginia Tech University the worst school shooting massacre in world history.

How exactly did a mod that came out this year train people in how to commit a school shooting in 2002 and 2007 respectively. Does it have magical time travel powers. I got to say Jack, that is going to be a hard argument to prove.

lol u mad bro? (sry i just couldn't resist :D)

Jack Thompson is his own brand of terrorist. (Cue Jack Thompson vs. Jack Bauer joke.) Free speech means ALL speech, and any true American doesn't try to change that. But The Constitution is as foreign to him as religious tolerance.

wasent this numnuts disbared?

This guy cracks me up :D

The best responce to Jack is the episode of Bullshit about video games which Jack himself actually appeared. The bit where they got a 10 year old who had been playing FPS's under parents supervision to go to a rifle range and actually fire a real weapon and at the very end the reaction of said child should be enough to disprove the FPS are murder simulations to evan the most crazed anti-game vocalist.

The other best result is to just ignore the guy. Angry letters just reinforse the guys belief and reasoned counterpoints are ignored. Basicly it's like arguing with a drunk guy there just isn't a point and you end up looking just as stupid as him.

i think Gabe should just advertise the mod massivley just to piss of jack

Valve should just send him a polite "thank you for your concern, but we have no jurisdiction over mods that use our technology. Please direct your complaints at those making the product you disapprove of. kthanxbai"

Half life, a murder simulator....Hah. *Goes to play half life 2*




okay, I'll admit that was me rolling my head against my keyboard because I don't want to break my laptop but I did it with the mind numbing rage and disbelief that I got while reading Jack T's letter.

.......This site needs a like button. It really really does. XD

It's okay, Gabe. He's not a lawyer anymore. Just your usual garden-variety crank. Ignore him, and he will go away. (That last goes for everyone.)

Yes, yes, Mr. Thompson. You wrote a nice letter to the evil videogame people.

Now take off your tinfoil hat, put your wig back on, and come take your medicine. You get the thorazine today, isn't that nice?

DAMNIT! I really REALLY wanted to hate checkerboard studios for this abomination of a game. I will always hate Mr. Tomphson more. So FUCK IT I support Checkboard studios for their obvious pandering and distastful unrefined efforts...

Three things
A. if yur right to free speech allows u to be an ignorant, egotistical, attention seeker then are right says we can make this is game. Even if u think this game has no merit, well there is jack u can do about it ( no pun intended)

B. To be honest i was picked on mercilessly when i was in school and most times people don't see the parts before the shooing starts, this will help lend some knowledge to those who only see the shooting and think it is all the shooters fault going postal. Stop being ignorant and start seeing the truth. To clear up and misconceptions no i am NOT going to go in at gun my class mates down, just wanted to get that out there.

C. Oh game haters party...you had a reservation for a table of....oh...one GG.

Christ in Heaven. I never thought I'd see the day I agree with Jack Thompson. Quick, check outside, is it raining blood? I need to go check my totem.

here did he come from?!?

Assassin Xaero:
I think he is just doing this to try and get a job at Fox News...

Entirely probable. He really doesn't seem to know what he's doing. :/ RAGE.

This is official,every time I will kill a monster in a video game,I will imagine I am killing Jack Thompson.
And I will never get tired of that.

"I hate being right all the time" IS HE FUCKING SERIOUS!!! WHAT THE FUCK, ITS A MOD DIBSHIT, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU *being pulled away from the keyboard* AT LEAST KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THE THINGS YOU ARE PISSING ON, YOU SHOULD G-...*pulled away from keyboard* sorry bout that!

Any one else waiting for the day that Jack finally snaps and takes a gun to the streets and becomes some sorta Punisher style vigilante but only stopping video game fans from enjoying them selves?

I'm rather curious as to what Jack will do if Gabe ignores his threat.

The line I love the most is 'or else'.

The only thing I can picture is Jack Thompson going to Valve with a hand gun he'd just purchased and threaten to/simply shoot random people thinking it's their just reward.

You know what I would prefer though? Jack should sit down and play Doom/GTA/whatever then, we take him to a shooting range. "For every point you score on this target, we will donate $10 to charity" (Remember, a bullseye is something like 100 points)
Tell him "you aren't allowed to practice for this at all with a real gun, however you can practice as much as you like with 'murder simulators'." The purpose is simply to show shooting a real gun is nothing like in games.

Oh and just to be evil... *cough* no piss weak little 9mm hand guns. Dessert Eagle or even just any other gun with a high calibre is what has to be used.

I thought this troll had up and died, would this make him a zombie troll?

Okay, let me get this out here first: I don't like Jack Thompson.

Unfortunately... I personally agree with him. On SOME level. This game is a sick idea and think it shouldn't be made.

If you don't believe me, go look up the game on youtube or the Escapist's article on the game here: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/108065-Inside-the-Sick-Mind-of-a-School-Shooter-Mod (edit: Sorry, i pasted the address for page three of the article. Here's the address for the beginning of it)

Look, I know we all want to yell at this guy, but yelling at him when he is, for once (but only somewhat), in the right, will only further prove his point about gamers. Especially when the mod comes out. Instead, we should make a temporarily truce with Thompson against this mod. Because it's the mod that is making gamers look bad. Not Thompson.

I think there should just be an industry standard response to his letters. Something along the lines of, "Dear Jack, although we appreciate your opinion and value the money you contine to contribute by purchasing our products to play and critique them (obviously you would need to do so for your opinion to have any weight, credence, credibility or hope of not making you look like a laughing stock) it is our stance on statements like these to humbly suggest you lighten up, eat a dick and beforehand fornicate yourself with said phallus. Love, logic, reason and real people."

Media whore spreads his legs again. There's a shocker.

I think they should give a nicely worded apology that goes a little something like this:


Dearest Mr. Thompson,
We here at Valve studios are very sorry to hear that you have been made so upset by the School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 mod for Half-Life 2. Although we are in every way capable of shutting down the mod, we also believe in the first amendment rights of our community, although we here at Valve find the mod extremely distasteful as well. Your religious beliefs are clearly as such that you have nothing but disdain for freedom of speech, thought and religion, and while we respect your right to spew these beliefs publicly, we have no inclination to bow to them, or even acknowledge that they are remotely valid or coherent. That being said, please accept this token of appreciation for your constructive criticism: a copy of our most popular murder simulator; Half-Life 2, with an advance copy of the School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 mod! Enjoy.

-Sincerely Yours,
Gabe Newell



Oh, and I just had to make this:


This could be the start of a meme

if we just ignore him maybe he will go away

I think the scariest part is this guy actually could have stopped Valve back in 2007. While spewing lies about the Virginia Tech massacre, he said Counter-Strike was made by Microsoft. Had he said Valve made Counter-Strike, another Hot Coffee case could have occurred. Thankfully, stupidity is a double-edged sword, it can easily hurt the user as much as the victim. Also, Valve's response should go something like the episode of South Park, 'Death,' where a network executive makes a statement to angry parents:

'I have prepared a statement for you on behalf of the network' *Puts on reading glasses* 'Fuck You.' *Puts away reading glasses.* 'Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. If there are any questions, you may direct them to that brick wall over there."'

Link: http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/149868/presidents-statement

Scotty, activate Flame Shields!

I hate to say it, But I kind of have to agree with him.(My spleen expels itself in sheer disbelief at my statement). Ow.

Anyway, I have to agree with him in principle, but not in practice. Valve should take down the school shooter mod. How would you feel if you were a parent who's child was involved in a school shooting only to find out that this game existed? Think about it.

Valve needs to kill this mod. It's disrespectful, and I don't care what the modder says. It's sick.

Face-saver: That V-tech statement in the letter is so full of shit, it's container is also made of shit. Jack, you're a disgrace.

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