male gamers who create female characters, explain yourselves

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Girls look better.

I do whatever strikes my fancy at the time. About half the time I'll go male, the other half of the time, I go female.

I tend to break stereotypes, though. If I want to play a tank, I'll typically play a female. If I want to play as a healer, I'll typically go male, etc.

If it's a third person game I will be female, but if I never see my character I don't care.

There's the ass argument again. I don't get it. I don't find my gaze unintentionally fixed to Shepards male ass while playing Mass Effect. And I certainly don't think "Why is there nothing here I can masturbate to?"

As a guy I really don't understand the ass arguement either...

I prefer to play a female character over a male character because it gives more of the RP aspect to RPG since as a guy, I find it hard to immerse myself as a guy character.

That and because I live in an estrogen ocean with 3 sisters and no dad around. So I am extremely mentally feminine for a guy, finding it much easier to relate to a female's perspective.

I'm one of those weird guys who actually plays a role-playing game to, you know, play a role. And I feel like playing the role of a woman most of the time.

I also like to make original characters to play with. And it just so happens that most of those original characters are women. And it just so happens that most of those women fill the various roles better than my male characters. So there.

If it counts, I usually play male first and then play female to look at the story from a slightly different angle, maybe get some gender-specific dialogue, etc. Also, my female characters tend to be more vicious than the male ones - perhaps because I'm more detached from them.

I do it because I like to see if there are differences between what can happen. Like the different dialogues that the game has. I also do it because I like to see if the developers got lazy and just copy-pasted the codes for the models of characters. For example, in Fallout New Vegas if you get the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion as a male you hold it level. But if you are a female character, you hold it at an angle because the female character was never given its own code to hold it and the just copied the male's code.

I do it because black widow is so much more useful than lady killer.

I prefer to stare at some tight, womanly booty rather than a dudes ass.


Meh, it really depends. If there are differences in gameplay, I tend to play one of each gender, if not, I typically pick male unless there's some other circumstance (for instance, Femshep has a 10x better voice actor).

Stuff like WoW and other online games, case-by-case basis. Usually, again, I have chars of both genders, but in WoW specifically, I won't play a male Dranei, female Orc, female Dwarf, male Night Elf, etc because I think they look utterly ridiculous. That goes for any other games that feature male models that look like refrigerators with limbs.

It changes some gameplay elements in RPGs. In shooters, I generally don't use it.

Also, Mass Effect, I totally did it just to romance Garrus.

I guess the variety's nice. I make female characters about as often as males. In some cases I think the story is improved by a female perspective. (I liked Dragon Age Origins better as a female)

In others, I'unno, I guess I just don't want to be a male character all the time.

Usually I play as a guy and deliberately project myself, or an idealised version of myself (a Mary-Sue, I guess), onto that character. If the game is good enough for me to replay it I might make a female character with the intention of making the character very different from me.

In games like Elder Scrolls and Neverwinter Nights (especially NWN) I have made dozens of characters over the years, some male and some female.

If I want to look at a girl's arse I'll look at a girl's arse. When I'm playing a computer game, I'm playing a computer game. But I won't deny the "hundred hours looking at an arse" argument makes sense.

Well, usually the outfits have a little more going for them, now that's not to say they are skimpier or anything, but they tend to not be as bland as male armour and such. Plus my friend feels uncomfortable whenever he sees me ha ha. I've even got my other friends doing it and in the words of one of them. "It's like an addiction"

In the hope of Accidental Lesbian Syndrome taking effect. (See 'Saint's Row II' for example.)

I think the idea that one should explain oneself for playing an opposite gender character in an RPG makes about as much sense as the idea that one should explain oneself for writing about characters of the opposite gender in, say, a novel or a short story. Sometimes we like to put ourselves in the shoes of characters quite similar to ourselves; at other times, we like to experiment with various differences.

Of course, some people justify it with the "staring at opposite gender's bum" reason, but, personally, on those occasions where I've found myself staring at a man's behind rather than a woman's, I can't say it especially enhanced my experience. What I found interesting was journeying through a particular story and world from a gender perspective that's not natively my own.

It's essentially because the people who choose female chars are undercover transvestites.

They all know it's true. Save yourselves before you are overcome by the allure of fake girls voices, drag and badly applied lipstick.

It's called fantasy for a reason...

That, and I like to create my characters into attractive forms... Hell, I usually give them backstories and use them in my drawings if I like them enough!

because I hate looking at a man's every time I play a game

I'm not one that usually projects myself onto a character in a story driven game so when I play something like Mass Effect I'll often pick a female character cause I like strong female leads. In games that are designed to be "immersive" with a "Silent" Protagonist like Morrowind or Saints Row (can you even pick female in SR?) I usually pick a male and model them after myself to whatever extent possible. In things like fighters or a FPS where story or immersion are not really a factor I'll usually fall back on the "eye candy" argument and pick whatever female I like the most.

I notice a lot of people are using the 'disconnect from the character' reasoning... I really don't understand that argument. Surely you WANT to be connected to your character, it is your avatar in this different world; when you're in certain situations surely you want to be thinking 'what would I do in that situation' because otherwise you don't learn anything about yourself as a person and the experience as a whole is not as satisfying?

For example (I realise this is kind of off topic since you can't play a female character in it anyway but WTH) in Alpha Protocol, I tended towards stealth and subversion because I dislike open confrontation; at a certain point in the game I chose to keep information that would save an influential leader who stabilised a country rather than info that could save dozens of innocent lives because I thought it'd save more people in the long run; I let most of the antagonists live and even ended up allied with them because it increased my own options towards the end of the game; and at the point where you have a choice between an innocent woman you'd been working with and defusing a terrorist attack, I sacrificed her without a second thought to ensure that the bombs were defused. The friend who was watching me play the game said I was cold-hearted about the entire thing, but I personally think I'm just better at looking at the big picture than he was >>

In MMO's or other RPG's I've always made male characters, and it's not something I'd ever really thought about until I noticed that literally ALL my IRL male buddies who played the same MMO's were playing female characters... When I asked them why they did it answers ranged from 'because I want something to look at' to 'because I already have a male alt' but I have to say pretty much all their reasons were shallow and superfluous. One guy even got seriously pissed off when I pointed out his character was comically short and had ridiculously oversized thighs :/ no kidding, he had a ragefit because I thought his avatar was poorly proportioned.

one word: free stuff

:) lol thats 2 words.

female characters get free stuff.

but for me in rift i have 4 male chacters so i made a female one to be different, have different looking gear, different dance,

basically variety

This thread has already been done before a while ago, so has my reply.
I'll give you a TL;DR version though:

Because I feel like it.

I do it for a different spin on a game I've already played. The first run through I make the character look as close to myself as possible and make all the choices I would in that same situation to foster a closeness to the character. Then I usually play through again as a female character to be specifically "good" or "bad".
Also for achievments that I can't get as a male.

Firstly, when it comes to Mass Effect, not playing as the female character is a waste of Jennifer Hale's great voice work.

Secondly, I've played scores of games with male protagonists, playing as a female where possible keeps things fresh and interesting. One evolution that will most likely come from the RPG realm in the future is some actual segregation between male and female characters. In Mass Effect and pretty much every other game with male/female characters, both voice actors have to basically repeat the same lines word for word, which usually results in a masculine woman. There are differences between men and women, particularly as gaming is heading more towards choice-oriented morality systems, and it would be nice to see these differences reflected in gameplay.

I play games because i like to live the fantasy of another life, i feel more connected to the character if its male. (because i'm male.)
Once or twice i'v jumped into a females boots to see the experience. not just for one reason but for all the reasons.
I have played the female character when i wanted to answer the question."if i was a girl would i do anything different" almost as if i'm writing fan-fiction to my own story.
Generally i feel uncomfortable playing a female character and the few times i have the character just ended up not really sounding like me.

Of course as a male i have played as a female just to oggle...what can i say? last i checked i was human...

People who justify themselves with "I just want to look at a girl's ass all day" instead of, I dunno, saying they sometimes form female characters or personas etc are really creepy.

I wouldn't touch someone with that stance with a ten foot pole. Take a step back and realize how lonely, sad and desperate you sound, even if you claim it's just "incidental".

Anyway. I seldom make male characters. I don't identify with men all that much. I've only ever done it in games where it seemed really appropriate to have a male in said role instead of a female.

I've never really thought about playing as a woman. I've just always visualized the story being played by the man. i think there was ONE time I played as a woman.

In World of Warcraft, I picked a blood elf mage to be a woman, because it just seemed to fit.

I play female characters because I'm not a big buff guy. I don't role play as a big buff guy. I play classes where it's actually a bad thing to be a big buff guy. So I play the slender female character.

Of course, if there's an option to play a male character who doesn't look like he swallowed a triangle, I'll probably play him. Because it's easier to project myself onto a male character.

I think the idea that one should explain oneself for playing an opposite gender character in an RPG makes about as much sense as the idea that one should explain oneself for writing about characters of the opposite gender in, say, a novel or a short story. Sometimes we like to put ourselves in the shoes of characters quite similar to ourselves; at other times, we like to experiment with various differences.

^ This, agreed completely.

I don't usually see games where the female is the messianic figure that saves everyone. When a game gives me the option to chose the gender of my character, I often more than not choose the female. This is particularly true in Mass Effect. In my mind Shepard always was and always will be the strongest woman in the galaxy and the generic guy we see in the covers is an unknow.

The usual reason - I get to watch a woman's butt instead of a man's. Really. That's all the reason I need. I hit the "Female" - button instead of the "Male" - button when the game tells me to. Same effort, more enjoyable result. It's a no-brainer.

Don't forget Galka in a thong! Oh the horror of horrors! Man, FFXI really showed why it is a bad idea to play male characters as a guy. Female all the way for the eye candy if not the sanity save.

Women are just generally superior to men.

There, you made me say it.

Yep, pretty much dat ass. Also if it is a Bioware game there is a 100% chance that whatever girl (Jennifer Hale) they hired to do the voice work does a better job than the guy they hired.

I actually choose a sex based on what type of character I'm gonna play. Rogues and such I usually choose female, fighters usually male, and mages can be either. Yeah yeah, some people might label me sexist or whatever here, I just don't relate well to the idea of me being butch fighter women ok? Simply my opinion. Nothing against women in men's roles or sports or whatever, I think muay thai chicks are awesome and get the job done just as well as guys, but for my games I stick to the boring stereotype.

Also, if I'm making an evil character, I usually roll a guy, while doing a goody goody playthrough I'll use a girl. So it's about 50/50 really, in games where you actually do get a choice.

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