Xbox Live Pizza Hut App Out Now

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Well that's nice. I'll just add it to my list of features on the Xbox I will never use. Seriously, the fuck?



Honestly, this is actually a GOOD thing. I know it may sound strange but honestly if consoles want to be multimedia they can do A LOT of things that televisions aren't getting support with and that is actually enabling consumers to be active with their orders.

Giving people more options or even the capacity for that little bit of convenience is a smart investment especially considering that the infrastructure is already there for the most part.

Shame it isn't on the wii or PS3.

I reason I use a console is because I want a device dedicated for gaming. I already have a computer, tablet, and a phone that are my multimedia devices. I get movie and tv related apps but pizza? You can keep that stuff on the Microsoft multimedia box (and also games)

An I would agree with you that having a dedicated device is usually better. But the fact is that in terms of consumer demand and the demographics those that simply play games as light hobby outnumber your standard hobbyist by a large margin. So Microsoft and such need a reason for even the most apathetic consumer to buy their product and if your console does one thing that the others cannot then it certainly becomes a feature for a consumer base that might not have existed.

I mean how many times have you played games and when you are done you suddenly forgot that you never ate?

Not to mention our consoles are simply becoming PCs and you can't fault developers for taking advantage of that either.

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Maybe. I could see how features might affect a person's decision when buying a console. Consoles do seem more consumer friendly than other media devices like that Apple tv thing. But that shouldn't be what Microsoft is focusing on when when it comes to their console. It should be games first. otherwise the device doesn't have a purpose because they could be replaced by a device that's much cheaper (epically when the new consoles come out). After all, Microsoft said they did this because it's what gamers want

Xbox, why do you want to completely replace my computer? It simply does things you cannot do. I want to play Halo on you, not order pizza. Pizza I can order online and, let's be real about this, I don't fucking want my idiot friends knowing what I'm having for dinner. I thought that's what Instagram was for.

Mind-boggling business decisions. But the sad truth is that we here at the escapist represent a very small percentage of gamers, and more than likely this will be a pretty big success for Microsoft.

Maybe I'm just bitter my Pizza Hut doesn't deliver, I dunno...

Finally, a reason to use my Kinect! It's about damn time!

Personally, I stand among those of us who this this is awesome!

though I hope/wish that Pizza Hut would accept Microsoft Points with that app.

'Cause I got 180 microsoft points and nothing to spend it on except avatar items.

Heck, I'd be happy if 180 points would just be enough to buy me a Pepsi with that app.

If this news came out on April 1st it would have been epic

So how many points is it for a large?

The X-box 360: Where people go to play shooters and sports while shouting into a headset, while also being able to order pizza on a subscription based x-box live laden with advertisements. Sounds like Microsoft has found their lowest common denominator.

So glad I stopped paying for live and have pretty much moth balled that damn thing. The only good thing about that console is it's controller at this point.

So when can we get this app for the Google Play store?

Bah, it will never compete with this gem.

XBOX can call me when they offer both mai waifu and pizza. Get with the times, Microsoft.

And how does that make you feel to not have Hatsune Miku Pizza Hut? How does it feel to lose?

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