Eidos Lifts the Curtain on Deus Ex: Human Defiance

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"One of the great things about the new style is that it frees up an awful lot of budget dollars, allowing the team to include numerous new settings that it couldn't afford to include in Human Revolution."

And with that, my hopes get dangerously high for this time of year.

That was good. They had me going for a minute there. Though I think I'm the only person who was thinking it looked awful and that I want nothing to do with it. Don't get me wrong, I would certainly try out a game that looked like this, but the style doesn't really fit for a Deus Ex game.

I would buy it now. On Steam, for up to 10 bucks, minus the co-op. Today.

This is a cool story, but am I the only one who's getting annoyed at how everything 2D and pixelated is automatically referred to as "8 bit," even when it looks like a 16 or even 32 bit game? We didn't really get 2D games that weren't heavily pixelated until last gen, and most of these "8 bit" games would have just destroyed any actual 8 bit hardware. They just look more like SNES or PS1 games than NES, or even a more powerful 8 bit system like the Sega Master System or some of the old 8 bit computers.

It bothers me too, Owyn! Come on guys, the NES native resolution was 256 x 240.

Almost had me, but only because I read this today (the second), and had lowered he settings on my bullshit detector without checking the post date.

On another note, a 2D Deus Ex could actually be a pretty sweet game... as long as it's a spinoff, doesn't try to actually affect the story, and costs 15$ or less.

Edit: also, it would have to look a fuckload prettier than that game. We can create more than 2 frames for animation now...

Is it sad that despite the joke, I can actually see this going to the mobile market?

Destroy entire city? Y/N



Playing Anodyne lately has caused me to seriously yearn for major developers to occasionally take a step back to the old styles.

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