Molyneux's Curiosity Offers $77,800 DLC

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Ah but will they? Several people in this thread have declared they would sit on the result for kicks.

Nobody knows for sure, but we're definitely going to find out

Not if enough people are like me and probably will pass on this game because it sounds incredibly boring. I find the gimmick of only one person getting the ending curious enough to look it up on Youtube and nothing else. Beyond that, it is not worth my time.

It's like the ending to Fatal Beauty, a Whoopi Goldberg movie from the 80's. I had rented once and watched it right up to the beginning of the climax and then due to circumstances had to return it without seeing the ending. Over twenty years later, I still do not care how it ended. Curiosity sounds a lot like that.

I just... what. He's like the Andy Warhol of gaming. He makes something so utterly terrible and horrifically minimalistic, something a downs syndrome laden child could accomplish, and gets millions for it...

Why isn't this man in an asylum yet?

I am disgusted by this abhorrent attempt at "experiment". It is literally nothing but a scam disguised as an "experiment".

Stop falling for this garbage.


why can't he wait another 6 years with this? then i'd be a doctor and could afford 50k (i'd so totally completely do this :D ) for the most electrifying DLC ev0r!

EA, now THAT'S how you do it

Assume 1,000,000 people buy the iron chisel and 1 person (or group) buys the diamond chisel. The diamond chisel is effectively only 1% of that total enhanced chipping power - and even if the diamond chisel is scripted to never stop, for every one swing of the diamond chisel that blows off 100,000 bits, there are 1,000,000 people blowing off 10,000,000 bits at the exact same time.

Even if you fluctuate the numbers of who is chipping and when throughout the day, it is actually mathematically improbable that the diamond chisel increases the odds in any significant amount overall. The diamond chisel's pure existence has likely increased the participation of this event by an enormous amount virtually assuring the assumption of the item's expensive impotence.

What I wouldn't give to be Peter Molyneux's personal intern for a year...

To those people who just say "I'll just wait for the Youtube video"

Answer me this: What's the possibility that the person who does the final crack will be someone who has some kind of recording device, and at that very second will be able to know he's got it in the bag and flick it on immediately then?

About 1 in a freaking million.

Aaaanyway, on topic:

Oh Peter, never change.

Oh this guy took what I was basically going to say. Never mind then.

I think he has an ulterior motive to this. Sure, he'd be curious if someone/a group of people buys the diamon pickaxe, but I think his main curiosity could be how many buy the iron pickaxe for 59p. After all, with how expensive the diamond pickaxe is, the iron ones seem like nothing at all.

Not to mention he could see how viral this will go, which could just be generating hype for his next game. Would certainly get him a lot of attention.

Personally, I might try my hand at hacking this. Or just wait until the escapist runs a news story on what is in it.

wait.. what.
Unless the last person to chip it just gets a big pile of money im not sure how you could justify playing that game...

He's out of money for blow and hookers. Good on him I say, I bet someone pays for the diamond pick.

Spoiler: whatever is inside this cube isn't worth 70K.

But is worth ridicule

He's out of money for blow and hookers. Good on him I say, I bet someone pays for the diamond pick.

So that is how I afford blow and hookers these days? Prey on the week walleted......I was going to have a bake sale

Cid SilverWing:
Why isn't this man in an asylum yet?

I am disgusted by this abhorrent attempt at "experiment". It is literally nothing but a scam disguised as an "experiment".

Stop falling for this garbage.

We are not falling for it, laughing is what we are doing

Honestly the amount of money in question is so unrealistically high that I can't see how any kind of useful data can come from this. A huge majority of the people participating don't even have that much money in the first place.

You only need one sucker...

Not sure if this has been mentioned already (haven't read through 6 pages of comments), but didn't see this on the front or last page of the thread soooo I'm just gonna leave this here:

I would love it if nobody plays. People are going to get bored chipping away at this thing for weeks anyway, but I would love it if nobody is curious enough to try to get through. Let's face it... for someone FAMOUS for over-hyping something that is pretty bland and terrible, we all know that whatever is in the middle won't even live up to the very least of our expectations.

my curiosity only extended far enough to read this article lol...not quite enough to take out my wallet tho

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