Skyrim Fan Takes An Arrow in the Knee

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OT: It's interesting I guess. I never really understood memes or why people repeat them ad nauseum, and especially why you would want to permanently place them on your skin. I am not against tattoos in general, but I think you should get one that has a timeless quality. This will be forgotten by the time the TES 6 comes out.

Poor poor deluded fool

Recently, a guard in Whiterun made the "arrow to the knee" remark as I walked by. I immediately equipped my bow and some arrows, and shot him in the knee. It was totally worth the forty Septim fine.

I think that tattoo looks pretty good actually, plus it'll earn her major Internet Points in like three years.

Misleading title is misleading. Looks like she got a cheap tattoo, not an actual injury by an arrow.

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