Console Troubles Wreck Square Enix's Profits

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I really do feel bad about all this. SE may not be what they used to be (back when the S and the E were two different companies), but at least they've been publishing some quality titles recently. I do hope they get back on their feet. The future is looking somewhat worrisome.

Daystar Clarion:

The console market.

Nothing to do with making godawful games for the past few years ¬_¬

Warning; may contain traces of opinion.


opinion? funny .... I thought you where stating a fact

Step 1: Just fucking cancel production of 13 versus; there is no way you will be getting that money back at this point.

Step 2: Burn everything pertaining to 13 versus so that its shambling corpse cannot rise from the grave to haunt you in the future.

Step 3: Tell Testsuya to start earning his keep and get to work on KH3

Step 4: Release the KH final mix games in one giant grandaddy collection here in the states (a la God of War collection)

Step 5: ???

Step 6: Profit!

I don't get it.
Aren't they not getting versus 13 released because they can't stop jerking off over visuals and need to "put the consoles to their limit"?
How will a move to a platform with virtually no limit fix this?

Because the limits aren't stopping you.
Say you want to make the most graphically impressive game up to this date. You could spend thousands of dollars and several months working on it on a console, cutting corners every step of the way and ending up with inferior graphics to what you wanted, with a lot of work done to make it run at even 30 FPS.
Or, you could use the so called limitless platform, get better results than you'd hoped for, and need to optimise it nowhere near as much as the platform will just brute force its way through it.
Its not reaching some limit that is the goal, its making a damn good looking game. The problem is that there's a limit in the way, and to make that great looking game they've got to push that limit as much as they can, rather than just making those great graphics without worrying about the limit.
Its like wanting to drive 50km, and you've got the option of thick mud and swamps, or a dirt track road. Which is easier to drive through?

I guess Lightning doesn't strike twice.

That pun was so bad I'm going to have to go maul an emu now...

OT: Honestly, the other day when No Right Answer did a show on "Which Franchise Needs To Die More?" I suggested that Sonic vs Final Fantasy would have been a better match-up than Sonic vs CoD. Yes yes, I know SquareEnix makes games other than Final Fantasy, but as an RPG fan I've gotta say it seems as though the glory days of the SquareEnix RPGs are long, LONG gone. They seem more intent on making breathtaking cinematics than building substantive plots with enjoyable gameplay. This is a second-hand opinion, just for full disclosure, as I gave up on Square after FF10 and haven't played one of their games since. Well, new games that is, I've still got an SNES with Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy 2 and THOSE were some good RPGs.

I can't speak for the company at large, but if you ask me, FF7 was the beginnin of the downward spiral of the series. It was good, I just don't think it's god's gift to gaming like a lot of people do. FF8 was crap, FF9 was crappier (That's right, I said it!), FF10 as average until you get to the main boss and discover that the only way to lose the fight is if you literally kill off your own party...twice. And then FF10-2 was just insulting. That's when it was time for me to wave bye-bye to FF and by extension SquareEnix.

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