The last thing you killed now is after YOU.

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Um let see....Popokarimu (that weird bat-insect-thing) from RE5....well great! That thing won't even fit in my house!

Crap, this means I've got the Shadowbroker after me... Well if Shepard can punch him in the face, I might as well give it a shot...

A Grunt from Halo: Reach...?

Cool, all's I have to do is go "BLAH" at it and it'll run away screaming like a little girl.

Well, fortunately, the last thing I played was Tetris, so...

Oh shit...

Hey I remember that vid! :D

At least the guy survived!

A spartan in matchmaking... I'm Fucked.

Me to.

Last thing I killed was a castle... so yeah... I think I'm gonna be okay.

Shit, kefka.


AAaaaah Hell.


Please say I killed a critter before I logged off without realizing it.

So the entire Burgundian military is after me...


Maybe if I go play Portal right now then one of the turrets would attack me instead. I think that I could handle that one. I'll go do that now.

Hell, even if you can't, I wouldn't say I'd object to being killed by the cutest lil' automated defence systems ever :D

A cow in minecraft

So i'm not too fussed =P


A spartan in matchmaking... I'm Fucked.

Same here. But wait..unless it is the person who controlled the Spartan we are safe.

Phewph in that case we will be fine I can cary on living hooray!!!

Last I killed was a Russian soldier in BC2 (online). That would be a problem since I don't have any proper weapons.

I killed a rat in Stormwind. I would grab the old axe handle that I have next to my stairs and whack it a few times.

A zombie from dead rising 2 well there slow and easy to take down on there own.So yeah i will be fine

So... I've literally startled the witch now?!
Why did I have to loose connection to that game there!!!
Bye escapists :(

Tigrex which is weird because I killed it in Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker and not Monster Hunter, well anyway I better go and make some ridiculously oversized swords to kill this beast.

God dam cliff racers

6 hunters on halo reach firefight I'll prob be dead before tomorrow i doubt a sword is going to be much good against them

I'm hoping General Knoxx is the 'forgive and forget' type...

Is this based on "Zombie Roadkill?"

I decided that if I ever committed murder, I might as well go for cannibalism too, then cremate the bones. I don't see how a pile of ashes is going to exact revenge.

If you mean litterally the last thing I killed, that was a large infestation of Weevils I flushed down the toilet or the fruit flies I starved to death. I guess I woud get eaten by bugs in my sleep.

A cow in minecraft

So i'm not too fussed =P

So close. Mine was a pig. No biggie.

Gideon Graves. And I don't even get to date Ramona Flowers. This sucks.

If tabletop counts (I do have the Ubernerd badge), The a hyper-advanced religiously-fanatic alien race of seven foot creatures with an exoskeleton and an endoskeleton. Last thing I killed in a videogame was a Venetian guard in Assassin's Creed 2. I'd pick fighting the guard over the alien if I could. I rather like not being dead.

Tiamat in Darksiders...
now where's my boomerang??

Volf, Zedonius, Alexei and Elizabet?
Damn, I thought fighting them as Ryu on Master Ninja was hard enough...





You think thats bad? I killed a CHICKEN. It layed an egg at my feet and i killed it for its feathers. Ill be back when ive barricaded my house up.

A grunt from Halo 3, on normal.

I could take him :D

a hooker I picked up in my cab...
if I can do it once, I can do it again...

The Destroyer from Borderlands. Y'know, Vault Monster? I think I just sh*t my pants.

it cant move at all so you may be safe just don't taunt it

Sandworm. Bugger.

Hm, a mud block. I think I'll be just fine.

A cougar in RDR, fffffffffffffffffuck. GUN

Some random Terrorist from MOH...
Either him or the 9 year old who was playing him.

You guys are lucky... Most of you are going to get deaths that don't take too long.
I have nearly completed Silent Hill 2 again, and let's just say that i hope BOTH pyramid heads count...
I don't even want to know what these guys are going to do to me BEFORE killing me!

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