Fox News Attacks Environmentally Conscious Games

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Every time I see that Fox has "reported" on something I wonder how much closer I am to having an aneurysm because of what they say.

Seriously? FLOWER is bad for kids now? The hell is wrong with you people!?

"Not only that, but those games are also boring."
Yeah you'd rather have your imaginary five year old (who shouldn't play any games not specially designed for that age, in my opinion) play some exciting "Shoot-Arabs-and-Russians-in-the-face"-game than letting him learn to take responsibility for the world around him, wouldn't you?

Has Fox decided to pick on RapeLay yet? Seems like it would he right up their alley, even though it can't legally be sold outside Japan, so their entire story would be invalid.

Why would facts stop them? GTA can't legally be sold to minors, but it's turning toddlers into Freddie Kruger in FOX's ideal world.

Nothing goes with my cup of coffee in the morning like a good old pinch of stupid. Seriously though, I don't even understand the logic behind them reporting on stuff like that. Are ratings really worth making yourself look stupid? Or do they honestly believe the crap that they spout out is the truth? I suppose that either way, they're complete fools.

Big deal. Faux News aren't noted for logical and creative thinking. They are equivalent to that neighbourly annoying dog that won;t shut the fuck up and pisses on the carpet before the other news channels.

FOX: No one is talking about us and we hits for sweeps! Quick! Make a report talking shit about another game and we'll make up the low week with rage hits! Those heathen gamers fall for it every time.

Mhmm. Then again, I want to watch it, just because I enjoy it. And then the comments... oh the rage amuses me so. <3

Let me point out the irony of TJ McCormick decrying "scare tactics" when he is employing them himself in this segment.

Also, Modern Warfare 2 has NO relevance to environmental games. Putting it up in the screen while talking about it is also a scare tactic to remind parents how "scary" the world of video games are.

They are also playing a game not intended for children. These are not AAA titles or mainstream games. These are games by indie developers that, yes maybe push environmental issues, but aren't forcing them on children. He points out that these games are boing. Well if it couldn't hold the interest of an adult because it was too dry, how would it hold the interest of a five year old?

Furthermore, he states "parents don't know whats in these games" Well isn't that their responsibility as PARENTS?!?! I mean c'mon there is a rating system that explains more clearly than film rating systems what kind of content is in each game.

I hate the fact that these pundits think "liberals" run literally everything but the church and Fox News Channel.

Outlaw Torn:

Has Fox decided to pick on RapeLay yet? Seems like it would he right up their alley, even though it can't legally be sold outside Japan, so their entire story would be invalid.

Why would facts stop them? GTA can't legally be sold to minors, but it's turning toddlers into Freddie Kruger in FOX's ideal world.

Actually, at least in the States, games rated 'M', like rated 'R' movies can legally be sold to minors, however, the industries of each restrict it as a form of self censorship.

Pfft, more like Faux "news".

I LAUGH whenever I hear the term "liberal agenda." It reminds me a little of people during the Cold War would refer to Communists, as if they were just some entity whose one goal in life is to steal all of your women and monies.

I especially love it when crazy conservatives claim that part of the "liberal agenda" is to turn all the US' cildren gay and to make our founding fathers appear to be terrorists.

I'm glad i'm not American, having to actually put up with something like that on TV would be horrible :/

I'm glad i'm not American, having to actually put up with something like that on TV would be horrible :/

I'm glad Fox is around, it is stupid as shit but it is a sign of the freedom of speech and I know that they can't ban a game over here :D

Flower isn't really an enviromental game, it was more of an attempt to make an experimental falgship game for PSN to show it can compete with XBLA. Its more a point of free-from gameplay rahter than enviromental agenda.

They are wrong on many many different levels its hard to comprehend.

actually, Flower is a sequel to Flow.
its is also a brilliant game.

OT: so they like nuclear? good, a tiny amount of nuclear fusion (particles fusing in an area the size of dust) can run a car. well we're never going to get nuclear fusion. the petrol companies wont let you. its too efficient.

anyway, these games are in no way forcing liberalism and fear-mongering.

meh, its FOX news.

It doesn't even matter if you're a conservative; you have to see that Fox News is an aggressive, destructive thing that will never stop inventing enemies that people should apparently be terrified and angry about.

I wish there was someone that can show up Fox. I really do.

nuclear power is cleaner than solar and wind energy?


The sims city societies advertising made me not want to check it out, Fox news segment on how the are bad for everyone made me want to check it out, thank Fox!


I'm glad i'm not American, having to actually put up with something like that on TV would be horrible :/

I'm glad I'm American, being able change the channel when something like that is on tv is amazing :D

That's a bit of a weak rebuke.

OT: Breaking News; Fox news make a fool of themselves, yet still get more press because we all act offended by it! I just laugh at them now-a-days.



man they are stupider than argentinian national news networks

and they got fucking tricked into believing that Grogg is a real drink

Grog is a real drink. theres many different drinks it means, but one of the earliest is rum spiked with lime juice and watered down. Old British sailor rum ration. (and part of where they got the name Limey from.) The name refers to the awful taste of limed and watered rum, so a sailor would make a disgusted sound while having to drink it.

no, the Monkey Island Grogg, they called it Grogg XD

oh lol. wow. that slipped right over my head :-P

Wow, Fox is getting worse. Attacking flower, really now?

I'm pretty sure people use to say stuff like this : "Oh silly Fox, attacking GTA for being too violent, come on now, bah, its fox, what can ya expect. They just love attacking anything for any reason. Next thing you know they'll be accuse Flower of having different agendas, hahaha Silly Fox." Seriously this is getting way out of hand. O_O

You know what, I'll bet there are games that promote a "liberal agenda." There might even be a "liberal agenda" in these games.
But unless you are also aware of the "conservative agenda" and are just as willing to point out its problems and worry equally about that being achieved, I don't want to hear it from you.


Oooh! Oooh! They missed one, arguably the most human made global warming endorsing game out there I can think of: A new Beginning. You literally travel back in time to avert human's demise due to climate change. Haven't played it, sounds nice, looks cute. Here's a review:,1323

I can't stop being amazed at how unfathomly ignorant all these reports are. I don't what's more frightening, the mere fact that FOX News actually exists or that the US population watches this shit and believes it.


Fox did it again. I applaud you, Fox News dudes.

I know a lot of people state that they are dumb and harmless, but reading a report that did a survey on the most trusted news source (done by the 'Public Policy Polling') only 46% distrusted them. Now, it's the most untrusted news network, but come on that number should be around 70%, that means over half of the American viewing audience trust Fox News, CRAZY!

What's this? A news network who has already made it clear they are hardly fond of the new and scary medium known as "Video Gaming" are trying out branch out from the statement "Call of Duty will make kids into gun nuts" to "Kids games will expose young children to political, logical and somewhat radical ideas at too young an age!" Who made them the parents of the world?

I've lost a lot of faith in the media with regards to the coverage of videogame related events. News teams can often be found at Game stores across the UK at midnight launches interviewing people who are queuing up asking "Why are you doing this?" And acting incredibly perplexed at the various answers they get: "Coz its so awesome!" "Coz its a massive event" "Its gona be talked about for years!", because they don't fully understand it. So, because they don't fully understand it, its gota be bad, so the following day, reports come out about videogame addiction and how, despite being one of, if not the, most profitable entertainment media of the modern world, it will lead to an entire generation of future adults with carpel tunnel syndrome (spelling?) and doom us all... what the hell?

This story must take the loopy banana cake for making a story out of nothing in the relm of videogames.

Parents don't know the content of the game their child is playing and may not want them to learn about those types of things.

OMG its obvious what we do now. We ban all video games. How could no one have thought of that before...

Sarcasm aside, how stupid can you get?
Why not make the parents do a bit of research and take an interest in their child's life. These are probably the same parents that buy COD (18) and then complain there is violence in it.

What people (some Americans in particular) need to learn is that if someone wants to pay money for something they will usually get it. If you don't want that then DON'T BUY IT!

Rant over.

Remember, some people are only alive simply because its illegal to shoot them.

nuclear power is cleaner than solar and wind energy?

Technically it is. I've spoken to a person who knows about those things. Turns out that all the equipment required for the solar power plant to function is not very enviroment friendly. I can't go into all the details beacuse english is not my native language and I just wouldn't know the right words to have a discussion.
It's just his word on the matter though, can't really say how valid it really is - not a specialist on that kind of things.

You guys seem to neglect that you can't link someone's opinion to the whole station itself. This man was given a segment to present his view and reasons why he holds it. If anything it seems like you guys are the ones that are blindly hating on a news channel. You can't let hatred negate people's arguments or else you'll just be close minded.

Hypothetically, just because I said "I hate white people" doesn't mean that every US citizen does.

Stop linking the views presented by individuals in a television show with the entire station.

And it's a Sunday morning show for heaven's sake. There's no good news on any of those kinds of shows.

They are probably correct that wind and solar is unlikely to be cleaner than nuclear power, because of the enormous amount of manufacturing needed to produce the sheer number of solar panels and wind turbines to match a nuclear power plant's output.

Wasn't Sim City Societies half sponsored by BP? I mean their logo is everywhere in that game.

I think the bigger news here is someone actually watches Fox News.

Zachary Amaranth:

Really? Really? Are Fox news just extremist conservative idiots just for the sake of being extremist conservative idiots?

Considering they've yelled at people just for OPTING to be considerate? Yes.

Additionally, if making a profit off something makes your message dubious, didn't they just undermine their own credibility? Well, to anyone with a thought process?

That population, anyone with a thought process, is sadly underserved by FOX News. When I saw "FOX" and "The Sims" and "Liberal Agenda" mentioned in the same story, I thought they were going to be blowing their gasket over how the Sims allows you to "whoopee" with anyone, male or female, and to have kids with anyone (admittedly, in the case of two males/two females, you have to adopt, but still... and Sims 2 allows you to have alien babies.... although that's drifting into Weekly World News territory there...

I think I can see the "point" Fox News is trying to make here "keep your politics out of our videogames" which to a certain extent I can agree with


For a company that claims to be "Fair and Balanced" like usual their debates are very one sided, also there are other factors that come into play in regards to this issue (the age range the games our targeting, parental intervention, etc) Fox News again does the job of making themselves out as villain.

"Keep your politics out of our video games" may seem like a reasonable stance at first glance, but where exactly does a video game start to convey a political message? By the 'logic' of FOX News (now that's an oxymoron...) you could argue that Modern Warfare takes a political stance and is pro military interventions, even though a political agenda most certainly was never on the developers minds. In the same vein, making 'liberal propaganda' was probably not the intention behind Fate of the World and the other games with an enviromental message. The problem here is that Fox News believes an enviromental message alone constitutes a political, 'pro-liberal' agenda.

(By the way, you Americans have really messed up political terminology compared to the rest of the world, what's up with 'liberal' being almost an insult, only surpassed by 'socialist' and *gasp* 'communist'? :D )

Prince Regent:

Now, like many I'm no fan of FoX News, but this must be the single most ludicrous thing they have ever reported on.

Fox Is now officialy agains games in wich you shoot stuff AND games in wich you don't.

It's because games don't have an special interest party to throw money into elections. Also, MANY gamers are not conservative voters. So it's one of the few things they can openly attack without any repercussions. On top of that... Old, white, men, their core voters, are frightened and confused by anything new and different and video games are both of those things.

Video games are the PERFECT target for Fox News.

What I'm baffled by is that there are any minorities or women in their party at all. Are they really so stupid and blind that they don't see that Conservatives HATE them and would strip away all their rights if they were given the chance?

And I thought Simcity handled the situation quite well. The power plants which created less pollution were also more expensive to run if you wanted to generate the same amount of electricity, meaning that in quite a lot of cases a coal power plant would be better.

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