Not Wanting a Girlfriend is a "Serious Illness"

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I can already see this slipping into a classic Escapist Relationship Thread.

AKA gamer douchebags whining about women not lining up to suck their cocks on command.

Now now, let's not forget how every other guy going out with a girl is a retarded ape who is barely intelligent enough to grunt, and how the anti-social misogynist whining about him is so much better for her.

Yeah this is so weird. I am not by any means a feminist but this whole weird relationships were people seem to act as if girls as these stuck up idiotic whores but not to them and that's bad is well hard to comprehend. i mean subsititute the word girl for black or whatever and the sentiment of steotyping would not be okay.

As for the Herr Doktor mentioned in the articule, I think leaving the societal stuff aside, yeah you should try to have a rela girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever. I know asexuality get's brought up but I don't think it is anywhere near as prevalent as people make it out to be. I'm not saying you should be forced to have a partner but it seems like people are engaging in a mssive self decpetion and I don't know but it seems well kinda sad, like selling yourself short.


I love my waifu, and don't need no 3D

<3 Rin

I'm excused since I can't procreate anyway >.>

Pfft you don't need to be a douchebag to get girls. Anybody who thinks that is a loser who doesn't know how women work.

Exert power and confidence, be aggressive and competitive and be yourself. They only go for douchebags because they're usually people who do all of these things.

Perhaps instead of demonizing their vast entertainment empires they need to use them as a starting point in sharing interests. An Okaku mixer of sorts.

rrriiiiight... and if you're a girl who doesn't want a boyfriend?

So unless you want a girlfriend you're ill? What does this mean for women? Are we going to see neo-Samurais enforcing mandatory lesbianism? What is this I don't even

Wait...I'm an asexual female, where does that leave me?

The title is completely misleading. He said that if you actually want a gf but your self-esteem is so low that you say you can't get one and try to pretend it's ok, that is an illness. Calling it an illness might be going too far, but it's certainly not a good thing.

Yeah, I think the title of this thread is misleading, although "low self-esteem" is mislabelled in the article, so all's fair I guess.

And if this thread is anything to judge by, many of my fellow escapists look at relationships way wrong. A good chunk of replies in this thread are basically "I don't want someone mooching off me". Well if they are mooching off you, it isn't a real relationship. Ideally both you and your partner would be contributing to the relationship in some way. I can see a lot of people don't want to have kids, understandable really, they are expensive, but having a partner with their own job and pooling your resources give you a net gain, not a net loss.

Ok, I'm not claiming to be an expert on this or anything but I'd heard that between a 6 day school week, work and extra curricula stuff, teenagers don't have time for much of anything else.

I imagine that low self-esteem where you convince yourself you don't want a girlfriend when you do is certainly unhealthy. It's an idea with some merit at least though obviously, like most psychology, it's pure speculation as to how often this is the case.

Besides, I'm sure they're only saying "serious illness" to big up their research...

This post made my day.

Also, Keima Katsuragi from The World God Only Knows is like the typical guy described in the OP's post and he still gets plenty of girls. Thus I refute your logic! Hah!

OK, so some thoughts:

1. This is very hetero-normative. As someone said, what about gay guys?
2. In Japan, they banned birth control pills as the effects of the hormones in drinking water are thought to make guys less... well, male. Apparently that didn't work as planned. UK & US have birth control pills readily available and the birth rate is fine.
3. Just maybe it's a good thing that the population of a country with one of the highest densities in the world (no.38 but mountainous therefore less inhabitable land) is in decline...

Pfft you don't need to be a douchebag to get girls. Anybody who thinks that is a loser who doesn't know how women work.

Exert power and confidence, be aggressive and competitive and be yourself. They only go for douchebags because they're usually people who do all of these things.

I'd say "assertive" is better than "aggressive" but pretty much this, yeah. Although most douchebags fail at being themselves: their try-hard nature is one of the things that makes them douchey.

In fact, as I think I mentioned on an old thread, try being the best possible version of yourself. It's good for you and everyone around you.

Given that the population of the planet just hit 7 billion, and we can't sustain that many people, I can't help but wonder why this isn't considered a good thing.

Half of a population being old while in African countries the majority of the population will die before they hit 40 is not good at all.


And, god forbid I bring this into it, but are girls to have any say in this?

I agree. If all somebody has to do is watch video of the streets in cities of Japan to see that there are just as many girls that are caught up in all the technology and whatnot. And even if they are not, what are they doing when such guys are out in the world doing things like shopping for things they want or getting food, are they staring at these guys flipping their lips with their pointer finger and going, "duuhhh, what am I to do."

I really feel there is still too much of an expectation that a guy be the initiator of a relationship. In a lot of cases, it is still like that in the US as well.

I mean some guys, even me, can be oblivious to the fact that a girl might like him and be open for a relationship. In college, I had several girls that were friends, or at least we had a talking rapport, but if they were interested in a relationship, I wouldn't have known. I even think some girls think that talking to a guy is enough, but it isn't.

Some guys are different, I'm one of those that is different, I rather people initiate things with me. I'm a horrible initiator.

I don't think Japan is going to hurt too much to lose 20% of their projected population given the intense population density already in place. The reduced strain on resources could help given how quickly the rest of the world is going to shit (and I don't expect to see any real improvement in my lifetime; due to politics if nothing else).
Of course, this assumes that they will have a large enough healthy workforce for their industry and economy.

In a world were overpopulation is starting to become a serious threat isnt this a good thing.

Bring the mangas to India, stat! They could use some population control.

Nothing against Indians mind you, I'm friends with several. It's just that I know they have issues with the extremely poor having like 7 kids each and they live in the slums and can't feed themselves.

For some reason, I get the feeling women as a whole don't mind so much.
Incidents of rape have gone down. That's a plus.

Introduce gaming and anime to Africa. Problem solved.

Well gentleman...with this news presented to us we have but one choice. And that is to...


It'll be hard but goddammit, it's for the good of the Japanese people!!!

I thought not wanting a girl friend meant you wanted to preserve your sanity.

I guess it's up to me to impregnate as many Japanese women as save their culture. I assure you it will be strictly business and I'll take no pleasure in the task.

considering Japan's overpopulation-- and yes, I realize not every part of it is overpopulated-- I don't really care except as far as the possible hard times the older Japanese will have to go through with a lack of support... I have a feeling something will fill whatever gaps are really significant though, whether it's an increase in birth rates, or redistribution of population, or immigration, or better health care, or family loyalty, or whatever

I ought to move to Japan, then.

Sexeh ladies on each of mah shouldur.

At least they are not gay. Just imagine the damage, and stuff, to society.

To play devils advocate, ratio of working age population to non working age population is the single strongest predictor of a countries economic growth. So if they do kick up their population, in a few years they will be doing awesome.

Also, ive gathered that Japan if a bit behind in terms of gender roles progressiveness. Maybe fix that and interaction between the genders will normalize? Makes more sense then, "cartoons did it".

Black Phoenix:



I hate to break it to you, but that is not how you pick up girls.
And most girls don't go out with an, as you put it, "arse" just for the lulz.

Cheer up a little.
Why so serious?

When was the last time you were in Britain?

Actually, holidaying in popular destinations for British tourists was enough to formulate that opinion. I was literally the ONLY guy there not to fulfil some sort or archetype for the young British male (Stupid dress sense, spiky hair, crap attitude).

Also, the first sentence was "I don't have a girlfriend, but that's no big deal". I have no intention to pick up the shallow, vain, ditzy slags that grace my generation.

If it's not an awkward question, how old are you? Because your opinions on your own generation seem worryingly similar to my own...

More on topic: I can kinda see the point this guy's making, but serious illness? Maybe something got lost in translation somewhere down the line...

Not at all. I'm 19.

This is moronic. Declining birthrates have occurred in virtually every developed nation on Earth, including the US, Europe, and Japan. This issue has far more to do with the wealth and education level of a nation's citizenry then it does with how many tentacle-porn animes a country produces...

Isn't Japan overpopulated anyway?

And this is a bad thing because...?

I don't have a girlfriend, but that's no big deal.

According to the Japanese, i'm ill.

According to American teenagers, i'm a nerd.

According to my friends, i'm a weird, shut-in w**ker.

Oh well. At least I have disposable income, a car, a property and free time.

Unlike many people of my age, I grew up. I understand that one needs to be a realist and needs to work towards building a stable and independent life, which dating would quite frankly ruin. I don't understand why girls feel the need to go out with some arse just "Because" and guys feel the need to wear Polo or Checkered shirts and stick their hair in spikes to attract females. It's stupid and fatuous.


With all the modern entertainment options available today, many of us feel that the opposite sex has little to offer that you can't more conveniently see to yourself or rent for infinitely less cost/stress. Toss in the current 50% divorce rate and likely high percentage of married/commited people you know personally who are miserable in their relationship or have a very high turnover rate thereof and not only do you lose interest in looking, the FINDING becomes a negative in itself.

Unless you have a direct goal of having children (Do a cost/benefit analysis of THAT in your head) you have no need for a sexual partner beyond entertainment and emotional satisfaction. If you can fulfill those needs at far less cost/stress with other entertainment options, then a partner is outright undesirable.

"It would be nice." is a far cry from "This is my top priority."

I just don't have the money nor patience for dating, I'm only interested in girls, and in my experience the ones I like don't get out much either, plus I'm overweight and not as attractive as Bradley Cooper.

So I must be ill too.

i just had a brilliant idea, I am going to start a new company where men can pay women for all the relationship needs: keeping company, a +1 for social events, and of course sex. Don't try to rip me off I'm going to patent this right away

In regards to the article: LOL WUT

Thats a mix of a brothel and an escort business the thais have probably beaten you to it. Id say they simply start adopting Chinese orphans. I mean they want to cut down on population growth and japan needs youth so why not? Its mutually beneficial and could help improve relations between the two countries. They let them be taken out of the country anyway so why not simply encourage it through a government scheme.

Time to incentivize baby making. OR have an exchange with China, i hear they have too many men and not enough women!


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