EA Aims to "Broaden" Dead Space Audience

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And they wonder why they've had some trouble with financial losses of late?

R.I.P. Dead Space. It was fun while it lasted.

*shakes head*

I feel like I'm at a mock funeral.

Your business model is a self-eulogy. It dies fast, it's crushed apart like sand and shoveled in with the other crashing stocks and IP investments. Why should we even give a shit if they want to ransom 1 hostage after killing 7 of them? They have burned through so much money, fired and hired so many people yet they're all still at square one, going: PAY US MORE BECAUSE BLAAARGH VIDJAGAMES

Electronic Arts, a videogame publisher run by people who don't even play videogames.

Electronic Arts, anti-splitscreen, because of course you bought another copy for your girlfriend and you both lug your TV and console to each other's room, utterly defeating the purpose of online. Why do both Mass Effect 3 discs have Multiplayer if there's only one online pass? Thanks, jerks. Here's your extra $10, choke on it.

Electronic Arts, who make the David Jaffe articles sound articulate and honest by comparison.

Electronic Arts, digging their own grave.

Alright, so I suppose they're forcing the series to end by setting unreasonably high expectations. :(

Oh well. I don't mind trying to broaden your demographic, but...

EA - They know everyone hates them, they know why everyone hates them, and they make no attempt whatsoever to change that. Its ballsy. The kind of balls you want to chop off, dunk in toxic waste and throw back at them.

When I read the article, I immediately get the image of this kid with really bright eyes giving the pleading-puppy look going, "Hey mistah, I really believe I can do this, honest!"

I wanna give the little kid a tussle of his hair and send him scampering on his way until



I remember this is EA. And I then want to do horrible things to the American Giant, like teach it proper advertising and to refrain from spoiling other kids fun by trying to tell them how to do their job when I cannot remember the last good game that EA developed (NOT published).

I want to show them the defiled body of Dante's Inferno and show them how they managed to screw up the advertising of what could've been greater than God of War. I want to sit them down with a psychiatrist and figure out why the hell they thought their completely retarded 'Your mom will hate Dead Space' campaign.

Maybe I should start that youtube show I have been planning... Complaining about some of the stupid things I have seen happen in the past decade or so of gaming, and saying this is how you can fix it. Try and get games that deserve sequels to be made.

I think EA can be an almight Titan of the industry again, not the fat stagnant beast sitting on its large pile of gold and laughing at the little people.

Their first move seriously reducing the number of retards in their viral marketing department... I hear Ebola would be effective for that.

But... Dead Space 2 wasn't very good. Why are people saying this is the death knell for the franchise? We all knew it was heading this way when that Dead Space Ignition was released...

Not wanting to play devils advocate here (because EA really don't need an advocate, right?) but as batshit crazy as this "we need to sell five million copies" sounds, there is actually some element of truth in that. As much as I don't like making statements without being able to back them up with citations, i remember about five years ago I was reading something about Hollywood blockbusters, and how they essentially need to make twice their budget back just to break even, when you take into consideration all the marketing, the production and distributions costs and so fourth, and I think the same is happening now with video games.

Do I agree with it? Fuck no. There is one word in my last paragraph which sums up the entire problem.


How much marketing do you fucking need? When games start getting really fucking expensive live action trailers, then you know that things have gone too far. Do I need to see about a minutes worth of live action footage filled with ridiculously expensive cgi of a city getting trashed by a Reaper to tell me that Mass Effect 3 is coming out? No, I don't. I know its coming out. I've known its coming out for almost two years. I don't need to be reminded of the fact by this juggernaught marketing department that is burning more cash than the entirely of the games production did.

I know I'm not the first person to say this on this forum, but god damn it EA, if you want to keep the franchise viable without having to sell unrealistic numbers of copies of the game, stop with all the fucking advertising!!! Haven't we gotten to the point now where advertising is actually becoming detrimental to games? You only need to look at that whole *whisper it* Mass Effect 3 fiasco to see that. The same thing is happening with the Tomb Raider reboot. The same thing is happening with Dead Space 3 (though if anyone truely held up hope of it being any good after the last one...)

This is a very uncertain time for the industry. I personally feel that gaming, as a platform for premier entertainment is - or at least has the potential to - coming into its own, and stand alongside literature or cinema. Better writing, better stories (they are out there, amongst all the FPSes). But with spiralling production costs, ridiculous amounts of hype, and a trio of next gen platforms fast approaching, its all going to be set back. Production costs for games are bad enough right now, when the next gen platforms appear, costs are going to go up even more, probably at the sacrifice of game length or potential for player involvement.

I think the companies are getting too caught up in the technological innovations to see what they really need to be focusing on. Look at the GamePad of the Wii-U, and how badly integrated it seems to be in most games. Ditto the Kinect, which is still struggling to find legitimacy, aside from copy-pasted dancing games that you need a motion capture studio sized space to play effectively. I find it all very distracting, and less immersive.

What I want from games - and I hope I'm not alone here - is interesting, well plotted stories, worlds, characters. I want to be able to play a game, check my watch, and realise I've lost hours because I'm so engrossed. And I cant see that happening much longer, considering the way the industry is going.

Drifted a little off point there, but hey...

If there's one thing you can say about EA, it's that they never stop trying, even if it doesn't work.

"Dead Space 3 will continue to open up the accessibility of the game"

Well done EA. You've fucked another franchise. This is why nobody likes you.

If there's one thing you can say about EA, it's that they never stop trying, even if it doesn't work.

Oh god that's terrible.

Proverbial Jon:

Andy Chalk:
"In general we're thinking about how we make this a more broadly appealing franchise..."

Oh god... here we go again.

So to make a game have a "broad appeal" is really just PR speak for: Just make it a shooter.

Ever heard of the word genre EA? Go look it up, I'll wait... Yes, that's right. You made a game in the survival horror genre, not that anyone would know it.

The same thing happened to FEAR by the third installment and arguably Mass Effect 3 as well.

The videogame industry should be thinking about ways to make these individual genres more popular instead of diluting them further with the carcinogenic tumor that is the chest high wall.

"Wanna sell 5,000,000 copies? STOP TRYING OTHER GENRES."

To be fair, I'd totally be in for a lower-cost game with a lower sales target, I just wish EA was too.

I never played Dead Space and this makes me sad. 5 million copies to remain viable?! How does a company with this sort of business model exist?

If there's one thing you can say about EA, it's that they never stop trying, even if it doesn't work.

this ad leaves me at a loss for words.

It would be a much better business decision on EA's part to not make Dead Space 3 instead of the risk of not topping the sales of previous games. If 5 MILLON is what they actually require that is.

EA trying to make the last in a trilogy more appealing than the fanbase. Wait I've heard this before...

Starchild: I control the Necromorphs. They are my solution.
Clarke: Solution? To what?
Starchild: Chaos.

For all the people who cannot understand EA's thought process here, the all-or-nothing mindset was born from the successes of two games. In addition to following well-received titles, Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2 had ridiculous narratives, gigantic explosions and shiny multiplayer. They also both generated massive profits and created Spawn Hundreds of Millions of Dollars buttons for their publishers.

EA's relentless pursuit of their very own blockbuster franchise is not surprising once you realize a single success can justify a dozen failures. Just thinking about the stable revenue a Halo or Call of Duty series could generate must leave Frank Gibeau with dirty pants.

I'm not sure that the industry can support another cash cow on a yearly basis but I am certain EA won't be giving up the search any time soon.

That's EA for you. No surprise here.

Uh-uh, like they broadened Dragon Age's audience by -2 million. Fucking idiocy.

Eh, we knew it was gonna end up like this since the early days of Dead Space 2 development.

The mindset that "we need to keep bringing in new customers constantly or else we'll instantly abandon this IP" needs to stop. How about start by focusing less on graphics, cinematics, and for the love of god MULTIPLAYER, and start focusing on making a tighter, more scary game on a lower budget.

But we all know this will never happen, because it's more profitable to claim the widest audience you can. I wish niche AAA games were still a thing.

Also fucking Christ who is doing EA's PR and why aren't they fired? Do they honestly think gamers are going to be exited that they announced this?


It will remain a horror game

Will attempt to broaden its audience

Pick one.

Welcome to this gaming gen, where corporations are so cartoonishly greedy, it's not enough to pull sales from any one crowd; they must pull sales from EVERY CROWD, at once! Can't be done, sorry EA. The more action-game you make it, the less horror it will be. This isn't opinion, it is indisputable fact. Pro tip:you cannot make the best romance movie if it is also trying to be a blockbuster horror movie. You cannot make the world's best pepperoni pizza if you keep adding all the other toppings. Etc. Etc. Etc.

You NEED to sell 5 million copies? No you don't. You created an unnecessary situation that demands you do. If making these games has gotten so ludicrously expensive, it's because you made them ludicrously expensive. I would be willing to bet money that the team making this 3rd game is what.. 2x.. 3x larger then the team who made the first Dead Space game? Maybe bigger? And why do you have to pay so many more people? To do all those crazy cinematics and make the game more actiony/Gears, right? Here's a thought, instead of changing the game in a way that would make it so much more expensive to produce and then telling us we have to buy this new lackluster version because it's more expensive, why not make it the way it was before? You know, the way you could afford to make it? Clearly that pulled in enough of a profit to spawn two sequels, so you should get just enough of an audience to more then pay for the production costs. Don't fumble the ball then ask us to pay for your mistakes, especially when you fumbled from getting too greedy.

But perhaps I am the fool. I am the one trying to talk reason to the worst company in America. I wish I could say that explains everything, but the 'graveyard of titans' from this gen is one that spans every walk of life. This is not how a Console generation should end.

Actually, they spent that money on advertising. Yes, as in advertising brought to you by the guys who thought "your mom will hate Dead Space" was a good idea.

Big shocker that. Why don't they just come out and say, "Alright, we're turning this into a shooter... we need more money as per some arbitrary financial statistics to keep the franchise going. So... enjoy."

At least they wouldn't be insulting our intelligence by saying shit like, "we're broadening our audience" or "appealing to more gamers" or whatever euphemistic BS phrase publishers always use.

I apologetically love the Dead Space series. I know its not very scary, and I know the plot isn't very compelling, but there's something about the lore that really draws to me. I loved Dead Space 1, and I really liked Dead Space 2, but if Dead Space 3 would be the last title of the series...

I'd be fine with that.

It had a good run, and not every series deserves yearly iterations like AC or CoD. Maybe it's time to give the sci-fi horror spotlight to another series, one we haven't seen before. Issac has had a good run. Let him see the end of it.

Someone needs to make a horror game about working for EA.


Atmos Duality:

Do you want to know how to ruin the appeal of a horror game? There are many ways, but subtracting any sense of vulnerability from the protagonist is a pretty good one.

Exactly. This is why I don't consider Left 4 Dead to be a survival horror game. It's fun, but, there's no horror whatsoever, and no survival elements, either.

Not on topic, but I'd like to address this.

Left 4 Dead is very much impossible to beat alone. Very much. With a good team, yeah, you're freaking unstoppable and you're going for time.

But on Expert. Your goodness does not matter. You will be over run. You will run in fear because those zombies are relentless and you will accidently down your teammate. You might get out of there alive, but you will be alone. You'll hear a music cue. you won't know where it's coming from.. then you see your self trapped under a hunter as it slowly claws you to death.

Survival is sticking with the group. Survival is keeping the group alive and hoping the other side as similar notions.

If there's one thing you can say about EA, it's that they never stop trying, even if it doesn't work.


Please tell me this is fake.

Also, captcha is "time lord" Ha!

But the artistic integrity!

You cant change a friggin ending of a video game but you can turn a video game franchise upside down and turn it from something good into something mediocre?

Oh stop being so entitled (sarcasm)

I see a lot of people quite upset and seemingly assured the game will be bad, despite never having played it or seen much in the way of actual gameplay. Perhaps hyperbole and knee-jerk acid spitting isn't the way to go, guys.

Dr. McD:
Actually, they spent that money on advertising. Yes, as in advertising brought to you by the guys who thought "your mom will hate Dead Space" was a good idea.

I'll be that guy here and just say that was better than Twisted Metal's, "Your Girlfriend Will Suck Your ****". Talk about broken promises. :(

As I said before and when mass effect 3 came out

for the love of talos/celestia/arceus...

"Broaden"? So, what- they're marketing to the rest of the solar system now? Dead Space 2 had a pretty broad intended audience as it was.

Now Dead Space isn't scary at all, but I enjoyed the first game enough and felt the sequel was excellent in improving all aspects of it (Isaac is actually one of my favorite protagonists now).

Fuck EA, the moment I heard "co-op for Dead Space 3" I knew it was because of them, I prayed that it was wasn't but, I knew the truth. They do everything solely for profit and cheapen the value of gaming.

While I'm not yet convinced that Dead Space 3 is going to flat out suck, I'm definitely beginning to have my doubts. Putting it on a planet covered in ice; great! It'll be even more like "The Thing" than it already was, which is a good thing. However, the new character... well, just because he's a soldier doesn't mean he's going to be a grumbly Marcus Fenix "GRRRRRR" type soldier, but it definitely could. There are so many wrong ways to handle this, but it could still turn out alright. Besides, who DOESN'T want more adventures featuring the Ancient God of Dismemberment, with his essence stored in the body of a futuristic engineer with a classy suit?

OT: 5 million copies... you want to sell... 5... million... copies.
If EA were a person, I'd smack them in the face.
Assuming they still had a face, after the Mass Effect fanbase got to them.

I hadn't considered it up until now, but it's an absolute certainty that the "big reveal" about the Necromorphs/Unitologists/Space Krishna? (the story never made alot of sense) will be completely asinine.

My money's on Isaac & Butch (no idea what the pointlessly macho sidekick's name is) finding out that the Unitologists went back in time to create the first marker found by Micheal Altman- who is in fact a Necromorph. Whaaat!?

Seems appropriately circuitous and nonsensical.

When I hear EA says it "wants to expand its audience" with a certain game all I think of is them screwing up another decent franchise.


If there's one thing you can say about EA, it's that they never stop trying, even if it doesn't work.


Please tell me this is fake.

Also, captcha is "time lord" Ha!

Nope! This crap is real.

A moment of silence for the fans of this franchise, and the franchise itself...


Truly sorry for the fans of this franchise, I know exactly how you feel. My beloved Need For Speed franchise died a while ago too, it's not the first time EA has tried to milk a great franchise dry by making it more "Appealing", and then turning it into a pile of horseshit. I wasn't exactly a fan of Dead Space myself, wasn't quite my taste, but I feel for the fans, and I'm right there with them.

Honestly, fuck this turd of a company. I really do hope they get smacked in the face by a shovel, hopefully by the failing of Dead Space 3, I hope. They haven't taken a single step forward. Instead, they've been literally running backwards for years now. I just hope that soon they'll fall off a cliff.

The industry isn't dying because of Pirates, it's dying because idiotic assholes like these people are trying to force things onto games and the people who play these games.

5 Million units? Yeah no problem. Just make it Origin exclusive with some stupid commercials and it'll be a hit.


Oh, fuck you EA you killed Dead Space! Fuck you!

EA is turning into the next Atari; sooner or later it's all gonna come crashing down.

Captcha: Easy as cake

Valve might pull a Nintendo and resurrect the games industry after finally releasing half-life 3.

How is this even possible.
People in the thread are saying that the first 2 Dead Space games sold about 2 million copies each, but Human Revolution also sold about 2 million copies and it made massive profits.
Are EA just really bad at accounting?

blame EA spending more on marketing than anything else

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