The PS4 Won't Support DualShock 3 Controllers

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Ummmm... not to be "that guy" but people do realize the system will come with it's own controller right?It isn't like we're going to have to buy it seperatly. We all claim social gaming is a redundant concept, so I assume many of us don't play with a lot of people locally anyway. So... whats the big issue? We won't be able to carry over our old controller. Heaven forbid we'll get 1 free one with the console.

You have mixed social gaming and multiplayer here.

Social gaming is mostly used about games on Facebook or games where you spend more time sharing your accomplishments than playing the game. Multiplayer is a feature people still like. However I am not going to get angry with Sony because of lack of compatibility. They make a new controller which works in a different way than the old one Of course the old one which lacks this feature wont be compatible with the new one.

At least these arguments back and forth prior to its release is great entertainment.

God damn you, Sony. God damn you.

Welp, guess I'm gonna be a PC gamer once this console generation is done.

Again, this is why I game on a PC. Providing you have the OS and hardware, you can play anything. Silly Sony.

I can't wait to see what hackers do to the PS4, the hardware is just itching for Linux.

I wonder sometimes how old some of these PC dudes are. The quarter inch curly cable keyboards and parralel port mice (or heck, trackballs) all got phased out. Even now getting a new PC board that has the purple/green connectors and not just USB ports for keys/mouse is becoming a rarity. Printers have jumped from the parallel port to usb. A gameport hasn't existed in years (if you're wondering, that was a port your gamepad/joystick went into). Graphics cards have hopped between AGP and PCI. Memory has gone through 3 or 4 format changes. Good luck finding a 5.25 inch floppy drive to play your original Zork game on. Even a 3.5 inch to install the original Duke Nukem trilogy is pretty rare and generally a cusotm option.

Theres a lot of workarounds for software, but thats what they are, is workarounds. Equivalent to hacking up an emulator on your PS3 to read PS1 discs. Depending how old you want to go, you can vary from "Compatibiity Mode", having to roll back drivers, running Dosbox, outright having a boot disk to load some weird managers, using a emulation engine (Like Exult for Ultima 7). I like GoG as much as the next guy, but they do have to go through a significant process to verify they're releasing each title in some workable state.



Why would it? No other console has supported the previous ones' controller

Sega genesis supported Sega master controllers/light guns with the power base converter that made it backwards compatible.
ps1 original or dual shock and memory cards would work on a ps2
ps3 has a external adapters for memory cards and controllers that works to transfer saves and use controllers for backwards compatibly "when the system first launched"
the wii allowed you to use game-cube controllers/memory card slots built in
The Wiiu allows you to use all of your old wii controllers, accessories and plays Wii games and even transfer over all of your virtual console games via wifi from your old wii.

So in short sony goofed up by not letting their blue-tooth/sixaxs wireless controller work with their new system.

I meant, no previous playstation console has supported the previous controller

That's still not true. You can use PS1 controllers on the PS2, but you lose the pressure sensitive button functionality. Not every game used it, so it was an acceptable loss. As others have stated, you could also get a USB adapter to work on the PS3 with your older controllers. The PS4 is the first Sony console to fully abandon previous generation controllers.

To be fair, between the NES and N64, Nintendo always made you upgrade with the system. To be more fair, each console was a significant leap ahead that there was barely any crossover for the controller's functionality to even work in later generations. No one would have complained that they couldn't use their NES controller for Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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