Games you accidentally learned from

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Simcity taught me about zoning... And Streets of Simcity taught me to never, ever mess with grandmas with machine guns.

Dynasty Warriors is based on a popular old book in China. Not sure if it has any historical accuracy or not. I learned a lot just by playing that game (they're all the same canonically).
There's a lot more to learn if you actually open the encyclopedia - which I happened to actually read one day while bored.

Alternatively: Mario is Missing.

Animal Crossing taught me a ton about Dinosaurs!

The first Metal Gear Solid taught me a bit about different guns, nuclear weapon information and what the symbol for infinity is.

Pretty sure the original Pokemon on gameboy back in the day taught myself and many others to read incredibly fast at an early age... and also to manage animal slaves and money to a lesser extent.

Orgen Trail taught me everyone, EVERYONE dies from dysentery.

because of Castlevania SotN and Soul Reaver, i had to hit a dictionary to find out the meanings of a few words

I had the same thing happen to me while playing Fire Emblem.

I learned alot from most ww2 games (like weapons, battles and geography)

Also from the total war series (like weapons, battles and geography)

I learned about artificial intelligence and science from mass effect

Oddly enough I also learned political structure and culture from all three of these games.

Learned to touch type from typing cheat codes in starcraft when I was a kid :-D also learned my directions from a random pinball game when I was REALLY young.

Yep, started out nerdy and never really stopped...

The Legend of Zelda (NES) taught me that there is ALWAYS hidden stuff in game, if you just know where to look. Also some critical thinking under pressure (but really, who uses that?)

The Illusion of Gaia (SNES) unknowingly taught me advanced reading and comprehension, both were required to understand and, by extention, play the game.

Super Bomberman (SNES) multiplayer taught me how to outsmart an AI who knows more about game mechanics than I do.

Parasite Eve (PS1) taught me about Mitochondria and how other cells function in certain ways.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete (PC) taught me about strategy and not just rolling around a map with one guy who holds me entire army.

World of Warcraft (PC) taught me that neverending games do exist and are pretty fun if you have the time and effort to play.


Orgen Trail taught me everyone, EVERYONE dies from dysentery.

Grandma dies of dysentery, cousin Joe gets hit be EVERY stray bullet fired, and everyone else gets scurvy because no one taught me to YAR HAR PIRATE-- I mean eat oranges and make it k.

Enough basic Latin to help a friend studying the subject (at an introductory level) from old-school RPGs.

And Sim City taught me just how long the fallout from a nuclear "meltdown" takes to clean up.

Assassin's Creed games.

Believe it or not, it's like playing a history lesson where you can kill people in a variety of interesting ways. I really think Assassin's Creed is one of the most educational games I've played - and that's saying something.


Medieval Total War 2 taught me geography. Perhaps I should update it. Constantinople for example.

Civilization taught me almost everything I know of world history.

Civilization taught me a lot too.

Early history, famous leaders, and what surprised my geography teacher one day early settlements needs and why they were placed where they were and developed into the towns they are today

Age of Empires taught me a lot of history, especially AoE3, where you could find information on units and people in those slow times in each match, especially treaty games.

Fire Emblem and other games helped me score a 750 on the Verbal portion of the SAT... We would do SAT prep in class and I already knew most of the words' meanings because I had encountered them in-game.

The articles the World of Tanks guys put out every so often has deepened my knowledge of tank warfare from the WWII era. Interesting stuff right there.

Welcome to the Escapist!

Well I learned English from games to a large extent, also from movies, series, book, internet and from school of course but games most I think.
Then from Mario games I learned that eating mushrooms makes you go down pipes...

AoE has taught me soooooooooooooooo much about historical figures. It's nuts!

Age of Empires, man. It was the thing that got me interested in history in the first place.


ww11 weapons

The eleventh world war was by far the most tragic.

Oh GOD. That war was terrible. I'm really surprised that the solar system, let alone humanity survived that one.

I accidentally learned English trough gaming.

Oregon Trail taught me that if you ever need to cross a river, have a bunch of people you don't like with you because nine times out of ten somebody is going to die.

I'm not sure what game it was, but over the years, games are what thought me to speak English.
Besides that, Assasins Creed's got quite a bit of educational value, I think.

2 people ninja'd me on oregan trail, so.... ummmm... I guess Too Human taught me some about norse gods. I knew most of it already, but at least I won't be ninja'ing anyone.

Well games have taught me a lot Xenogears helped me pass spelling tests oddly enough XD back when I couldn't spell the word "Gear" XD the final fantasy games helped me learn to read better. Pokemon did the same. Lets not forget strategy games that help you tune your mind without you realizing it till you read somewhere that it does somewhere down the road. Assassins creed is a more recent example where I learned about historical figures and bits of culture from a team of people who are quite good at there job putting everything into a period. Ceaser taught me that more plebs where needed... XD was too young to understand that game when I played it.

I learnt how to steal planes mid-air from a motorbike thanks to Just Cause 2.

I also learnt how to read at the age of 3 thanks to our old PC.
And Prince of Persia 2 taught me to hate long jumps.
And Age of Empires II taught me not to mess with Spanish peasants.
And of course, the many shooters I've played resulted in me memorising the names of a vast variety of weapons. People find it unnerving.

Oooh and of corse videogames mad me learn english good yes yes.

As a non-native speaker I've practically had my whole education in english through games and movies.

It started with english voice overs with german subtitles, then both in english and now I'm watching 98% of movies in their original language and don't want to play any localized version of games.

I learned english from World of Warcraft, mostly due to being and roleplaying on a roleplaying server(And we all know how sensitive roleplayers are about grammar ^^) I was the ace of my class and was actually shocked that some people can't even get simple words like 'with' and 'you're' right..

oh, I really loved Caesar and Pharaoh! the other games in the series, like Emperor (one of my all time favourite games) and Zeus actually taught me alot as well.
somebody already mentioned the Assassin's Creed games, especially AC2 - there are so many historical people and places, I also picked up a few Italian phrases, heh. Batman: Arkham Asylum taught me alot about the Batman universe as well in a really interesting way.

The first Metal Gear Solid taught me a bit about different guns, nuclear weapon information and what the symbol for infinity is.

Basically this except for two more things:

1. It taught me that, if you use it right, a cardboard box is a pretty damn good hiding spot (To the point I'm ashamed it works...yes, that means i have tried it).

2. By watching some of the movements and attacks in MGS 3, i was able to learn some degree of CQC

I wouldn't pin it on a singular game, but I did learn English from playing games and watching movies.
I was at 9th grade level when we started English classes in 3rd grade.

Civilization taught me almost everything I know of world history.

Yeah, me too. But my teacher still wouldn't believe me what a war-hungry ass Ghandi really was!
Age of Empire and Age of Mythology were great history games too.

And I learned a lot of seldomly used vocabulary from Guild Wars.

Silent Hill 2 (and some of the other games from the series, to a lesser extent)taught me a bit about psychology.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas also taught me a bit about music from decades ago (people think I'm odd when I start singing the lyrics to 'I don't want to set the world on fire')

I also learned a lot about English through games. The most notable was my very first game, Xargon. I could barely read at that point and didn't have any idea what the textboxes said. So I tried to decipher the words and make sense of it, just from what they sounded like, or what the showed scenes and pictures suggested was happening. Oddly enough, I came really close at times. So when I finally learned English at school, it already felt familiar and I didn't have problems with "complicated" words that the other students frowned upon.

My native language + vocabulary also benefitted from the legacy of Kain series, especially Soul Reaver. The translation is just gorgeous. It also helped with general storytelling.

Freelancer taught me about planets, suns and the universe and got me interested in it. You can scan pretty much everything for statistical and historical data. At the age of 11, I already knew about neutron stars, red giants and white dwarfs, as well as modding for some time. At that time, I learned more about programming than I ever learned at school.

The Witcher: Basics of sword-fighting, at least in theory, as well as knowledge about demons and other monsters in folklore.

Devil May Cry: Again, demons and spirits of real-life folklore. Not very useful, but nevertheless interesting. You'll constantly see some of those in fiction.

RPGs and games about certain eras can often be a good way to learn about different epochs, even if they take a lot of liberties.

I learned all of the WWII weapons and their origins from Call of Duty
And Assassins Creed taught me about the Borgias, a bit about renaissance Italy, and a few Italian phrases

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