David Gaider says Bioware decides what 'dead' means in Dragon Age 2

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Hello. This is Everwarden from the Bioware forums (I have a couple posts in the thread that is linked in the OP). Sorry for jumping in on this thread so belatedly, but I thought I'd offer my own opinion.

My problem wasn't really with Gaider's policy on a character coming back in spite of player actions, honestly. It's a bit annoying, and something I made fun of, but not that big of a deal. The real problem I had was Gaider's blatant "fuck you, valued customer" attitude in reply to a legitimate hole in his writing. The way he addressed the concerns of his customers (and by that I don't mean me, I was snarky as all hell and he had a right to snark back) was completely ridiculous and unprofessional.

Then the man locks the thread down. He obviously can't handle criticism very well and throws a little fit every time anyone has a problem with -anything- in his perfect little narrative.

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