The last time a game made you rage.

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Scarim Coral:
That stupid harp duet minigame in Legend of Zekda: Skyward Sword.

This is one of the reason why I hate the bloody motion control as it's not super hard to play a harp in real life! Well at least play the string straight in a back and forth in rhythm of the tune!!!

I ended up just memorising the movements so I could start them before the girl actually did.

For me it would have to be the last platforming section of Psychonauts (played it for the first time last week), with that net with the holes in it that you have to climb up. The controls were just really awkward with a keyboard; if I had a controller for my PC I would have gotten it easily. But with the keyboard I was trying do balance levitate, left, forward, and jump with the same hand and it's hard to keep your fingers in place with that many tasks.

Ended up using my right hand for forward and jump, and my left hand for left and levitate, and just hoped the camera didn't do anything stupid.

The last game that made me rage was Jak II.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the game. But it has ridiculous difficulty spikes. Not to mention very bad checkpoint placement.

A particular mission would be where you

And that's just one of the missions in the game that pissed me off. Jak II was a very difficult game.

Thankfully, Jak 3 wasn't nearly as frustrating. As that game had a better difficulty curve and a better checkpoint placement.

AC: Brotherhood, when you have to catch the first Courier. I almost had him, and then I accidentally ran up a wall. I then have to chase the bastard all over the Coliseum, and I kept falling down holes. Finally I managed to get close enough to the guy and tackle hime. And then I stabbed him, because I was pissed off.

Clive Howlitzer:
I rage a little bit every time I play Super Street Fighter IV, since there are so many safe moves in that game it drives me nuts.

Fucking this! That game makes me so mad sometimes. Seth, you cheating bastard!

Assassin's Creed Revelations this game wants you to run everything perfectly and after quite a few tries not being able to get the perfect sync, not letting me restart at a checkpoint made me rage indeed.

Legend of zelda twighlight princess. I had difficulty with the way, that to jump you just have to move off ledges, even though I played ocarina of time with no trouble. Probably cos im new to the wii.

Catherine. Pretty much every boss level.

Not even the boss battles made me rage. Oh, they were hard, damn hard, but you could eventually figure out their pattern and persevere. (The second to last boss battle took me about 6 hours of attempts to beat when I was going for the all-gold run.)

The thing that made me rage do NOT...introduce randomly moving blocks into what is essentially a 6 minute continuous puzzle affected by block placement.


aegix drakan:

I'm playing one of Vechs' "super Hostile" maps (spellbound caves to be precise), and OH MY GOSH I hate hate HATE Vechs!!

Yeah, Super Hostile is annoying, I ragequit Legendary REALLY fast.
But I'm not an angry person, usually. The one and only time I legitimately raged at a game was COD4.
Search and Destroy on Crossfire, and the first three rounds I got killed within the first ten seconds by a grenade throw by the other team across the map. I basically flipped shit, and when I found the guy in a later round where I survived the first few seconds, I was screaming into my mic, and I unloaded my entire shotgun into his corpse after I'd killed him.
But besides that, I've never raged at a game

Uhh...Kingdom Hearts on Proud Mode against Maleficent I suppose (because I have kinda been on a PSP binge since then).

That fight is bullshit on Proud. I mean it wasn't all that easy on Standard in the first place, but holy shit. I didn't even have as much trouble against Ansem in the final battle as Maleficent gave me.

Oh, but then of course there's Minecraft. Started a new world, found SIX DIAMONDS just by digging straight down under my house, and this was maybe about two hours into this seed. Already have five Ender Pearls, so now I just need Blaze Rods for Eyes of Ender to find the Stronghold and prepare.

Walking back to my house right as the sun is setting, running by a surface pool of lava, decide to grab a bucketfull for later use. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-BOOM!

And the best part is that my six diamonds were the only thing that fell into the lava and burned. Like Minecraft God just said, "FUCK YOU, YOU DON'T DESERVE THOSE YET."

Team Fortress 2. Was on dustbowl part two, and the enemy team had five (FIVE!) level 3 sentries right in front of the spawn, as well as a ton of sticky-spammers and a couple snipers for good measure. The rest of my team were all heavies or fail spies. It was the first time I had to ragequit in quite a while.

A thief race in AC:Brotherhood. I get 5 seconds away from the near end, 2 checkpoints away, and every single fucking time Ezio does a dive into the heypile below. I can't figure out how to get around it.

You're not the only one. I had to look up a video to see what path they took. If I remember the race correctly... Ah, yes. Here. That might be the same race you were stuck on.

Also, the Glider took me forever to get 100% synch, but I managed it eventually. I don't think I ever rage-quit though, it was more of a "You know what? Let's try this later. I need to refresh my mind after trying this so many times" quit. Whenever I rage, I restart the level I'm usually doing, but I never quit the game.
Come to think of it, I don't think I've truly raged at a game in a while. Brotherhood may have been the latest one, and that was a while ago.

C F:

A thief race in AC:Brotherhood. I get 5 seconds away from the near end, 2 checkpoints away, and every single fucking time Ezio does a dive into the heypile below. I can't figure out how to get around it.

You're not the only one. I had to look up a video to see what path they took. If I remember the race correctly... Ah, yes. Here. That might be the same race you were stuck on.

Also, the Glider took me forever to get 100% synch, but I managed it eventually. I don't think I ever rage-quit though, it was more of a "You know what? Let's try this later. I need to refresh my mind after trying this so many times" quit. Whenever I rage, I restart the level I'm usually doing, but I never quit the game.
Come to think of it, I don't think I've truly raged at a game in a while. Brotherhood may have been the latest one, and that was a while ago.

Ah, thanks.
I actually take 2 seconds to shoot the guards with my crossbow; are those seconds too valuable to bother? I think they'll shoot me off walls if I don't.

Very glad someone replied to this, too. Was hoping someone felt my plight.

Edit: Actually, he dived, too. Except when I get there I usually have 5-10 seconds left. He had nearly 30.
Maybe I'm just bad?

I'm too calm a person to Rage at a game... but I had a 'i'm not angry, just very dissapointed' moment yesterday.

Essentially I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and I picked up a rumour in a town about a tower... interesting stuff I thought... this put a random quest on my map... nothing new there... I was on another quest first, so I didn't ignored it and did the other. The tower quest dissapeared.

It came back later, and I had forgotten what it was, I entered it! I had to clomb 5 floors of a tower! The enemy's looked harder than normal, so I chose my best team, used my permanent Regen clan bonus, and started the fight. The enemies were all around the same level as me, but they were hard! They favoured buffs and debuffs and had high health! I fought hard though, and managed to get up to the top floor! [1]

Then a complete [link=]The Computer is a Cheating Bastard[/link moment!! Top floor! Managed to keep all my guys alive on the way up, (just) and am facing 4 monsters... less than the other floors... A bunny, a tough lizard thing, and 2 marlboros. All level 50! (All previous tower monsters had averaged levels based off of mine, they were all mid 30's!) I look at the turn list, and I wasn't even on it! For some reason the computer decided it would have a few rounds on its own first as cheap shots! I know they do this for all the bosses, but not usually when you start practically nose to nose!

In those few rounds the 4 enemies managed to kill 3 of my 6 characters, cast regen, attack up, resistance up, evade up, and some other buffs, and one of my 3 remaining characters was asleep, and 2 poisoned, and all had slow on them! I checked the speed stats, and a couple of my faster characters has similar stats to the monsters, so it was a real cheap shot!! Now came my turn! The enemy all had 700+ life (double the enemies average in the tower so far) and I now had to make my shot count... It was my strongest fighter, so I went behind the closest monster, and attacked with a strong attack... my strongest attack for that character... which will usually take 100 damage off a monster, from the front, without the backstab bonus... it took off 2... :(

The next round of enemy attacks finished me off! I had taken 2 health off of the enemy the entire match... gutting!!! There was no warning the tower was going to be that hard! I'm not even half way through the game! It was just unfair computer cheating nonsence!

On the positive though I did manage to get a load of rare treasure/loot in the rest of the tower that I could now keep and use to get new weapons! I have a couple of the job classes ultimate attacks without even having got to the airship yet! :P

[1] (The regen helps btw, if anyone else plays! Not only do you get about 10% health back per turn, but also, after the monsters are dispatched you can use the wait command over and over until you have full health and mana to take to the next floor! Good for illusionists and things to be able to use good magic every turn!!! Just hope they don't drain your MP first!!)

It's either fighting Sagat in Street Fighter 2....


....or Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. STOP SWINGING YOUR HAMMER AROUND!

i just rage quit dead rising 2 because i was fighting the helicopter boss which is a really easy one and i had 5 lots of orange juice (and a level 40 character) so i wasn't worried about it, until about 1/2 way through the boss fight i paused with 1/2 health left to drink some orange juice and got chain stunned to death which was about 30 seconds of me being unable to do anything as my character slowly died and my last save was an hour and a half ago

please game devs don't put any enemy's in your games that can stun its just annoying and cheap and dead rising boss battle are the worst because they chain stun and do massive damage whilst having a huge amount of health so their next to impossible on a first run anyway unless bring some assault rifle armed survivors with you which feels like cheating

Peace Walker.

The whole game is a gigantic catch 22.

I can't complete certain Extra Ops without certain weapons or items, but to get them I need to complete those Extra Ops.

Demons Souls. I pretty much knew what I was getting in to when I started that game, so I tried not to get too upset when it was driving me crazy. For the most part I managed to keep a level head.

But then, stage 5-2 happened.

Still haven't played Dark Souls.

Gears of War 3, Myrrah on Insane. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Myrrah on Hardcore with only one other person made me froth at the mouth. Good think the NPCs almost never go down, or it would've been so much Harder. And that Lambent Beserker. Fuck it...

Uncharted 3 multiplayer:

1. Fucked matchmaking. Always in matches up against crazy skilled level 75s while I'm teamed up with a bunch of 20s and 30s if I'm lucky.

2. Getting the same fucking treasure 10 times in a row.

3. The taunts. It's just a legitimized form of tea bagging.

Skyrim...the game just got so pathetically easy that around level 30 I was mostly just pissed that there was nothing challenging left in the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Now that was absolutely infuriating.

My lack of remembering to save every minute in skyrim has begun to screw me over.

I was going to write out a actual reply, but I started getting angry while writing it. So yeah, World of Tanks; the higher tier you go, the shittier the game gets.

Last boss of Lost Planet 1, it must of took me 30 tries. I remember looking back at the clock to see just how much time I had lost fighting this POS. After I finally finished I promised myself I'd never play the game again.

Gears of War 3, Myrrah on Insane. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Insane mode is best played with a friend or three. Although, even with super reload and infinite ammo, it took me and my friends the better part of an hour to actually beat that level. Was not fun.

Just a few hours ago, actually, in Skyrim. I hate that insta-kill move dragons have by grabbing and tossing you to the ground. I'd been running around without saving for a few hours and came upon a dragon, and it killed me before I could even draw a sword.

I had a dragon do that to me once. It really pissed me off because it was down to its last few points of health and I was just about to deal the killing blow when it zooms out so I figured that it was about to show one of the killcams. Unfortunately, I was the one getting killed.

Rainbow six Vegas 2. I love Terrorist hunt, but I'll be damned if those bastards don't pull some serious BS from time to time. And if I had to label something from before that, getting kicked from matches on Iron Brigade annoys me to no end. The really messed up part is that roughly 80% of the time I am the only one to get kicked from the game while I'm playing wit my friends.

Twisted Metal, Team Deathmatch, Black Rock Stadium, 13- year old that was such an annoying little shitcricket that everyone went after him. It took us three minutes to get him to ragequit. Immediately afterwards I quit as well, I can't play well when I'm angry.

Catherine. Pretty much every boss level.

I played that Friday night/ Saturday morning, almost all the way through. There was one part that was really, really frustrating:

I was hanging out with my friends and we were making light of it all, sure, but if I was by myself I'd have been raging like a motherfucker.

I Wanna Be the Guy

I just got that game and after about three hours of play I've only gotten about three rooms in and I'm playing on the "easiest" setting. Reading some of these other posts makes me wish IWBTG was that easy.

Probably Deus Ex revolution on hard. Enemies can drop you in a millasecond and your somehow supposed to feel like a cybernetic bad ass. yet I walked straight up to somebody, pointed a sniper rifle point blank at his face and shot and he proceeded to kill me before the gun recoil was even over.

Sniper rifle shot. POINT. BLANK. TO. THE. FACE!! Fuck that overrated pos.

I found out that the game's a bit easier if just not go out of your way to shoot people and mele everyone else. I realized that when I had to go on a mission with no ammo because I had wasted it all tranquilizing homeless people.


Fire NINE shots at small low-rank alien, miss all of them.

He hits me three times in one try.


The last time that I really raged at a game was when I tried to go back and play more of Call of Duty: World at War on Veteran. Somehow I think I made it around halfway through the game, but barely. By the end of that I was about to eat my controller. I think there is still a bite mark on it.

Dark Souls, Anor Londo.

Currently stuck a bit where you have to traverse an incredibly narrow path (with bottomless pits of doom either side of it) whilst being shot at by two Silver Knights with ridiculously powerful Greatbows. Can't even block the arrows because the impact of them just sends you sliding backwards and off the edge.

What's more annoying is that even after looking up a strategy on youtube I still haven't been able to do it. I just mess up the timing on my dodge, or instinctively try to block the arrow, even though I KNOW IT'S GOING TO HURL ME OFF TO MY DOOM!

Intend to try and get it done this evening after work...

Soul Calibur 4. Fucking Star Wars crap. Don't get me wrong - I love Star Wars. I even don't mind the prequels all that much and even some of George Lucas' mucking about with the originals (not all of it, but some). But every time I had to fight Starkiller in Soul Calibur 4 I felt like throwing my controller at the wall. In fact, one time I did exactly that and destroyed the battery holder. (Rest of it was okay though so I bought one of those recharge pack thingys and now it works fine). Luckily Soul Calibur 5 doesn't suck as much so I play that now instead (still not quite as good as Soul Calibur II, but a vast improvement on IV, although I really hope they release some of the older characters as DLC or I'll be a mite peeved).

Dark souls, surprise surprise. -_-
Blight town and Sen's Fortress, to be exact. Blight Town had me running in circles for hours.
then has me use up my estas flask before I get to Quallegg. then I have to run through that nightmare just to get out.

Sen's Fortress... I fucking hate Sen's Fortess. Not for constantly getting hit by traps, not for nearly getting eaten by a mimic, not for the snake people that knock off a bridge to my death and not having a stone golem throw explosive giant bombs at me. No, I hate Sen's Fortress because of that DAMN GOLEM BOSS that keeps blowing his fucking gust of wind to knock me out the fight to my death! I ended up rage deleting all my characters because of him and now I start from scratch... again... for the 20TH time. T_T

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