GTA Director to Create Iranian Revolution Game

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From the interview with Khonsari, I don't get the impression that he's the kind of person who will intentionally generate controversy for the sake of sales (see COD:MW2). I really hope this game gets made, but ONLY if it is with the goal of educating the player before entertaining them. If they can do that, then they will help to set an example of games as a unique storytelling medium. I would imagine that this game, if done right, could give the player a deeper understanding of the events covered than a book or documentary could ever provide.

This is one brave dude. The probability of him getting a death threat after this near 100%.


So it's Six Days in Fallujah all over again, only this time you get to play as the 'bad guys' as well.

Yeah, this is never going to get a release.

no 6 days in fallujah was cancelled because it was based on a far more recent event and thus more people were upset about it. I don't think there will be enough people complaining about this for the devs to care.

"Wah wah wah, Muslims in it so its evil, wah". Yeah, it'll get enough complaints.

I would imagine it depends on the size of the project. Article doesn't really give an impression of it being a AAA title or a one-man indie project.

Actually, this sounds good. I want to see where it goes, escpecially the characters he mentioned.

This sounds AWESOME!!!

If he sticks to his guns and continues making this game, consider a pre-order right here.

*Khonsari finishes pitching to publisher*
Pub:"Okay mr Khonsari we will publish your game,we just need to make a few changes."
Khonsari: "what like?"
pub: okay instead of it being set in 1979 its in modern day, and instead of it being in Iran we make it in some undefined middle eastern country with no name.
Khonsari "B-bu-but"
Pub: "Do you want this game made or not? also make it a on rails FPS where the Americans are the images of perfection and he dirty sand n*ggers speak scary talk about killing freedom. If you can do all that we will green-light this "
Khonsari: :'(

GTA director is Iranian . Good to know . cant w8 to get more detalis and trailer

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