Apple Voted Largest Influence On Gaming Industry

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The result of that survey are a joke.

Were they really "industry professionals" or just random members of staff who said the first thing that popped into their heads because they were busy messaging each other auto-correct failures on their iPhones?

My bullshit app on my I-pod is reading a REALLY high presence from this article...

Hmm, well after saying that Im sure I cannot say anything else due to awkwardness...

Hehe, all jokes put aside, I really think that this should not be true, I do not count Apps to be considered as a game, and Apple has had almost no contact with our industry apart from those apps which are not games, compare them to Facebook games, they have the same level of relation.

Voted for by people who know nothing about gaming?

Seems to be the case.

Ok, to all people saying that the iPhone hasn't done anything for gaming, I have this to say:
Yes it has...
To compete with Apple, other companies had to develop better OSs for their devices. iPhone brought about the end for the standard Symbian S60 Smartphone. After iPhone, Android was developed. Sony Ericsson made the Xperia Play with downloadable PS1 titles so now people who didn't care about the PS1 at launch, i.e my mum, now have Crash Bandicoot and love it.
Also, I've lost count of the amount of people I see playing iPhone/Android games when Im out and about. iPhone literally caused gaming to come to the masses, not just gamers

Where is SEGA in the poll? I call bullshit on that :)
Id have also picked the NES over the Wii

No way, i can't deny that smartphones are used by quite a few people to game but calling the iphone the most influential is just silly. it's like saying gears or war three was the most influential adventure game

I'd buy that he was the biggest influence of the last 5 years, maybe even the last 10 years (and that's stretching it).

But all time? No way.

I'm going to agree with the industry professionals. Steve Jobs & Apple have had a profound impact on the gaming industry. What's the most popular game of all time? Super Mario, with its 40+ million sold? Turns out, Angry Birds has over 400 million downloads, with 12 million purchases for the iPhone, where it originally garnered its popularity. The article might have said this is not about sales, but impact... but you can't argue with a device that has brought a single game to 400,000,000 people, in under 2 years.

Face it, the detractors 'n' haters are merely denying that the definition of gaming has been significantly altered in the last few years. In a world where some forty million people are playing a Zynga game, at any given moment of the day, and there's an outright refusal to classify Farmville and Imagine: Babyz in the same medium as their precious Halos and Starcrafts and Final Fantasies...

The fact is, gaming is more than your favourite PS3 testosterone-em-up. Gaming is everything from your 180+ hour universe-sweeping Anime epics, to arranging fruit. The salad-em-up, arguably, is played by some 100 million more people than your favourite JRPG. Ergo, more people game by aligning peaches on their iOS touch-screen, then summoning Bahamut Zero on their sixaxis. So, in terms of man-hours spent gaming, I would wager a cumulative billion of 'em are played on an Apple device every day, and a fraction of that on a Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft console. The only thing that might challenge Apple for cumulative gaming hours would be the PC/Laptop--and not for retail games, but for browser/flash games.

Take your "average gamer"--pretend that, today, this gamer games for exactly one hour, and spends that hour gaming a condensed amount of time for each gaming platform, to represent average time spent. The gamer would spend about 30 minutes of that hour on their iPhone, ten minutes playing a PopCap-style flash game in a browser window, ten minutes playing a Facebook-embedded game, a few minutes loading up an Xbox/PS3 game, maybe gives the Wii a coupla minutes--enough time for a quick Mario Kart, and then gets as far as turning on the PSP, before going, "nah..." and switches it off. Certain large-scale time-sink games, like WoW or Minecraft, might get a few seconds of play, too.

Anyway, it's not just accumulative gaming time that Apple has single-handedly swept up, neither. They have changed the entire business model of how games are purchased and the methods in which one acquires games. Sure, Steam and other content delivery systems have been around for six or seven years now (direct2drive even longer, I think), but the Apple App Store has become The Most Used Platform For Digital Distribution, outstripping Steam for downloading gaming content by, what, half a billion downloads? (numbers pulled from the University of My Ass, but the sentiment is there: the App store delivers more games, at lower prices, faster, quicker, and cheaper than Steam. The selection of games is wildly different, but as said before, it's still games that are being distributed.

Even as a handheld, the iPhone stole Nintendo's 22-year crown of stranglehold thorns. No need to really argue, as Penny-Arcade sums it up with their patented Macuahuitl-edged wit. Why pay €30 for a game you're going to get 8+ hours of entertainment, when you can get one offering similar levels of entertainment (if not, perhaps, as deep) for under a dollar?

Even indie development has been significantly boosted by iOS and Android. iOS moreso, thanks to Apple's tight control over its development and legacy. Just look:


Android is a total mess, so it makes sense for a small, independent studio to develop for iOS. You'll get better exposure for your game, better support for your development, and an overall more guided experience.

Apple changed the face of gaming, significantly. Much as Facebook has done, whether you respect it or not (I, for the record, do not--but I don't begrudge the existence of Zynga, even though they make their millions by ripping off other, less popular, games). Of course, if you solely define gaming as within the realm of seventh-generation consoles, then (aside from being wrong) your worldview of what constitutes gaming is sadly narrowed to the point of elitism. You can continue thinking that what constitutes a game is a $60 boxed product with a £100 million budget, but for the significant majority of other gamers out there who just like playing Words With Friends and Doodle Jump, Apple have by far and away been a bigger influence over their gaming/purchasing habits than the 'Big 3' combined.

"this isn't a list of the "best" or "top-selling," it's a list of who and what shaped the industry"
Of all the bullshits to call with this poll and this article is that sentence. It just reaks of bull and shit. How in the fuck of helldick did Zuckerberg shape the industry in any way, shape or form?

And another thing. Cell phones are not gaming platforms. Even if they have game that does not make them something that people get for the games alone. That's like saying sattelite dishes are gaming platfroms because most of them let you play tetris on them. And the Wii has had no fuck reason the be on the "best" product list as it has garnerd a lot of hate and ridicule in the actual gaming community. And I won't personally say that it is bad since I've never even tried one but I can says with out a doubt that any older gaming system surpasses it. Well maybe not any but most of them.

Cell phones are not gaming platforms.

iOS and Android are both established and thriving gaming platforms that are growing exponentially. Apple has as significant a share of the gaming market as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Indeed a larger share, if you base market share on a.) number of games sold, and b.) profit margins.

An iPhone is a far more powerful handheld gaming device than a 3DS. Compare:

266MHz CPU1Ghz CPU
133MHz graphics1Ghz GPU
2GB storageup to 64GB storage
1150 games14750 games

Not only are Smartphones outselling Nintendo handhelds by hojillions, they are also selling significantly more games at lower prices. Trying to convince someone that a cell phone is not a legitimate gaming platform is folly. Like, real folly.

the actual gaming community.

I'd be interested to know what you consider "the actual gaming community".


Is the iPhone designed to be primarily a video game platform? Nope, so your point is invalid. Also all those 14750 games are made by up and coming game developers that will most likely abandon it if they make some money. And almost anyone can make a game for cell phones, since all the tools to do so are given out for free, for Nokia at least.

And the actual gaming community is this one. It's that one. It's the one that have your average Joe in it, not some hoghty toighty "professionals" in them.

Is the iPhone designed to be primarily a video game platform? Nope, so your point is invalid.

Heh heh. awwwww. My first post was effectively railing against people like you who refuse to adjust your definition of gaming to encompass where the majority of games are. Who says the iPhone isn't designed to be primarily a video game platform? From what I've seen of Apple's marketing (which is a lot, as it is pervasive), gaming is one of the key tenets of the iPhone. Each conference and keynote speech and convention and public gathering where Apple makes a big show about their product, gaming is pretty heavily integral to what they're selling.

A PC, generally speaking, is not *designed* to be a specific gaming platform, yet here we are. I can use Photoshop on mine. In fact, I designed my own PC to be primarily used for Photoshop. Does that make it somehow not a legitimate games platform? Of course not. iOS is not only a legitimate gaming platform, it's leading Microsonytendo by reinventing the business model of selling videogames.

Conversely, the Nintendo 3DS *is* designed to primarily play computer games. Yet, my 3DS seems to be primarily used for 'gathering dust' and 'coffee coaster'. Does that somehow make it not a legitimate gaming platform...?

Furthermore, the PlayStation 3 was initially released to be an 'entertainment hub' rather than a purely gaming machine. (check out their "This is Living" pre-release ad campaign-- games aren't even mentioned in PS3 advertising). Gaming, indeed, was a secondary function for the PS3. In 2009, with the rise of the Wii, again it was marketed as an entertainment hub ("gaming is just the start"). Now, of course, they are focusing on gaming again, as 'lifestyle box' was not shifting units. Point being, at several points in the PlayStation 3's life, it was not intended to be (solely) a gaming machine. Sort of... sort of like the iPhone, really. Yet (and here's the kicker): it is.

The PS3 is as much a games machine as the Apple iPhone. If it can play games, and you can buy games for it, and the piece of hardware pwns a significant market share of the gaming market, it is a games machine. For gamers. To game on. There simply isn't any other definition.

Sorry if the fact that a SMRTphone is capable of doing other things somehow puts it outside of your rigid, conservative viewpoint of what constitutes a 'real' gaming platform, but I'm sorry: you're quite wrong, and you're going to have to deal with it.

And it seems fairly dismissive to pass off "1000 industry professionals" as a bunch of 'hoity toity' know-nothings. Eurogamer clearly states "1000 people working within the video games industry" ....something (I'm not sure what exactly) tells me that the people who are making the games you, as a gamer, are playing might know juuuuust a *little* bit about computer gaming. Seeing as it is their profession, their passion, their life to be immersed in gaming culture, and make games for said gaming culture.

Of course, if you turn out to be Notch, Peter Molyneux, Guillame Rambourg, or Vince Zampella (four people who participated in the survey, who know a thing or two about games) then please forgive me, I might adjust my views.

Stupidest thing I've ever read.

Definately in my top ten for the year ... Apple has had an affect on the gaming industry in the same way that custom gaming keyboards/mice have. Indirect at best and hardly a genre influencing impact.

This is just utter nonsense. This has made me rather angry, surely Nintendo have done more than Apple? It's just absurd.

Sounds like a lot of post-Jobs tokenism. Really; he shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Miyamoto when it comes to gaming (and I hate Nintendo).

What...I don't even...

And how the hell is Wii number 2?

I'm sure someone has already laughed at that concept.
And i'm sure some Apple iFan has defended it, like a Japanese suicide pilot.

So....Well, I guess Bill gates wasn't a massive douche who peddled technology to the retarded masses?

Well it would appear the industry is stupid!

Are you fucking kidding me... Are you fucking kidding me?

Apple? Biggest influence on gaming?

I'm sorry, that's all my post is going to consist of, to avoid more needless profanity.

lmao, really? I mean really? More influential than Nintendo? hahaha, yeah right

From reading felstaff posts, as intruging as they sound, the only thing i learnt was that there is no limit to human stupidity.

and while your pondering about it, think about this

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