Nerdiest thing you've ever said

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"I'm interested in reading the bible because Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons were based on it". So many examples, I play Magic the Gathering so everyday is nerdy.

T WillG93:
Once in 8th grade, my science teacher asked,"What is the source of all energy in the solar system?" I shouted out, "The overseer!". Damn fallout has it burned into my mind.

Oh dear god that's hilarious, I practically just crapped myself laughing because I said something as neardy as that when my friends and I were in an elevator, going up a floor and a set of identical triplets walked in, all adults. My friends and I looked at each-other and I said "Maybe they're from Vault 108?" at which point my friend and I all tried desprately to hold down out obnoxious nerd laughter until the left. We failed so badly.

If there's anyone as bigger nerd as me, you'll know what I'm talking about ^^

Female Rogue City Elf.

I mentioned my DAO character to my friends. Easily the nerdiest thing I said.

A 40 minute conversation with my co-worker about what pokemon we would be. We work in a call centre so our conversation was interrupted with work calls and upon finishing the call we picked up our conversation much to the befuddlement and beamusement of my colleagues.

After someone said that Ewoks are from Endor, I corrected them by saying they're from "the forest moon of Endor, idiot". There were girls present.

me and my sister often shout loudly and in a mexican accent "Looks like i'm gonna have to jump!!!!" (From Homestar runner) Whenever we have to jump for whatever reason

Oh my God......... ROCK SAMPLES!!!!! (whilst rooting through the museum where I work's collection)

Game over man, game over!

I tend to shout Pazuzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! for no reason

After dropping ten pence on the floor:

"[Real Name] just lost ten experience-points!"

Also, whenever my friends see an obese person scoffing their face:

"Wild Snorlax appeared!"

If you're confused about something? Well, the of course you cry:


Me and a friend were chatting on facebook a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about something or other (not nerdy related, I think it was about personality traits or something) and she said:

"Their must be some kind of limit to it though..."

And I replied:

"Oh, we can easily find that out. After all, we have l'Hopital's Rule!"

The fact she laughed at that makes her as bad as me though.

l'Hopital's rule (for those who are less sad than me ;))

Female Rogue City Elf.

I mentioned my DAO character to my friends. Easily the nerdiest thing I said.

Yeah, DA:O is hard to describe to people without sounding insanely nerdy.
"So yeah, the big enemy of the game is an Archdemon, which is essentially a High Dragon which has been corrupted by the Darkspawn taint. Not just any High Dragon though, it must be an Old God."

I got stares at the table. Later I had a discussion about how the nerdiest things were often the most awesome.

Oh man, I'm always saying, "quick type that answer in!" or something like that in real life. Cant help it.

once after being asked what i had done over valentines dat i said me anf two male friends watched all 6 star wars in a row only stopping to eat and change movies

sigh... i need to get laid

Dude, sounds so epic, did you watch them 4-6, then 1-3? Or just 1-6?

I spent a full week trying to convince my wife to name our child after a FFVII Character
(after that failed I tried Wheel of Time)


Edit: Said in public "DO A BARREL ROLL!" oh the looks I received...

I'm a double major in math and physics . . . No, that's not the beginning of an explanation that's both true and the nerdiest thing I've ever said every time I say it. :D

I say FAIL quite alot that seems nerdy to me...

Sandvich references galore, plus a one-off occasion when, after getting monumentally drunk and falling down a flight of stairs, I slurred out, "shit. Must've just failed my reflex saving throw." And then passed out.

The Bum:
Well we've all done some pretty nerdy things in public but whats the worst thing you've ever said in public. mine was once i said "Quickly to the nerd cave!" when we were buying yu-gi-oh cards at walmart

Awesome. If I was just hanging around in Wal-Mart and saw that I would be cracking up.

i quote various games together with some mates, sometimes it gets us even detention

or walking like a khajiit of morrowind is also fun to do

Yesterday I was in Barnes & Nobles and looking for Game Engine Development Books and asked a clerk if there were any and she told me something about a book about using the Unreal Engine and I caught myself trying to explain how the Unreal engine is already a developed engine and I was looking for a book with tips to develop my own

I was telling my friend story about Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape. We were both playing WoW and he still called me a nerd.

Hmm I'm not sure if its the nerdiest or the most retarded but when I got asked what an answer was in my finance class, all I could say was ........"Come and knock on our la la la la........Mr. Roper....." Only one other guy got that one, everyone else just looked at me funny.

Me and a friend were waiting for our final in history to start, so we started quoting random D&D jokes ("I attack the darkness!" or, "You have awakened the Gazebo!" etc.) and eventually led to a discussion of how the psychic classes in 4th edition are not as good as the ones in 3rd edition. Thank God that room constantly sounds like a riot in progress before class starts, or we would get some pretty wired looks from the other people in the room.

I quote TF2 many more times a day than I should. And whenever I go out to play laser tag, I insist on speaking in the Heavy's voice.

For example, the place where I usually frequent has you fire your gun in the air and yell "Marshall" if your gun isn't working properly. I insist on screaming "Doktor!" or "Meeediiiic!"


I'm not kidding thats the EXACT spelling

During the Superbowl I said, "Change the channel"

As long as you don't say it during the allstar game or the world series then i'd have to burn you at the stake for herecy

We were going to do a play set in the 50s, and the class said, "Some of us should be geeks, we should wear Star Trek tops!!" and I said, "But Star Trek didn't come out until the 60s..."
They looked quite stunned.

Whenever I hear someone cough, burp, choke, or some sort of gurgling or any sick noise I always yell "Boomer!" Even in public.

I do this quite a bit, except for coughing I use "Smoker!".

"I want to go to Nerdapalooza."

Yes, that's an actual event.

I once sang the gameover song from mario when he tried hitting on a girl

I wrote a song about Pope Darth Sidious, being Darth Sidious as the Pope. It is now infamous at my school.

I was sat in Chemistry talking to this boy called Omar, and he said that:

"My maturity was over..."

Naturally, there was only one reaction.

Goddamn you...I feel so dirty now!

Yeah I did that countless of times. And of course TF2 quotes. For some reason I find it hard to make nerdy references other than obvious ones. I do compare a lot of things I see to nerdy things.

Oh I forgot about RPG-comparisons; needing more defence/attack, etc. You know.

le snip

Please let me make love with you now.

I quote TF2 many more times a day than I should. And whenever I go out to play laser tag, I insist on speaking in the Heavy's voice.

For example, the place where I usually frequent has you fire your gun in the air and yell "Marshall" if your gun isn't working properly. I insist on screaming "Doktor!" or "Meeediiiic!"

I'd prefer shouting "SPAH'S SAPPIN' MAH LASER GUN!!!"

Myself and my friends at college going on a quiz site and deciding to go for one that names the 150 pokemon in order. Hearing college folk shout "It's Alakazam! thats it!" crazily is pretty embarassing and funny :)

Recently I told a friend her glasses made her look like a Kamen Rider.
A bit before that I explained to someone how the Millenium Falcon could make the kessel run in under 12 parsecs even though parsecs is distance.
But the top has to be the time I explained IN FULL to a group of friends all the power rangers seasons In order, and their super sentai counterparts ... yeah

i had argument with a kid over a halo shirt
he said it was master chief since it was a mark 5
but it said halo 2
so i told him that his shirt had a mistake and then i ended up telling every armor and the game to him

I also was a at a chorus concert and we were going to sing Halo by Beyonce

I announced we were playing halo but we played this

fun night
we did get kicked out of chorus but it was worth it

My spanish teacher asked me what "terminal" means, and i shouted TERMINATOR!

That's the best i got.

I also quote zero punctuation very oftenly.

I don't see why people think saying "lol" out loud is particularly nerdy. Virtually all the people at my school say lol instead of and during laughter. I'm talking about hot, non-nerdy girls, so, yeah... (I'm 18 just in case school made you think of immature kids)

Possibly the most nerdy thing I've talked about is trying to explain that we only truly see in 2D. People take the piss out of me now for it because I get so annoyed when people who have no idea what they're talking about insist that we must see in 3D.

When my freind grew a beard it looked like... a certain phsyicist. Every time i saw he i just said "Great scott! Gordon Freeman!!" or just made vortigaunt quotes "It is the freeman! The combine's rekoning. Is it hand". and the more obscure "There is no distance between us. No false veil of time or space may intervene."

Also told my freind the best way to deal with his crazy ex-girlfreind was "either a Zerg rush or a Barrel roll. either or."

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