Weeping Infant Killed For Disturbing Dad's Gaming

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Kevlar Eater:
Gee, only in Florida...

Look at that neckbeard. That's the kind of shit that grosses me out. And that somehow produced offspring?

I agree, I mean control your facial hair it looks disgusting.

Also child murder. Just... yeah. Just knowing I'm the same genus as this people makes me ashamed to call myself Homo...

Trashy father would've raised a trashy child.
Now the father is going to be put away where he can't birth another, and the child is removed from the gene pool.

Earth is that much cleaner from this whole incident.

I like my baby shaken... Not stirred.

Can we kill this guy now?

"Please deposit all vitriol and existential worry for the human species as a whole in the comments below."


by the looks of it, this guy's IQ is very low... or then he just looks like a stoner... why AMERICA, why???

by the looks of it, this guy's IQ is very low... or then he just looks like a stoner... why AMERICA, why???

Agreed. Reading this article makes me want to run off to the UK or at least to Canada.

I am a gamer, and I am a father. I took night shifts often so that my wife could sleep soundly, allowing her to be at the top of her game during the day. during those times I often held him in my lap while playing games.

Never once when my son, who is now three, was crying did it dawn on me to shake him. I paused the fucking game and took care of his needs.

this is the sort of shit that should not be difficult to figure out. as a Gamer I am disgusted by this man being claimed as one of my ilk. as a father, I pray for the mother of that lost child.

Guy should be fucking strung up by the balls and shot.

This is not acceptable anymore, it's &^%$@ COMMON KNOWLEDGE NOW that shaking a baby can kill them.

What do games have to do with this at all? He happened to be playing one while in the course of being a terrible person?

I forsee this showing up on an episode of WTFIWWY in the near future.

Wow. Just WOW. I hate kids and never want one but why the FUCK would you shake a baby?!? I hope this guy never gets out of jail and never plays another video game ever again.

Reproduction is not a right, it's a privlige. Now if only people would learn that.

Meh. Unfortunate as it is, this sort of thing happens very often. Babies are very fragile and like to cry constantly. Parents get stressed and on rare occasions in the spur of the moment do something they live to regret. It's just an unfortunate situation and I bet the guy feels bloody awful. It's not like he threw the baby in a river or meant to harm it. I can't imagine how it feels to accidentally kill your own child. Also, the fact that he was playing video games is completely irrelevant. Unless he had been playing a kinect-enabled Baby Shaking simulator of course

I bet this will be blamed on Violence in Video Games by someone...and not this guy

OF course. He must have been playing Baby Shaker 2013 before this happened and was just imitating the game.

Doesn't this guy just look like the very definition of the fat, neckbearded, loser, basement dwelling, video gamer to. Thanks for doing us all a solid guy.

inb4 Gamers are all shown as violent people

-faceplams- oh god this is going to put gamers in wrong. This is going to make people think this was caused by video game violence and that it could happen to anyone. Batten down the hatches boys we got ourselves a media shitstorm coming and it's a big one. actually you know what? screw this i'm outta of here



pointless vandalism:


I've always had a problem with that site. Only one date after two years on there.

The majority of my dates come from that site. My advise? Get a better profile. Depending on your age, weight, pictures, description etc. 1 date in 2 years...sounds like an issue with your profile, and not the people viewing you.

I'm in the same boat. I have no idea how you guys are hitting dates, it's amazing. I'm using OKCupid because I heard it's better, but it's ridiculous, the (normal) girls are SOOO selective, you'd be lucky to get a reply back, because they get flooded with hundreds of messages a week...

The thing is an absolute fail for me so far. Replies are scarce, and the ones I do get don't go anywhere (they disappear after a couple, or aren't interested in meeting me to begin with; just getting attention/killing time). And then one girl said she would go out (even gave me her number), but flaked out on me last minute. I don't even consider myself unattractive, dafaq? Is it because I'm only part-time employed?.. Mebbe my profile isn't spicy enuff

-so freaking frustrating- this online dating thing..

OKCupid is trash. Don't use it. I get messages all the time with POF. Get some nice picture of yourself. If you are ultra fat, well...black is slimming lol. Don't make your profile overly long. Do you like wine? Do you cook? Do you hike mountains? Do you make your own jerky? Make your profile stand out. If your entire self description is " I think im cool i like having fun shoot me a message" you will get nowhere. Also every message you send, spend at least 15 minutes reading their profile and connecting to them as a person. Every message I write talks about points they made in their profile. Don't be overly affectionate/complimentary. Ask 3-5 questions about things they spoke about. Always end messages with your real name. Rest is luck...I pull 4-5 dates a month and plenty of intimate evenings with it.

Kevlar Eater:
Gee, only in Florida...

Look at that neckbeard. That's the kind of shit that grosses me out. And that somehow produced offspring?

y'know, I moved to FL for warm weather and beaches...not this craziness...that guy, Casey Anthony, the shoe riots...ugh...

You know, it's pretty obvious the guy couldn't handle the kid crying. I don't even know why they added in the video game comments over and over.

Oh, wait, I do. Because no one is going to admit this guy was a fuckin' dumb ass who couldn't handle children and are instead going to blame the games.

How come i only hear about shit like this happening in USA?

I honestly can't blame anyone who does this. I mean really, children are designed by nature to be the most annoying things on the planet. Their infant cries hit the perfect frequency to be annoying and impossible to ignore. Add to this the fact that they cry for no reason, and I really can't blame the guy for shaking the fucking thing until it stopped.

Then again, anyone who has anger issues like me should never have kids in the first place.

Remove that man from the gene pool immediately.

Soo...this guy can reproduce, but I can't find a date.

*forever alone*

I was thinking the same thing...

Fact is though, I don't think videogames had anything to do with the child's death, sadly as much as any normal human being has been drilled to never shake a baby (I hate kids and I even know that), there are still people on this planet who are stupid enough to not understand that simple directive. So chances are this would have happened whether the father was playing video games, or just watching TV (I was gonna say reading a book, but he doesn't strike me as the type who would choose reading over TV).

This is just sickening, and some people just shouldn't have kids.




I see it as being nessicary, simply because if the population does not decrease drastically we're all dead. It's easy to make arguements about why we shouldn't do something extreme like this, but in the final equasion we're running out of resources, it's not a matter of production and producing enough stuff, but that things like wood, oil, metal and similar materials are being depleted faster than the planet can recover, and in the effort to sustain the current usage we're crippling the planet's abillity to replentish them at all through things like strip mining.

You are correct, what I propose would absolutly suck for a while, and would cause a number of problems that would have to be dealt with, quite probably with extreme brutality, in ways that would be offensive to current morality. It is however the right move in the long run. At least for a generation or four we need a massive decrease in the global population and then to stabilize it at that level.

As far as not wanting the goverment (or anyone else) modifying your body like that? In my opinion that's tough cookies. People knew that we needed ZPG (Zero Population Growth) generations ago and instead the population continued to expand. Like it or not, people have generally proven to be incapable of holding back their reproductive urges, so thus society as a whole needs to step in if the problem is going to be dealt with.

A lot of what I say is VERY nasty, and to many (on this subject and others) I seem like the devil. The thing is that it's all about the big picture, not simply the immediate effects over the next few years or even decades, but about what needs to be done when you look at things in terms of hundreds or thousands of years.

Sure it sucks to see a small young generation, and a huge old generation, and then to have to realize your going to have to basically leave those old people un-supported or dispose of them for a generation or two until society adapts to the much lower birth rate, but that's a comparitively small price to pay in the overall scheme of things, if we wind up depleting the world's resources we're going to wind up destroying ourselves. I could go into it point by point, but really it's not the time or place. It's something that has come up for discussion in the past.

In general this, and a lot of my personal politics and idealogy comes down to reality sucking, and trying to pretend that it doesn't just makes things worse.

If we don't want to think about the morality of it, it's a better policy to kill of the old people then killing of the young people and destroy our environment to get all the resources.

Anyway I don't really buy that we're running out of resources, oil (and other vital resources) prices are rising not because it's running out but because it takes a lot of other resources to get to those oil, better technology will get us to those resources at lower prices, probably at the cost of the environment but we don't seem to care anyway.

Also if the production of something is reduced the market will (some say sadly) assign those resources to the ones who are willing (and able) to pay for it (even for vital resources, so yes if it does go that far some will die but not all) and in the end producers will enter that market to increase production again (having advantage through better technology or techniques). It has to be said that better technology and techniques will always be invented because it's in the producer's incentive to do so. Even if there's no way to get some resources there will always be substitution, probably shittier substitution but it's a substitution.

In the end it's impossible for us to all die without some kind of mass extinction event because no matter how much we destroy, there's always a system to allocate the resources available and most will always get the resources available to survive, some will get more than needed, and the rest will get nothing (FYI those people die). So we don't really need to preemptively kill people the free market will :)

Well, the thing is to control population growth which has to happen by preventing new people from entering the population in greater numbers to avoid using resources to begin with, when old people have already lived and consumed resources through their entire life. Preventing births is the way to go for this.

The Free Market won't sort things out, it will sell what is availible until there is nothing left, irregardless of who winds up receiving it. The point is to prevent those resources from being used to begin with, in order to allow the planet to gradually replentish itself.

That's where we differ, I really doubt that resources will be used up till it's gone because before something is fully gone it will be to expensive to be used in the first place for most people, it's not like say oil stays at $5 per gallon till suddenly it's gone, what would happen is prices would rise exponentially until almost no one could get it and those people will substitute (there will always be a substitution, I can't think of one thing that doesn't have a substitute too (water will never be fully gone, medicine is artificially made)) to something else.

So the biggest point problem with your solution is not really the solution itself but that is a solution to a problem that will never happen. Unless of course, as I said, there's some sort of mass extinction event.

What situation in the future do you imagine where a resource can suddenly be fully gone?

OK, well, I'm gonna say something that not everyone's gonna like, but here goes. Anger problems, video games and very breakable things don't go well together. We know this. We tend to forget in situations like this in an effort to protect ourselves from overexcited parents, shady news organizations, etc. but sometimes we gamers get mad and break something. That is fact. The question is whether or not the video games he was playing contributed to this.

Now, the vast majority of us have the sense to not break our game or the system or a window or... anything, really when the game treats us badly. We might menace the controller enough to need a new one, but even that isn't usual. The problem is, a lot of people don't have much sense. Most, even, especially if you believe the usual doom-and-gloom that is so popular here on the Escapist. An already tired, pretty stupid man in the States already on the cusp of doing something he'll regret went one step farther probably because of the testosterone high and anger due to the game he was already on when the incident occurred. He also lived in Florida, and I'd rather ban that before video games, so don't think that's what I'm talking about. It's just something to consider.

Now think about that last guy you called a "fag" that you were gaming against online because he was using a "cheap" weapon or tactic or something. Think about the guy that your young cousin was verbally abusing while he teabagged him after the game-winning kill. Think about what that guy might be capable of when he's already kind of stupid and now out-of-control with rage at 4 a.m.

Man Florida has really gone downhill since Senator Nathan Explosion left office.

Humanity a failure. Don't want to live on this planet anymore, ect.

Sounds like he was too young to be having kids, was sleep deprived and made a huge mistake that he will never be able to fix and will regret till he dies. It also sounds like he wasn't an innatentive father or cruel just frustrated which is really common with new parents. Sadly he lost control and did something really stupid. I wouldn't say the games were to blame but he probably should have been trying to get some sleep instead of doing anything else which again is a mistake common among new parents.

I don't think we should be freaking out about the decline of humanity though, it doesn't seem like he intended to hurt the baby he was just dumb, with terrible results. I mean there have been periods of human history where it was common to toss the infants of people you just conquered into the air to try to catch them on your sword, this was a thing that happened. Can you imagine that, a bunch of guys who just burned down your village tossing babies into the air so they can impale them. Another thing that happened was abandoning kids who were disabled or sickly to die in the woods. So we're doing better than that at least.

Sure it's been said to death, but there really needs to be:

More sex education
Free birth control
An exam
A license

before being able to become a parent. Considering the things we make people go through to get things like bank loans, driver's licenses, gun licenses, work with children, it's hard to believe that we still just say it's okay for anyone with a penis or a vagina to reproduce.

There are just a LOT of people completely unqualified to have children.

and the "Video games create violence" Train of love has rolled in....all aboard to derpvill.


Tell me Fox News is covering something big and fancy like a presidential election campaign...

We have enough of theese bloody stories getting out.

Also bet he was playing either Gears 3 or MW3.

Looks more like your average wow-freak tbh.

OT: Because wearing a condom would've been such a fucking problem? You sick lazy demented fuck. It's a fucking baby. Some people need to be executed, seriously, death penalty needs to exists for scum like this,

The fact that it was even mentioned in the report that he was playing games at the time shows there's definitely a prejudice about it. Why is that even relevant? It's like saying, if he was driving at the time, that driving makes people angry and innately stupid. That fact that gaming is included in the report shows that all those 'games causes violence' spiels are getting to people.

What if he was actually playing Katamari or something?



Tell me Fox News is covering something big and fancy like a presidential election campaign...

We have enough of theese bloody stories getting out.

Also bet he was playing either Gears 3 or MW3.

Looks more like your average wow-freak tbh.

True, but the police report mentions an Xbox.

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