Well, do you?
All the time
31.7% (129)
31.7% (129)
41.8% (170)
41.8% (170)
I talk to myself all the time, isnt that right Silus
13% (53)
13% (53)
No, I'm not crazy
6.4% (26)
6.4% (26)
No, but it's funny to watch
2.5% (10)
2.5% (10)
Where's the bacon answer?
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3.4% (14)
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Poll: Do you talk to yourself when you play games?

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All the time, even when I'm not gaming I still talk to myself.... I always seem to have a good conversation with myself!

I definitely talk to myself while playing. I consider it a sign of immersion. If I'm really into a game, and I get hit in-game and lose some health, I will usually actually say aloud, without thinking, "Ow!". I'll talk to the characters, etc. I do this especially in Half-Life, where I almost feel like I have to make up for Gordon "Man of Few Words" Freeman.

Hmmm well you but for me it's either something when the game has a bug "you piece of shit yeah yeah just keep fucking messing up"
Something to do with a really stupid plot point or gameplay mechanic is usually like
"Wow what the hell is the point in that seriously that was a waste of time I can't believe how stupid this is".

Found myself doing a lot of talking like this in Mass effect 3.

Yea.. usually something along the lines of

"Yes..yes,yes. go on go on YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

or "No,fuck..fuck..no, fuck, fuck fuck, no, Fuccccck/Cunt"

Sticking a video camara behind me and not telling me might make up for some really vocal Lets Play's

Honestly, especially with games like Skyrim or Fallout, I voice every thing I come across

"Mmmm I wonder what's up here... A more bandit scum! Taste my axe you motherless Trolls! huff... puff... I should get some rest now."

Usually to make fun of dialogues or the like. I also do it when I have done something particularly noteworthy, I celebrate, and often make fun of the NPC who was at the receiving end of whatever I did. I sing a lot too, but that has nothing to do with the game, so it doesn't count :)

If I'm alone in the room, yes I talk to myself. "Why would you do that? NO! That's an obvious trap! IDIOT! NO! JUMP HIGHER! Goddamn it."

If there are people around, I stay my tongue.

For reasons I don't understand whenever I play a turn based or rts game set in WW2 I always narrate the game in my best '1940s British newsreader voice' , You know the one.

Mostly only in RPGs or story heavy games. Otherwise, my talking boils down to badass(?) one liners, or noises of frustration. But story heavy games....they make me talk a lot.

Hell, when I played Twilight Princess for the first time, I ACTUALLY voiced exactly what I would have said, had I actually been Link in that situation. I kid you not. I actually did that.

And I'm finding myself doing almost the exact same thing when playing Persona 4.

>_< Don't judge meeeeee! I'm just getting into character in a role-playing game!

All the time - especially raging. ;D Both on multi- and singleplayer.

Not myself specifically, though I'll happily yell at my troops in games like Company of Heroes, and treat them irrationally.


A favourite of mine is "how is this fun?" and similar variations when I've been killed yet again, or slipped out of a time requirement by an inch.

Only when I'm playing on the hardest difficulty - my 'fun' playthrough on easy I remain silent.

It's kind of funny. With video games, I talk to the game. Usually it's something like, "Holy crap. What the Hell!? ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME!?"

But when I'm working I talk to myself all the time. It helps me stay focused. That's not wierd... Right?

Edit: Actually, I have to admit I talked to myself a LOT when I played the Stalker games'
"Alright, so do I have enough ammo? Ok, cool. Let's go do this."
"Oooh, what is this, a cave-thing? This looks interesting..."
"Okay, I'ma goin in.... Shitshitshit, it looks scary, not going in... Okay, NOW I'm going in... See, it's this kind of hesitation that makes you suck at dodgeball..."
"So I'm in the cave... Dead guys, that's not scary at all. See a bunch of those... SHITSHITSHITSHIT WHAT IS THAT!? WHAT THE HEL... And I died...."

Just one of my very many conversations in the game. I routinely had to psyche myself up when exploring in these games.

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