U.S. Senator Says Violent Games Are "Practice Simulators"

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Eldritch Warlord:


Just remember all you left wingers and anti-gun supporters of the escapist.....after they take our guns....the only thing left is our games.

It's a rare thing for any American (even anti-gun left-wingers) to be in favor of taking guns. Right-wingers really need to stop conflating universal background checks and registry with "gun grabbing".

its called a snow ball effect, also california and other states have proven that registries dont solve anything, and universal background checks already exist. it doesnt matter because the majority of street crime is done with people useing illegally obtained arms anyway. something around 65% of gang related shooters and suspects in inner cities have felonies on their record, and another good chunk are minors who want to be 'gangsta YO!1' and end up getting killed as well.

Plus we already have background checks doing their jobs, something along the lines of 1.8 million sales were refused last year (or 2011, cant remember) because the buyer didnt fit.

How ever, going back to snowballing (oddly enough NOT the sex act, but your getting fucked either way) starts when something minor passes and they keep adding and adding.

Ever wonder why no one give people attacking video games an inch? because they know one inch in the short run, equals one mile in the long run.

so, dont let them shit on ANY amendment, not the first, not the second, fourth, 3rd, 11th, ect.
they're all equally important.

If you took most of the kids that play violent video games and tried to teach them actual combat, I think you'd be surprised. It's one thing to become desensitized to depictions of violence in a game, but when it's your own blood, or your own body in pain, that's different. Real fighting is no joke.

I'd like to think that playing these games keeps some people from acting out in real life.

Come on guys, why don't we give up the smokescreen and just admit it?


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