PS4 Online Multiplayer Requires PS+ Subscription

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This isn't even necessarily as bad as it sounds (and it doesn't sound that bad at all, really). In all likelihood, they're using the fact that they'll get this increased long-term revenue, and using that to justify having a lower price for the main console - they'll make their large profits in the long term rather than short term, but the price differential is going to lead to a higher rate of adoption over Microsoft, as if that wasn't going to happen already. If they hadn't done this, the PS4 might have come in at a slightly higher price bracket, so really, it'll likely only cost you more money after 6-12 months or so - not to mention you get the free games. I mean seriously - the WiiU costs, what, $350? Sony's got to be getting that $400 price tag from somewhere. That or Nintendo are just morons... which, actually, is not out of the question, now that I think about it.

Of course, I could be wrong, and they could just be fleecing us, but you know what? It's a better service than XBL, what with the EXTENSIVE free games library and all, so anyone making the decision based on online stuff should still come down on Sony's side. It's better for Sony to edge out Microsoft on all fronts than to seriously outpace them in only a few.

I say let them have it - they've earned it, by managing to not shoot themselves in the foot like Nintendo and Microsoft, and as a 360 user, it's a dynamic I'm already familiar with.

Actually you make a good point there, here in Australia at $549 thats about half the price of a PS3 on release (I paid $1000 for my pre-ordered PS3, money well spent I might add since it plays PS2 games :-P), and while the hardware they've selected is cheaper the big drop probably does need to be funded from somewhere *scratches chin* that's actually not such a bad thing in the grand scheme of things. Depending on local price, lemme check *checks Playstation Australia website* Hmm so $69.95/yr, basically $6/month..... not a bad price actually..... It would take 7 years of paying for PS+ to make the cost of the PS4 on launch day equal a PS3 on launch day, not to mention the extras.... not a bad deal at all.

But doesn't PS+ require a credit card? that's the only thing that worries me, is having to use a credit card, I've always used prepaid credit for the PSN and even used prepaid time for WoW when i used to play.

You can buy PS+ cards in EB games (Gamestop in the US)

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The way I see it... this is MORE than forgivable in exchange for the fact that the CONSOLE costs 100 bucks less than the competitor.

I forgot about this. I have absolutely no issue with the online now. People should be happy the console is cheaper at all than the XBone.




One of my problems is that it is single-account, and I have multiple accounts in order to make more characters on RPGs and more mechs in Armored Core. That's all I do. I would much rather it apply to all accounts on the system, like DLC does.

do you use all of those online? because online you wouldj sut need one of them unless you need multiple different accounts online for different characters online (which is kinda like a MMO?), in which case thats how its done anyway. still i think ahving character limit in singleplayer games is extremely stupid idea to begin with and came due to lack of power of current outdated consoles.

Not at once, but often once I fill up my allocation of 20 characters or 50 mechs or whatever, I have to move on to a different account if I want to make any more without deleting them. The PS+ apparently only does one account, although I might be able to use that across multiple 'users', but even so, sometimes I do have different accounts for different things. Oh well.

Yeah, it's a pretty arbitrary limitation, especially considering you can start a game on a new account anyway.

so you create 20 characters and then go to create more? lets face you, your are in a small minority of people who even reach those 20 characters. though in my personal opinion there should no limit for characters to begin with. but yeah the world is sadly movign towards "no different accounts, must be all in one". i hated when youtube forced me to use my gmail account which was used for completely different purpose (not that it even asked me, one day i just got told to use gmail password to login :( ) or how everything has the "comments via facebook" and if you dont use facebook, tought, there is no seperate registration to comment on this site only.

Well I'm going to miss playing games online i suppose.

Hopefully enough people will be put off to effect the revenue from add on map packs and whatnot and if so they might review this later.

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