UK Researcher Wants Parents Arrested for Buying Kids Violent Games

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Thomas Hirst:


Thomas Hirst:
While this is a bit extreme its nice to finally see someone pick up on the fact that parents are the ones in the end who are responsible for keeping R and M rated games away from their kids. Jail Perhaps not. Fines..... might work.

That's fucking despicable, giving parents FINES for choosing what content their children can consume.

Then maybe Atkinson had the right idea after all... at the end of the day R rated content is rated as such for a reason.

They're rated as suggestions for parents, to even entertain the idea of fines is disgusting.

We have restrictions for films, pubs, and various other things. A similar system for videogames would be welcome. Yet, for some reason, it seems to be a lot more complicated.

I also see some of you people talking about how a nipple or a naked body is considered bad, yet a disembodied brain or an exploding body is perfectly ok, and wondering why this is the case. Well, sex and violence are two entirely different things. It's not the "maturity" level. It's the "content" area. You start seeing a lot of pornography and, no matter how much self-control you think you have, it will affect you in a very negative form. Yet, seeing tons and tons of violence will do nothing to you, unless you already have some sort of disorder, in which case it might do something.

This is total nonsense to anyone that knows history. Many ancient and modern cultures have had "pornography" without their people turning into neurotic maniacs. In fact the legislation of pornography didn't even occur until 1857 and even then it was under the broad label "obscene"...a catch all category used to censor works that have NOTHING to do with sex.

Here is a partial list of works banned under these so called "pornography" laws ie they were "obscene":

United States: Catch-22, The Grapes of Wrath, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and United States - Vietnam Relations: 1945-1967.

Ireland: Brave New World, and Catcher in the Rye

Canada: The Naked and the Dead

China: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Green Eggs and Ham,

Germany: All Quiet on the Western Front.

I think you get the idea.

In all honesty, this law will probably never see the light of day. Nevermind the stupity of the law itself, how would they enforce this? Watching us play video games 24/7? Spy on our amazon accounts and monitor what games parents give thier kids?

This is nuts.

Wait a moment this doesn't make sense, sure it is illegal for someone young to purchase a game they are not old enough to play, but once the game is bought it's not and should not be illegal for them to play it, and besides how do you differentiate between an adult who buys a game and an adult who buys a game for their child? The fact is if there an adult and they're entitled to purchase the product regardless of who is with them, and once it's purchased how do you enforce it? For a professor they clearly have no sense.

Geez... I realize that parents shuuld know better, but isn't this going a bit far?

Geez... I realize that parents shuuld know better, but isn't this going a bit far?

Of course it is. It may not be appropriate to give a kid a game over his head like letting him see an R-rated movie, but then again...parental discretion is advised, not enforced.

This would be going too far in the "hold people accountable for their actions" direction, and believe me, if there's one thing I feel strongly about, it's people being held accountable for their actions. Children being bought games by their parents that said parents come to find inappropriate? Completely, one hundred percent the parents' fault, no ambiguity whatsoever; it's your responsibility to know what your kids are exposed to. Jailing parents for it? Pants-shittingly stupid.

Please tell me no one on that side of the pond takes this lunatic seriously.

I'm here and I don't take him seriously.

Though there is a valid point buried in extremism; parents really should take responsibility for it, I really do hate being screeched at on an online fps by some 10 year old little shit with absent parents.

Also prosecute doesn't mean jail. A fine of around £80 would be a siginficantly greater deterent and wouldn't make people martyrs for being jailed for something so trivial.

Know what is bullshit? A person can be with their kid buying the latest call of duty, clearly for the child, and because the parent is there the retailer will sell it anyway.
That's why there's such a large amount of minors playing games rated 18.

I also think that rating games higher based on violence and childish portrayals of sex is a bit silly, since I've grown up I'm alot less interested in that kind of thing and much more invested in enjoyable gameplay than spectacle, though that said I never really bothered with violent games until I was around 15 and even then they were MGS3, Resident Evil 4, DMC3, etc.

Le sigh.

I'm gonna shush cuz I seriously think I lost direction entirely here and have no idea the point I was initially trying to make...

Excellent idea, probably not going to be great in practice -_-' Making people take responsibility? Yeeeah.

Although it's just occurred to me that Team Fortress 2 is free, and I keep getting the screeching treatment from 12 year olds with headsets -____-'

Seriously, ban kids from headsets.

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