E3: Nintendo's New Console Is: The Wii U

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Grond Strong:
So, is the core the same? Still same graphics, software, and all? I thought that Nintendo might be putting out something a tad more powerful. You know, some people love the Wii and that's chill. But I could never get a great amount of entertainment watching a bobble-head that was supposed to be me whacking a glitchy tennis ball over a net. All well, it's whatevs. Enjoy it all you Nintendo junkies! :D

No. Full HD now. And it's been announced that Batman Arkham City is coming out for it, so it's got some power beyond the graphics under the hood as well.

I want to like this, I like the idea of having the ds bottom in my hands and then playing games on the big screen. However depending on what xbox and sony come up with this console could get out right brutally, no restraint, slaughtered. We are talking a blood mist here(as far as technology and advancing the culture is concerned).

Sure it will sell, just like the wii sold. If it's only better than last gen instead of being full bore next generation, why would anyone support it. Aside from the Nintendo staples where would this console be if the following 4 games went multi platform Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super smash Bros?

It's almost a back assward copy of what Microsoft did this generation, except instead of being upper middle powerful and releasing early it is releasing early and being bottom of the barrel. Sure it will have better version of games made for 6 year old consoles, until X and S kick down the door with high end tech meant to last until 2019-2020.

Not looking good.

G Skunk:
Time until unveiling of Sony Playstation U or Microsoft XBox U: T-minus...

And yeah, don't say Sony and Microsoft have "too much sense" not to do it, fanboys, not after Kinekt and Move.

Well, while move was a flop, kinect actually had good sales, even if peter molyneux pulled his dumbass act on it, trying to hype it up more than it needed.

Either way this looks dumb.

And somewhere the last lonely hardcore gamer that was holding out hope for Nintendo just made sure the hose was attached properly, shut the garage door, and started the car.

I defy anyone to come up with a way to comfortably play games on that monstrosity. This thing is patently ridiculous.

... But its just a wii, with new graphics and an Ipad to play with.Its like Nintendo really isn't trying anymore...

its a trap!

to get MS and Sony to stepping to the true 8th console generation before them...

console generation launches are a race to be last.

from everything i'm seeing this looks like a 7.5 generation machine

nothing major but able to equal everything that's on the market atm (and probably a little more)

that means sony and MS have to make the next moves after that Nintendo can drop a true 8th gen console last...which means they win.

really need to see specs

It looks... interesting. Though such gimmicks won't really get me on board. How's the battery life going to be on that controller? Will it stand up to an eight hour gaming session? What's the point of console gaming if you're just going to give it handheld functionality as well? Sure, it'll sit well with families who have to share a TV and have only the WiiU but I don't see why you can't just own a 3DS and play that when your parents want to watch some primetime TV...


Grond Strong:

No. Full HD now. And it's been announced that Batman Arkham City is coming out for it, so it's got some power beyond the graphics under the hood as well.

Well remember that the wii had alot of shitty ports for multi-platform games. Take CoD, for example, wii got releases of that series, and while it isnt perfect anyway, the wii version looks like Duke Nukem 3D in comparison. Just because something is getting a port doesnt mean it will be a perfect copy, like usually happens with Ps3 and Xbox games that are on both consoles.

It looks incredibly lame, gimmicky and uninteresting to me. At least, IMHO, Kinect was moving things forward a little. This just seems like another shiny toy we'll all forget about in a few years.

So Nintendo is trying to combine the DS with a normal console?

I think the biggest question is how much will the individual controllers cost? For a system that you'll want 4 controllers, I would hope its not too ridiculously priced.

No info given on cost yet, though it's backwards compatible with all Wii peripherals, so you may be able to get away with just one of the special controllers.

Also, is the back flat or is it more controller-shaped and comfy? It really doesn't look too comfortable considering the size.

Looking at it, it seems to be slightly molded, almost like it's designed to sit on your table at a slight angle toward you.

And a touch screen? Really? I don't think games would be improved any by having a second screen to look at. I suppose moving from motion control to controller touch screen is a step in the less-useless direction for Nintendo, but still very gimmicky.

The footage from the Aliens: Colonial Marines shows one thing you can do with a second screen that got my attention.. Alien jumps at you, you use the controller as a shield, and literally catch the alien on it, and then literally shake it off (as it has motion control as well).

I really don't think standard controllers are a problem the video game industry needs to fix, as much as Nintendo tries.

Standard controllers are what keeps gaming a niche market. Having to sit in hunchback pose with both hands is one of the primary things I dislike about my Xbox. That's why I'm hoping for lots from the promised updates to Kinect.

It looks really, really interesting. There seems to be a lot of potential to do both familiar and new types of games on it, it's hard to tell where it will go at this point since there weren't any games shown for it, but it's a good start.

What disappointed me about it was 1. Crappy ass name 2. No pricing 3. No first party titles announced for it, save for a hint at Smash Bros.


... But its just a wii, with new graphics and an Ipad to play with.Its like Nintendo really isn't trying anymore...

its a trap!

to get MS and Sony to stepping to the true 8th console generation before them...

console generation launches are a race to be last.

Didnt MS or Sony (cant remember which, might even have been both) say they werent thinking about any new consoles until 2013-2014?

WiiU? More like WTF guys. I mean, come on. Call it the SBNC. Super Bad(ass) Nintendo Console. At least S.B.N.C. is pronounceable. Or the NGNC; Next Generation Nintendo Console. Or PNPC Portable Nintendo Pad Console. See? Its not that hard to make up good names. (Sort of good that is)

Luigi turns into a Ghostbuster?...



... But its just a wii, with new graphics and an Ipad to play with.Its like Nintendo really isn't trying anymore...

its a trap!

to get MS and Sony to stepping to the true 8th console generation before them...

console generation launches are a race to be last.

Didnt MS or Sony (cant remember which, might even have been both) say they werent thinking about any new consoles until 2013-2014?

read what i edited in.

Luigi turns into a Ghostbuster?...

Luigi's mansion for the Gamecube?

Well, after watching the whole thing- not impressed. Yes, this thing opens up tons of possibilities, but are any of them actually good?

There has yet to be a game that has actually delivered on the Wii's original promise. Even Nintendo's first party efforts quickly shifted to more traditional control setups with the occasional gimmick and a quick waggle being used as an extra button.

Meanwhile, this console will get third party support for about a year, after which the 720 and PS4 will be out, leaving the WEEEEEOOOOO as the "too weak to port to" console once again.

What this thing really needs is a first-party game at launch that uses it's supposed revolutions as an integral part of a cohesive core gaming experience. Nintendo can't do what they did with the Wii and say "Okay, we made a revolutionary controller! Now somebody figure out what to do with it. Please?" They need to set an example to convince gamers that the hardware has potential, and they need to set an example for third party developers to follow. Particularly when it comes to production values. They need to make sure that the real talent is pitching WEEEEOOOOO games to investors instead of people pulling the short straw and being assigned to make more shovelware for it.

Gameboy and Gameboy colour games on 3DS?!?!?!?!?!

Pokemon Yellow in 3D...NOW!

EDIT: it's repeating itself...woops xD

EDIT2: wrong thread...my bad :$

Let the "WiiU" jokes begin. :p

That's all I got. Say what you want about Nintendo, it's shit like this that keeps them looking cool.

A square controller? No thank you. I don't care if it has a screen, that seems freaking uncomfortable.

The Wii U, more like Pii U.

Nintendo you are not even trying any more, an non portable version of the DS.
That is great, would you for your next trick make some original IP that would actually be good for once. No more Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Smash Bros, Mother/Earth Bound or Animal Crossing. Up to the SNES day you guys were brimming with creativity.
It sloped off and it slopped off bad during the N64 days. With the Wii, what the hell?

You are not even trying any more Nintendo, Wii U? Is that the best name you can come up with?
I hope you got some new IP that makes up for the sorry name and premiss of this new system.

I would have loved it if Nintendo actually demonstrated to us what the hell this thing can do. There was nothing that we hadn't seen before, all but one game (Luigi's Mansion 2) were games we already knew were coming out. There was no demonstration as to how this new controller thingamabob would work which I find very disappointing.

This could be pretty interesting, but I find it odd how they are concentrating on the controller more than the actual console. The controller looks neat n' all, but there was absolutely no games that were demonstrated on the console itself. Hell, they didn't even show a picture of the console.

I was never much of a Nintendo gamer anyway, so this doesn't really appeal to me. It still looks pretty interesting, and it'll be cool to see what developers come up with when using the thing. We'll just have to wait and see.

Oh, how original!

seriously, this marketing campaign is get far more pretentious than Apple's and that's saying something.

"Maybe if we just add random extra letters on a white background, people will think its a different product!"

So lemme get this straight. They named their latest console...After the noise a siren makes. Ok then.

OT: This is cool. So it's essentially Wii + Controller to the power of iPad? Well then. I have mixed feelings about it. I need to know the games available before I decide if this is going on my "End of the World" wishlist (Sarcasm at its best).

Ok, I may be being stupid, but is the Wii U just the controller or are they releasing new Wii hardware along with it as that what things seem to be suggesting, but they've only mentioned the controller.

There will be new hardware with it. From what I saw in the trailer for it, it looks like a small dvd player. Obviously meant to be forgotten about until you need to change disks and such, somewhat like the Wii.

you're forgetting the most important part.

if you repeat it without pause, you get the sound an ambulance makes :3

I'm sorry, but I don't know how I'm supposed to play with this brick of a controller.

Seriously, it's a controller and it's bigger then both the PSP and the DS. What the hell?
I realy hope they change it, because as gimmicky as it is I don't think this appeals to either the core audience or the casual audience.

It looks even ridiculous for a handheld system, I'm not a fan of the Ipad but it was at least slick, this looks like a fake Ipad you would find in a Hongkong tech store.
A small screen is okay, like the Dreamcast had, but why would I need a giant screen on my controller, I'm going to be looking at the TV, right?

Just looks like Nintendo are trying to appeal to everyone and top of that trying to shove in as many gimmicks as possible in the system.

I'd say have a more slick and comfortable controller that doesn't have a giant screen on it, at the very least I hope that they release another version of the controller for the Wii U, but what would be best is to throw this controller in the trash where it belongs and make something better like the case with the first PS3 controller.


Details for Wii U Controller taken from the E3 Press Release Kit. Interesting what google search turns up.

Oh great now a controller that will end up costing as much as an actual console, I doubt a controller with a HD screen, motion sensors and wifi is going to be cheap and that just alienates the people who want to play with a lot of people which is normally what the wii is for.

Either way I gave up on Nintendo after I got my 360 and allowed my Wii to die in the corner.

The screen looks like it will be useful but seriously guys, look how horrible that controller is. Guess they could release alternative controllers but so far.... how meh.

I am intrigued. This thing could cross the line between the Game Boy and the full blown Console. Also an integrated controller camera opens up possiblities for Alternate Reality games. The future will be the ultimate judge of this, but for now all I can say is "Well played Nintendo, well played indeed."

Well I would guess the Vita can do the same stuff considering PSP already had some PS3 Streaming functionality.

Nintendo, I am dissapoint. You just made your console SOMEHOW even more for casual gamers. Not to mention it's really just seems like Nintendo isn't trying any more.

Like at least a dozen other people, I'm looking at that controller and saying: that thing has got to be really expensive and damned uncomfortable. It's like an upgraded, and more oblong Gameboy advanced. If I haven't said this before I'm saying it now; Nintendo does not make game consoles, it just makes boxes of stuff and gimmicks.

This honestly feels like they are just catching up to Sony and Mircrosft as far as HD systems goes....
In 3 or 4 years when Sony and Microsoft release their new systems, the WiiU (terrible name) is going to seem obsolete.

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