What game got you into gaming?

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It was either C&C or Aliens vs Predator on the Jaguar. Can't remember which I played first of the two.

I have been playing games since i was about 4 years old on our old Atari. But i would play and enjoy anything really. I was very much a casual gamer. right up until i rented Final Fantasy VII from the local video store.

I was a sega kid. Sonic 2 was probably what I first played porperly (I don't really count collumns) and I've stuck with it since.

Pokemans and Zelda. The first game I ever had of my own was Pokemon Yellow. Shortly after that I got an N64 with a bunch of Pokemon games, and then one day I came across a little game called The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and the long love affair began.

Commander Keene and Monkey Island. those were the days

Final fantasy . I was born in 1988 , and i was about 3 when my dad got final fantasy on the nes , i used to watch him for HOURS playing that game . I wanted to play but that game was text heavy like all old shool jrpgs . My dad refused to read the game for me , he told me i could play it when i learned to read , by the time i was 4, i could read that gamr and every other game that came out. I could even understand old english ( althought not very well). When i staryed school i could already read better than everyone in my class .P

I have been a jrpg fan ever since , and a final fantasy fan , although square enix is pushing it's luck right now ( r .i. P squaresoft)

That's pretty awesome,

Games got me to the point that my english was really good before i started high school (i'm from the Netherlands, and we only get english when we start high school).

Games that really got me into gaming were basicly everything on de nes. And later the crash bandicoot series on the playstation.

But the one that really got me in to it was Zelda Ocarina of Time on the n64. By the time it came out i was i think 9 years old. And it was the first game i played on the *newer* consoles so to say. I remember pouring hours and hours into that zelda game with a friend of mine.... good times. Since then i've been a real gamer.

Ooooh boy. First it was Super Mario Bros, Super Tanks, Contra, Wild Gunman, Duck Hunt that came integrated into one of those fake, Italian bought, Super Famicom looking consoles.

Than came PS1 & PC era with titles like FF VII-IX, Metal Gear Solid, Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Call of Duty (and many LAN parties). Good old days.

i started with and liked super mario, and some TG16 games, but it wasn't until FFVI on the snes (called FFIII at the time...) that i really started to realize how epic games could be.

as a wee little lad me and my dad played Tomb Raider I really got into gaming with Half-Life 2 which I got when I was about 16

Halo 2. My next door neighbour bought an Xbox 360 and lent me his Xbox with Halo 2. I loved it. Played the campaign about three times in a week and played the offline multiplayer with three of my friends all the time. It was great too because most of my friends seemed to play Xbox 360 as well and they coached me on how to become a better player etc etc. Finally I bought an Xbox 360 in early 2008 and been playing that and sometimes TF2 or Republic Commando on the PC. It feels great to be in a such a great community of gamers.

I had an original Nintendo. You know, the gray box with the red lettering that looks like it should contain nuclear secrets. I used to play Super Mario Bros and a top down war game who name escapes me but consisted of driving around a pixelated desert in a jeep dodging missiles and collected GI s who's head were half their sprite. I remember distinctly sitting on a 10 gallon bucket in my unfinished basement playing it on a 10 inch TV that sat on a different 10 gallon bucket. Oh ya, also had duck hunt.

The first game that got me into gaming though, as in I played it everyday was the original SSX for PS2. We bought a big screen TV from the Sony Store and they had promo going where they gave away a free PS2 with the TV. Before that I only had the Nintendo and the only non pixelated gaming I did was at friends houses.

I'm an 85 boy, so we're talking Wonder Boy, Alex Kidd, Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.

Still, I played the Atari 2600 before I got any of those, so maybe it was Secret Quest, Road Runner, Donkey Kong and Pitfall that really got me in. Who can say?

Duck Hunt/SMB when I was in around 2nd grade at my cousins' house, and Commander Keen on the PC a couple years later. I always wanted an NES, but my mom got me the Sega Genesis in 1991 with Sonic, and that actually pretty awesome.

First game I played was the original DOOM but what made me a "gamer" was Diablo II.

First game system I had was the old black and white, big enough too murder someone with, Gameboy.

On that I had Super Mario World: The 6 Gold Coins. That's what got me into gaming. :p

On the NES - Bionic Commando, Mario Brothers, and Mario Brothers 2
On the 64 - Goldeneye, Rogue Squadron, and Mario Cart

From there I got a job (at 16) and have been through hundreds of PS2, XBox, and XBox 360 titles...


no seriously, yes I have been around that long

haha good to see im not the only old timer who started with that..

as for my gateway drug of a game,, the thing that truely make me a gamer.. arcade starwars

So, I'm sure this has been done to death (But not by me, so it doesn't count! >:D)

Actually no, I've never really seen it done before. To answer, though, it was Goldeneye and Ocarina of Time. Cliche, I know, but my older cousin was really into those games and I spent a lot of time with him and those are the ones we would play most. Not a bad beginning if I do say so myself. OoT is still my favorite game, followed closely behind Fallout 3.

I played Super Mario Bros. on my family's old NES, but the game that really got me into gaming was Jak 2(Jak & Daxter 2), I spent days on that game just going around the cities and shooting at the guards and finally beating the game.

Crash Bandicoot 3. I played it at a relatives house and I thought it was awesome. It gave me the incentive to buy my PS2, which I still have today.

My first ever game was Pokemon Yellow...
My first ever console game was Spyro: Year of the Dragon...
But what really got me into gaming was my first ever PS2 game: Ratchet and Clank. Such an awesome game (HD Collection FTW!!)

The first game I ever played was Pokemon Red, and then a few months after that started my cousin showed me this great game called World of Warcraft. I guess Pokemon got me in, but I don't think I'd be half the nerd I am now without WoW.

Hmm, not sure if it is what got me into gaming but I remember playing this old Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers game on one of those really old dos only PCs. Back before GUIs were common. I could never talk my parents into getting a gaming console or anything but I eventually talked them into getting me a Game Gear and an original Playstation. Fun times those were.

I was intoduced to steam via the orange box in 2008
from there on is history

The Adventures of Captain Comic. First game I ever bought...


So, I'm sure this has been done to death (But not by me, so it doesn't count! >:D)

Actually no, I've never really seen it done before.

Really? Huh. Awesome!

Honestly? No idea, all I know is I was staying up to 3 AM playing Mario when I was 3 or so.

Definately Tekken 3

Sega Master System with Thunder Blade, Hang-On and Safari Hunt. It was cool, but when my brother brought home an NES with Mario 3, my mind was officially blown. A few weeks later he told me to pack it up, took it away, and returned with a SNES: Mario World was astounding... Then I played Street Fighter II, Darius Twin and Peacekeepers. Good intro, real good introduction.

Shoutouts to OKAMI!!

TL;DR Super Mario Bros. 3

Here for the record is this little guy.


Ocarina of Time. Although, as a kid, the Redeads freaked the hell out of me.

I always played demo discs on my older brother's PS when I was around 5 and I had been watching him play since I was around 3. There was one demo disc that I played all the time and I finished the demos on it so many times. I remember it had Spyro and Tombi on it. They were the most amazing games.

My first real game was the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" on the Mega Drive, thanks to my brother (even though he's a lazy dick).

Truman Soutar:
I had an original Nintendo. You know, the gray box with the red lettering that looks like it should contain nuclear secrets.

Man, I missed out on that. I had a SNES, with the purple sliders on the top. My brother broke it, though. -_-

Thinking back to the days of playing my first games with my childhood friends. I barely remember all of the, but Jazz Jackrabbit, Commander Keen and Doom, and later Blood, were my first. There were some other titles I can't remember the names of.

Good times. Really good times.

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