You're trapped in the Last Game you played. How long do you survive?

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Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi... as my custom character.

I'm kind of confused where I stand now.

Dorian Nijdam:
Dwarf fortress. A few days of throwing dirt at anything that moves and running away, maybe (I'm pretty fit). But then like all aspiring fortress heros, I will inevitably be sniped by some elf and made into a stack of beer tacos.

Or axe-murdered by a mad dwarf because the butcher accidentally killed his beloved cat for food :P

I am a TF2 Pyro, so approximately 30 seconds.

Im in Civ V so 20 turns to live maybe?

Shit I'm in WWII Stalingrad, my ass is toast.

Oh good god...

Red Orchestra 2. I'm done for, tovarich.

But we will show those Fascists who is boss here eh, Tovarich?

Damn I need to find me some Pokeballs. o-o

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:


Frozen Donkey Wheel2:
I'm stuck in America, Batshit Insane Version. I suppose I'll survive by watching the skies for Russians and moving to Canada to avoid the draft.

Bonus points if you can guess which game it is.


Well, even if I can punch blocks, I've still got my insane mods, I'd be ok.

Nope, that was North Korea. VERY close, though.

World In Conflict?

As it so happens, I'm stuck in Civ V playing as the Japanese, mid-Renaissance Age on Prince difficulty. Just dropkicked the Ottomans in a war, they basically capitulated but have risen up against me again. Still winning overwhelmingly despite their massive superiority. But I'm allied with just about everyone else so, theoretically, I could last forever.

The question is, am I allowed to employ more strategies than just what the diplomatic screen offers me? If I could use Realpolitik I might be able to do rather well. As it is I can only employ it in crude form.

Yeah, I would be stuck in Lordran from Dark Souls... I would be pretty much fucked over several times. I would probably survive a long time if I only stay by a bonfire but someone will come and kill me eventually, and that eventually does not come late. 1 minute at best perhaps?

I'll be the luckiest man on earth!
last game i played was DoA Xtream beach bolleyball 2.
i'm lucky twice because before DoA bolley game i was playing MAG, there i wouldn't lasted 5 minutes!!

I was playing Dragon Age: Origins and Pokemon Black at the same time last night (DA:O has ridiculous loading times on my PC, so Pokemon works between Areas)... Does this mean I'm in the DA:O world, with Pokemon? Cause that sounds pretty bad-ass.

...Poker Nigh at the Inventory?

I probably survive for a while on pleasant funny conversation, casual card games, and the food at the bar. Sounds pretty sweet, actually.

Empire Total War as a Dutchman. I'd probably end up in an armed citizen regiment. Time to live 5 minutes tops, that is if I can find a big guy to hide behind.

Dark Souls.

Yeah... I would say I'm probably totally fucked. Hopefully I'm a natural learner with magic spells, otherwise I doubt I have the physical strength to do much damage in melee, or block very much with a shield for that matter...

Minecraft. And it's on Survival Mode. Looks like I'm going to get killed by a cheap Creeper rush. :|

Heroes of M&M VI
huh well that depends am I a unit or a hero...
well I guess it doesn't matters you can play it for hours and only in extremely rare cases lose a unit or two.

Dwarf fortress, as long as my superior leadership doesn't fail me i will be fine. Until winter or goblin ambushes.

Battlefield 3? HA! Less than a minute, easily. Unless I cower and hide, then maybe... I dunno, two minutes?

Demon's Souls...

It was nice knowing you all.

And I wonder how much souls I am worth? 0.0000001 perhaps?

Tomb Raider 2

Riddled with automatic weapons and jumping into Spikes accidentally within a few seconds

Hm... Tony Hawk's Underground... Well, you can't die in that game, so there's a plus. No fall damage, freakishly easy to grind with a skateboard... I'm sure I'd be sweet.

The Witcher 2 world.. Not really a good place to be.

CrazyJew: Well, give me an okay deck and I will survive foreva.

Thank you *very* much for introducing me to that site. It is amazing.

The last game I played (Before duelingnetwork) was Saints Row 2, so... Yeah. I guess I could join the Saints.

heh, League of Legends or Space Marine, take your pick I'm pretty screwed either way :D

Azeroth,,, And I guess I'l live for a while, then die then corpserun back. So until the end of the servers?

Risen (great game btw.) - well, depends on where in the game world I would spawn. Outside the town walls I'd get eaten very fast. But in the town, well, there don't seem to be any diseases, and I always find stuff to do.

I'm really happy for you smilingworlock, and imma let you finish, but ElectricMegaHamstah has got the best profile pic of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Crap...I'm stuck in League of Legends. I mean, as long as the Ashe on my team doesn't endlessly feed, I should be fine for a while. Maybe I can make friends with Baron and tell him to protect me :X

Echoes. 5 seconds

FUU- Not sure if my fists are quite up to 'tree-breaking' par. I knew I should've worked out more...

Toronto, Canada from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. My combat skills are average at best, so I'm not sure how long I can last with only 3 lives and 20 Canadian dollars.

It was a kirby game, so I should be fine :D

Oh, hi Kirby...


I'm stuck in Bleach 3rd Phantom? Uh.... as a human, soul reaper, hollow or arrancar? As a human I might have a chance to make it through since the big bads do get beaten down eventually, but as any of the latter 3... I think I'd be screwed. D:

Freelancer sweet i just wont go on a ship without an armed escort

Team Fortress 2?...Where's my bleedin' Backburner?

Alice: Madness Returns. Oshi- well, knowing me and my madness, I'd take over Wonderland, or lose my sanity trying.

I last played Tekken 5, as long as I don't fight I think I'll be fine.

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