Sony Patents a Way to Sabotage Used Game Market

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Sony, I love your products, and I really want to like your business practices, but give me something to work with please.

Maybe one day one of these jackasses will actually manage to shut down used games sales. Then realise how integral they are to new game sales and die in agony.

Don't do this Sony. I actually like your systems and the games you publish for them. Hell, the Playstation 1 was my very first console.


Hopefully, this plan backfires horribly and they get rid of this anti-used game mindset.

It's really looking like I may be PC only for the next console generation. I might get the new Xbox if it impresses me, but the Wii U controller is too big to be comfortable in my hands and, if this is true, the PS4 is completely out of the question, mostly for principal.


If I sell anything else I own, the original creator doesn't expect to get anything at all out of it. I sell my car, that's all my money. I sell my TV, that's all my money. I sell my house, all my money.

In other words, of course you don't get anything from used sales, games industry. No industry does. What makes you so fucking special?

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Movie publishers can sue you if you play music with too many people around, say, in your cafeteria. I think that's on the same level.

Which I've always felt makes about as much sense as GM suing me for carpooling.

The other analogies are faulty, since they are governed by property rights, that are quite a lot more clear-cut than IP rights.

Not really. When you sell a game back to, say, GameStop, you no longer have that game. The number of copies in circulation doesn't change, so it's more analogous to a used car than a bootleg CD.

If they implement this, wouldn't every major video game retailer and re seller refuse to sell their products? I'm sure a good deal of the profits they get are based off of used software and hardware, Sony would have to pay them what they are "losing" from used games for them to carry their system.

Oh look, more whining and complaining about something that was inevitable and should have surprised no one.

Like whining about getting a disease and being hurt when someone jumps into a pit of used needles.

Did anyone NOT expect this?

Was anyone truly surprised?

Its been a long time coming. Consoles being too big business, too bent on almost unattainable profit margins. Consoles becoming more and more obsolete. A relic from the 90s when tech wasn't so fast in getting to consumers. Now consoles can barely keep up with the tech without being boggd down by cost. PC literally running circles around consoles, waiting for the next "big" update. To make matters worse, the industry becomes more risky, more expensive, more toxic. Expected to be even more so when the next gen rolls around.

This future was everything but unexpected. Being surprised at console DRM now is like being surprised water is wet.

This is the future, all games will be downloaded online like steam. No physical copies that a person can resell. Hopefully, for this to work, then the games need to be cheaper as i will never spend full price on downloaded game. But if this is not the case and used game sales are killed then i just wont bother getting a new console. It wouldnt be worth my while as the few titles that are worth spending full price on on day of release are few and far between and 75% of games arnt worth full price anyway......mostly a rental if that.

So yeah, i can see this being a major blow to console/game sales.

I must be the only one that thinks it is possible that they could use this technology in conjunction with online passes and leave it at that. It would be a good system to prevent the first time buyer from having any undo work when wanting to play online, while allowing Sony to still rake in money from used players. I doubt they would be dumb enough to go any further than that.

I guess that makes it inevitable right? If that happens I'll just stop using consoles all together, switch back to PC gaming and watch the end of an era. Of course that probably wouldn't stop a lot of people from modding there consoles, like they do already.

That is bullshit, plain and fucking simple. There are a million reasons why its bullshit, but it is. What a horrible, horrible invention.

Well its a fairly simple solution for me. Sony's interest in this technology ends my interest in Sony, perminantly. Even if they don't use it.

LOL Yes, Patent it so Microsoft can't use it and therefore sell a much more attractive machine. You done goof'd Sony.

and I am a PS1/2/3 Fanboy.

Well, all I can say is, they better not implement this into their new consoles unless they're planning on committing corporate suicide.

This is already a problem with games downloaded from places like the Playstation Store, XBox Live and Steam. They can't be re-sold as far as I'm aware.

This will make sure that physical copies can't be re-sold either which is really rough. There's a 2nd hand chain called Computer Exchange here in the UK (and abroad), it would disappear overnight if this patent was used at the loss of jobs and that would just be the tip of the iceberg.

It would be a really selfish thing for them to do. They made their profit off selling their original game, what more do they want? People are going to protest and they will see a big loss.

At least if they've patented it it means no-one else can do it ...... hang on!!! Maybe that's why they did it! Way to go SONY!!!! ( PS Just please don't use it yourself :) )

You know, I prefer Nintendo's method of giving used console buyers a ton of free games.

This is starting to make me glad that I play on the 360.

If Sony does actually go through with this, I'd simply find myself not wanting to by a PS3, I have the sort of budget where the only practical way for me to get games is to buy them used at pawn shops, as the Gamestop branches on my city are too far for me to go on foot from where I live.

If they don't have some plan for it I have to wonder why they spent the money to develop it in the first place. Though, I agree that they aren't likely dumb enough to utilize this for the PS4.

I can't tell if they're preparing to do something dictatorial, or they're patenting it so nobody else can abuse that power.

Most of my games for the PS3 are pre-owned, so this makes me consider the next X-Box despite having to pay to play online. On the other hand, if I buy a PS4 straight away then I guess I won't buy pre-owned games as I'd be buying them new and there wouldn't really be many of them. I'll just have to see if they DO implement it.

This is starting to make me glad that I play on the 360.

If Sony does actually go through with this, I'd simply find myself not wanting to by a PS3, I have the sort of budget where the only practical way for me to get games is to buy them used at pawn shops, as the Gamestop branches on my city are too far for me to go on foot from where I live.

It would happen on the PS4, not the PS3. Following your logic, I could say that I am glad I play on the PS3 because the Nextbox may use the Kinect 2.0 to insure that only 3 people can watch a movie and it too could have anti-used games tech. We already know the Nextbox will be full of ads since the 360 is full of them. I wouldn't be surprised if Kinect 2.0 was used to ensure that you watched ads on the Nextbox.

The way I feel right now, I am out next gen. Wii U is not interesting to me and both the PS4 and Nextbox sound restricting.

And up goes piracy, down goes game sales (because playing a friend's game NEVER results in sales...), and in come the excuses as to why this was a good idea and why it's our fault it failed.

You are all CHEAPSKATES!


Games cost from $20 - $60, and will last from 12 to 100+ hours with multiple play-throughs. And you're complaining? Do any of you know the financial set backs Sony & Microsoft has seen since both of their consoles came out? Do any of you care?

"No worldfest!" You all shout. "Give us games!"

Microsoft and Sony have lost 8 BILLION dollars since they came out with the PS3 and Xbox360. They are struggling to expand their market, and keep costs down.

It's human nature to get comfortable with the status quote -- we're creatures of habbit; but Welcome to the new wave of security: an industry not only working toward your protection, but also for developers and industries.

You, the hardcore gamer, are not as important as the soft/casual consumers.

You point to the Wii U


"They do good, sound business!" You say. "Look! They're so successful with casual gaming that they're trying to get the Hardcore culture."

Well, so much for trying. Crysis 3 is a no show for the Wii U. And now Castlevania is off the boat, too Neither is the upcoming Tomb Raider. And no Bioshock Infinite. Not to mention the lagging mess of their Online Store .

There's no clarity of their future; but we're all counting on some measure of Genius to pull them through. I don't think it's going to happen.

Sony and Microsoft need to consolidate costs.

This is why the future will be online downloads and purchases. It's logical. If you can sell directly, why not? If you can keep said product from being resold; why not? Enough of this silly Anti-wall street shtick. It's time to grow up, and realize that the world's changing faster than you are; and that the more adaptable you become, the more successful you will be.

EX: Netflix ruined Blockbuster and every tangible building competitor. We don't rent movies anymore. We stream. It isn't Netflix's fault that Blockbuster is in decline; Blockbuster should have seen this coming.



Change hurts, but we get used to it.

Just think how silly you'll feel when your children laugh at these aged concepts of used games.

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