Black Ops II Designer Thinks Gamers "Should All Play Multiplayer"

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His attitude seems to be more: "We want people to play our multiplayer, cause you're missing out." Not, "You suck if you play single player."

He has, however, not accounted for the vast capacity and eagerness of gamers to take offense at things. yeah no thanks, Ill play what i want to play, and that isn't a shooter like Cod.

I think all he's trying to say is that his particular game has a large quantity of its content tied in a particular section (multiplayer) which is getting ignored by a substantial number of players. He's not saying that single player is inferior, or that all games should be about multiplayer, but, rather, that by not playing the multiplayer in his particular game, some people are not seeing the full scope of what the game has to offer. In the end, all he's trying to say is that the dev team is working on ways to get people to experience everything the game has to offer.

I'm not a multiplayer kind of guy myself, and I've never owned a COD game, but from my perspective, the man has a point. He may not be saying it in the best way (and the title for the article is a bit misleading), but most people agree that COD is mostly a multiplayer game. I understand the backlash against his remarks considering the recent statements by EA about moving from single player, but he's not making vast, sweeping generalizations about the direction of the industry. He's trying to think of ways to improve this one game.

And Black Ops II Player thinks everyone should pelt people who say this kind of thing with oranges, but that's not likely to happen either. In fact, in light of this quote, I shall make a point of NOT playing the multiplayer. Har har har.

Mr Cwtchy:
Well David Vonderhaar, go fuck yourself.

There, I fixed your post for you. No respect was due.

It would bug the shit out of me as well if someone bought black ops for the single player.

Once they fix the 12 year old racist problem, I might play online. Until then it's 1v1 for me!

I guess I understand where he's coming from. I'm sure they put a lot of effort and time (although sometimes it doesn't seem like it...) into the single player game, playing that by itself is like paying 60 dollars for half a game. Especially, when it's Call of Duty. Don't get me wrong there are games that should always be single player (Fallout, Bioshock, TES, etc.). I could be wrong though Spec Ops: The Line was definitely meant to be single player only. I haven't played it, but from everything I've heard I want to.

Well of course this is how he feels, you need only look at how bad the last few Call of Duty campaigns have been to understand their motive You get what you pay for with COD, don't pay for it if you expect quality solo play because that's a waste of money

Well make an all multiplayer COD game then, or stop telling people what they should or shouldn't do with the product that they bought.

+1 to this. Since he seems to speak for the games industry as a whole, does that mean if I punch him in the mouth, it's like punching out the games industry as a whole?

Make Call of Duty Online and stop bitching. I guarantee you that 100% of those who buy it will play multiplayer. Done. Problem solved.

I didn't know COD employed 12 year olds...

In all seriousness, not everyone enjoys multiplayer. Take me for example. I am terrible at FPSs. Just awful. I don't play FPSs multiplayers by myself because I don't enjoy it. I have bought COD because I generally enjoy playing the campaign. I got attached to some of the characters, I've enjoyed shooting shit, but have I played the MP? No. Why?

1. As stated above, I'm terrible at FPSs, therefore I don't have fun when I play alone. With friends it's a ball, by myself not so much.

2. Bad player experience. Seriously, other gamers have ruined a MP game for me.

3. Lag. I can stand it for a while, but when I play a game I don't want it to be freezing when I'm getting into it. MAkes

But yeah, I get where he's coming from. I can see how irritating it would be if you worked months on a game and not everyone's experiencing it :/ Like making a cake for a party and only half of the attendees tried it.

Multiplayer with random people on a Xbox has been annoying as hell 9/10 times. Even games like Borderlands people just seemed to go out of their way to fuck me over. In Gears of War 1 I'd be doing well enough and if I got downed I'd never get picked up, I'd get killed half the time trying to pick up an ally and they just ignore me. They'd be behind cover NEXT to me and not bother.

TF2 on PC? Much better, the worst you get is annoying Russian children randomly cursing at anyone trying to use voice chat. Which is remedied with mute so that's fine.

Uh, point being I guess is some people just don't like multiplayer.

its this kind of mentality that has kept me from buying a cod game since the first modern warfare. the reason i dont play online multiplayer isnt because im afraid other players will kick my ass. its because running around the same maps and shooting strangers is FUCKING BORING TO ME. so much for my hope that they might actually start putting some real effort into their single player mode

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