Your Worst Video Game Ever

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Every day the same dream. I tell you, it's a good thing that game is free, but even then you still won't get any bang for your buck. It's one of those art games where you're supposed to look at the various steps you take around the 9 screen game world and interpret artistic stuff with them. The gameplay is you go to work and mix it up in small ways before you get there. Petting a cow, catching a leaf, meeting a homeless guy who takes you to a graveyard, suicide, and going to work in your underwear. That's it. No relief from the routine of going to work every day and then waking up to do it again. This game loves whacking you over the head with a huge ass hammer labeled "DEPRESSION". There are 4 colors in the game excluding the flickering TV. Grey, white, red, and blue. The red only being used for the earnings graph and the blue only being used for a parking lot sign.

Bottom line, this is the worst game I have ever played because it's so boring and depressing that I want to quit after 2 minutes. It's not fun, not engaging, and really not worth my time. People who are into art games and interpreting stuff will probably love it. But to me, it is the most boring game I have ever played, and to me, being boring is the cardinal sin for any game, which is why it is my personal worst game ever.

Have to agree. I'm not even sure it qualifies as a game.

And, yes, before anyone says anything I am aware of the Artistic messages. But a game which is literally the same thing over and over with little to no variation is just boring. And before anyone says anything, at least Cod has some nice big explosions and some stealth missions.

Either Resident evil 5 or Dead rising.
Resident evil 5 because... well, I just didn't really enjoy it all that much, and dead rising because it was ugly in terms of graphics and the game itself was very annoying and did seem extremely stupid. Dead rising 2 was very enjoyable and good, however.

That sits in my memories now would have to be Liar

It had a good idea going for it, you're fighting other people in a war while riding on a dragon. However it came out with the gimmick of it could only be played with the PS3's six axis controls, and boy did it suffer for that.


snip (Summary: White Knight sucks)

snip (half defending White Knight)

yeah, the online bit was pretty good, (my lady was basically a tank), but the online bit if the fluff, and extra, and i believe Yahtzee is correct when he said "a game must be able to stand on it's single player alone".

hehe, subsequently, how badly where you over leveled in comparison to the 'main party' in the single player?

also, far as Cathrine goes. Atlus can't shoot bulls-eyes all the time man.

Someone already said this but definitely Far Cry 2. Extremely disappointing.

Plus there was no lions!!!!

Worst game: Assassin's Creed II. There I was, playing the game, when I decided it was late and turned off my Xbox. The next morning, I see that the game had erased itself from my system's history. While I kept all my achievements, I had no data used for its storage. It wasn't even in my recent games played or anything. Glad I didn't waste money on that (it was a friend's copy).

The Force Unleashed II was also a huge disappointment. The demo was fun enough but it was the entire first planet. All told, the game was under 5 hrs. I promptly returned it.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. As a fan of the Ace Combat series, I was sorely disappointed by the series' turn to making a Call of Duty game. I grew disgusted and returned it unfinished.

You know, had I not given into all the hype and let my curiosity get the best of me this past September I would not be able to contribute to this thread today. But, that is not how my history went down.

My "Friends"

I can genuinely say never have I played a game that while playing I have consciously been aware was a waste of my time. Nor have I ever been so angry at a game. And I grew up with Mega Man and Abe's Oddysee and The Heart of Darkness. So I have spent my time in the gaming trenches.

This game is none other than.

Gears of War 3

I know you're probably thinking it's strange I would single out a specific title in a series that has pretty much remained the same since the first game. But then again, I seem to remember being impressed and actually having fun with the first one. It varied up the gameplay nicely and kept your attention with diverse levels such as the Krill level for example.
Yeah the game kept it's grey pallet but we went from city ruins, to streets at night that we had to desperately scurry to a light source in order to avoid being torn to shreds, to emulsion filled underground caves, to a speedy train fight. My point is it kept things somewhat diverse, and also, it wasn't trying to pretend it was anything more than a shooter with some cool new cover mechanic.

Perhaps Gears 3 wouldn't be the subject of such anger had I played the second one. But thankfully I skipped out on that...aaand spent the money on Mortal Kombat vs DC. Yep side step a punch to the face, stepped into a bear trap.


So here I land in Gears of War 3 being warned of what Epic has been up to since Gears 1. And yet I couldn't say no. It was the end after all I had to see how it all ended? Maybe they would...explain things? Hell most of the reviewers made it sound as if they did.

Ooooh boy what a disappointment.

I'll try to keep it short

-First of all I hated how clunky and slow the movements of the characters were. I don't even recall movment being this lumberous in the first game. I hate how they felt more clunky than your character from the first Tenchu game (LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN) And that for some reason they always felt compelled to rub themselves on every vertical or horizontal flat surface before doing what it was you actually wanted them to do.(which was usually run for the freaking hill!)

- NEXT. I hated how terrible, just how terrible the characters and story were when really it didn't have to be.
I know you're thinking "what did you expect from Gears of War if you played the first one"
Well in my defence they are the ones trying to sell me that it is indeed more than just a clunky shooter with Unreals' art style. So it's on them.
Also, has anyone ever noticed how when the story actually tries to explain itself or characters actually start to show some depth Markus comes along and acts as Epics' story cock block?

And I don't think I have to say anything about how much more grey that game needed do I?

In the end
Gears of War 3 just felt like a piece of well chewed gum that had lost its flavour long ago and now had just been reduced to a bitter putty that was mucking around in your mouth that you try to kid yourself is still chewable gum and continue to chew away.

Yeah Gears of War 3 that game for me.


Usually I'm pretty good about not buying shit, I knew home-front would be garbage and avoided it all together, I've never bought a COD game because I think they're not worth it etc etc... But I really wanted DNF to be good, I tried to like it but after a while the realization came through that no, this game really is horrible, the reviewers were right and I've learned my lesson.

Cliché.. but I really hate Alone in The Dark.

I have a copy of it that I cant trade in (I cant remember why, but game shops wont take it). So it sits in my games drawer stinking up my collection. I think I would probably hate it less if I could trade it in, I cant justify putting it in the bin yet.

You can get a whole whoopin' 50 cents trade-in at (Which is bad news, considering Amazon is usually on the upper-spectrum of trade-in value)

Electro Dave:
Bioshock. (Picks up +5 shield of resist flame)

Everyone made it out to be a evolution of me it was not worthy of a full price release

I completely understand if you don't like Bioshock, but it's the worst game you've ever played?

My worst game would be the arcade game mario kart or carnevil because even when i do everything perfectly in either game, I'm forced to pay more because in mario kart you have to pay again for the next race in the goddamned cup whether you win or not and in carnevil its straight up rigged so you die all the time

nes port of afterburner arcade and hmmm every scrappy game and watch game ever released for sega master system.

on second thought, sega master system wins this pissing contest EVERY TIME ALL THE TIME. boring.

Well as i've said in other threads before, i often research the shit outta the games i buy/ buy sequels.

So when i tried Dynasty Warriors strikeforce (i think) i returned that shit in like 2 weeks later. After 2 attempts. BECAUSE I WENT SUPER SAYIAN WHAT THE FUCK.

I got annoyed at the wizard enemies that float upwards to get just out of your reach that and that big stone dog thing lubu had.

For me not exactly the worst game ever but I say undead knight really shot my expectations.

not being able to hack and slash effectively in a koei hack and slash game is like a sin. Ill take strike-force and plenty other games over this thank you.

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