EA now issuing permanent Origin bans through content filter

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I can vouch for the OP on Origin/Battlog bans being outrageous. I was just banned for quoting a post that I reported in battlog for being offensive. Here's the post /email:

Hello ,

Your Electronic Arts account has been suspended for 72 hours for violating the Terms of Services for Electronic Arts Online.


Inappropriate language:
Post:What a cock. I can tell if were ever unlucky enough to visit your house i`d imagine it being pristine clean with your cooking appliances in alphabetical order based upon what country it was manufactured, let alone the tins of food in chronological order and your DVD` stacked up from what you`d `approve` as best to worst.... You have spent 10 fold the amount of time as i have writing this message to your trolling first post on what seems to be the most ridiculous points to rage at because the game doesnt maintain to the standards of your pathetic lifestyle. Get a life you cocksucker. Its a fucking game that has minor errors; which of course is completely contrary to the life you lead..... .... you cum guzzling, spunk sniffing, lady boy fingering, anal dwelling, fat slutty fuck face penis, whore bag, crack pushing, sleezy shit pie. Thats all.

offenders post ^

My post:
[/quote] Reported for offensive language. Enjoy your 72 hour ban.

...and I was banned for 72 hrs for reporting this thread. How retarted is that? Ea has an automated service noe that looks for words in your postings... if you quote someone else.. you get punished for the offense.

Well your tale was the final nail in the EA coffin for me, I will continue to buy all other companies games. But their games will now be obtained via less scrupulous means, if at all.

Frankly, they seem to think themselves some sort of dystopian videogame dictators here.



Would rage again.

I no longer want EA to redeem themselves, I am actually wishing the company completely fails.

Yes, this may lead to layoffs in an difficult time for people who didn't decide to take this course but they chose to work for this despicable organisation and their foreclosure would be a definite improvement to the industry. They could do SOMETHING to rise up against their leaders who are driving this publishing company off a cliff. The wholly owned studios would remain intact and simply be sold off to better publishers (i.e. ANY publisher).

Work for the evil empire, don't be surprised if you lose out.

EA have just gotten too bad, they just can't come back from this. This betrays such lack of confidence, such contempt for their customers, they have no trust left and can't earn it back.

Please. EA. Just stop.

and this is why im a console gamer...
OT:honestly that's total bullshit...but hey...it's EA they only want your money

bans affect also console gamers, you know......

to the op read this:

love origin. all your money are belong to us.

ok made a mistake. buit i'm sure it will affect you in the future.
until then

I used to own a copy of Battlefield 3, then I took an EA to the knee.

meanwhile at EA.............

I'll be returning to this thread to refresh it every time EA does something new like, oh I don't know, take weapons away people paid money for:


Amazing how fast they got to 200 pages in this thread, must of hit yet another nerve.

At least EA is being equal opportunity here, they screw up BF3 by banning people unfairly, and then follow on with their play for free version and pull a grinch on their paid for weaps.

Merry Christmas from EA.

Anyone here familiar with the Sims,I used to go on the EA forums for the Sims 3 until it turned to trash you had trolls running amuck and getting innocent users banned I got banned for 72 hours for confronting a troll and as well they let the forum bullies run amuck while people who are gifting things or etc still get banned



The SAME Zynga employee was stalking and harassing me during work hours. He would post my real name, events I was invited to and even started to harass my friends. I can't believe Zynga would allow their employees do track down people online and harass them relentlessly posting their personal information everywhere.

The stuff he dug up would have taken a lot of time so I know he wasn't doing his job.

Come to think of it, he was on a Zynga computer, Zynga company time and harassed me from their location.

I believe that makes Zynga liable for damages. I should peruse this with my lawyer.

You have a point but, maybe i'm missing something but what has Zynga to do with EA ?

Same Zynga guy was harassing me and posting personal info on me after he saw the reddit threads. He's claiming to be connected within the games industry, but I don't believe it. It's like someone at walmart palling around with nordstroms.

I hate to be a dick, but do you have any proof about the Zynga employee?

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