What was the last ending of a game that was genuinely satisfying?

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IJI of course and maybe Soul Reaver 2 just because of the Twist, satisfying in his own way but the series was far from over.

To be honest, a few of the games I've played recently had not just satisfying endings, but great or even fantastic endings.

Bastion - That ended brilliantly, as others have said, the whole

Dragon Age: Origins - Only played this recently, it had a bittersweet ending (depending on your final choices) which was pretty cool, and then there's a massive epilogue which tells you how all your other choices throughout the game panned out.

Saints Row: The Third -

Portal 2 - I played this when it came out, I just mention it now because it is, hands down, my favourite ending ever

So yeah, I do think plenty of games end well, they just really dropped the ball with ME3. Silly Bioware.

I played Vampire the masquerade a few months back. As a malkavian, those who have played it know what they're like. Anyway, it ended with my character being chained to a sarcofagus and thrown in the sea. I honestly think this was a satisfying ending, it fit her, it fit the rest of the game.

Baron von Blitztank:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Kinda...But I didn't like the Ending-tron 9000 so, No.

I think what annoyed me about it was that it acted like whatever you chose was the right choice and you were so clever for picking that one. It rang kind of hollow after I played all the ending scenes.


Fallout: New Vegas gave us closure to pretty much everything and everyone that mattered, and that's the way RPG's should end.

Basically this ^

Any RPG that isn't part of a continuous plot needs to end this way. The Fallout games are segmented like this with each having an ending that explains what happened as a result of their choices. Which works very well because its not a continuous adventure of a single person, so we weren't waiting for Fallout 2 to conclude the story of the Vault Dweller just as we werent't waiting for F3 to conclude the story of the Chosen One. Which is why Me1 and Me2s endings were satisfying endings; because nothing was expected of them except to provide short transitional cutscenes in preparation for the next game.

ME3 however, as the last game in the series, was expected to deliver heavily in its end game closure because unlike most RPGs it was concluding a larger(non-single-game) adventure. When it fell far short of that expectation the outcry was effectively amplified by 3 games of waiting for that closure.

Mirror's Edge--ending really fit the overall tone of the game
Mass Effect 1--probably don't really need to explain why
DA:O--haven't played in a couple of years, but I remember it being good
NWN: Hordes of the Underdark. Really the entire third chapter, but the ending was pretty damn awesome

I'm noting after making that list that 3/5 of these endings are Bioware endings. Huh

Hmm, Portal 2 I'd say. It was so random, crazy and generally insane, but it worked beautifully.

I rather enjoyed all of Fallout New Vegas' DLC endings too.

Final Fantasy XIII
or Ghost Trick
dunno which I played last

though both had awesome endings
Ghost Trick is one of the best of all time and FF XIII just a good one.

best ending of all time is a TIE between The Whispered World and Fallout 2

Final Fantasy XIII
or Ghost Trick
dunno which I played last

though both had awesome endings
Ghost Trick is one of the best of all time and FF XIII just a good one.

best ending of all time is a TIE between The Whispered World and Fallout 2

I agree with all the games you said exept XIII. Sorry, but the ending was....meh....

I would have to say the "Good" ending to Metro 2033. It struck that nice balance for me of leaving you wondering about what would happen next in the world but at the same time having a good sense of closure.


boy that one made me feel good

Maybe it's a stupid question, but is Cryostasis worth playing then?...
I own it, but I got it when my pc was to weak to play it >.<

ot: Binding Of Isaac, I like the endings however I'm sure I can think of something better in the middle of the night when I don't want to.

to me, yes it was
it's very, VERY slow
but I don't think it could've worked without such slow pace, and I think it's an atmospheric masterpiece ^-^
granted there's some gameplay things that aren't exactly... perfect, like the flaregun being worthless or the slow reloads, but I think the reload thing makes sense, he is a scientist after all, not a soldier =P

Binary domains ending was conclusive and resistance 3's was it sort of shows that some devloper are waking up to the fact that people want closure.

Recently released or recently played?
I can't think of any recent releases, but I recently finished the original Deus Ex, and all 3 endings were perfect. Each had benefeits and faults, and more importantly, it felt like your choice had impact, unlike it's predecesor, Human Revolution (which is the second game, as there weren't any others ever), which felt like you had just changed the fate of the corporation you work for.

Xenosaga Trilogy was my most recent; "OMG that ending rules so hard!"
My All time Favorite ending are from the Suikoden series.

EDIT-----------------> My real Most Recent Best OMGWTFFTW ending it's Saint's Row the third, secondary ending, when you deicide go after killbane, crap shaundi dies, take over the city, and announce you just created a City Estate in war againts the US of A.

Infamous 2 it ends appropriately and guarantees no sequels to ruin it Bravo Sucker Punch

I feel I should second this. Both endings of Infamous 2 were fantastic.

However, the best ending in a game that I've ever seen is most definitely Portal 2. It had excitement, heart, humor, catharsis...The whole deal. It was pretty much perfect.

Dark Souls. Both of them.

My favorite part of those endings is that they both lead straight back to your cell in the Undead Asylum for New Game+. Closure? Ha! There's no escape. Ever.


Quantum Star:
So the general consensus nowadays is that video game endings are doomed to suck. If it's not Deus Ex's or Mass Effect 3's "press button to see this ending" business, it ends on a bull shit cliffhanger or has no closure and leaves the player completely unsatisfied like Final Fantasy XIII-2. The last game I finished with a great ending was Persona 4. You end the murderer's killing spree, discover the truth behind the murder cases, you've done everything that you needed to do, and it all wraps up on a positive note that makes you feel like you really accomplished something big. So I ask: what was the last game you finished with an ending that you were completely happy with?

Closure isn't a necessity, sometimes the ending can be that much more poignant when it leaves you asking questions, instead of rattling off everything that happens. For example: Would you have remembered the ending to Inception if it had ended with the spinning-top falling down? Probably not, because leaving you with something to think about AFTER you're done makes it much more interesting.

Epilogues that explain what happened to everyone and everything is like the easy way out, it might leave you satisfied, but it won't have an impact on you whatsoever.

That's true, a game or any kind of fiction for that matter should leave a few mysteries for the viewer to think about after the story is over, however, all stories do need to have a certain amount of closure to end the story and answer the questions that should be answered. Not necessarily everything, but at least the most significant issues.
I mentioned in my original post that Final Fantasy XIII-2 ended on a very unsatisfying note because the last thing we see is the world ending and a "to be continued" before the credits. That was incredibly disappointing because it didn't end the story, and it brings you right up to the climax and abruptly ends with no indication to what would happen afterwards. The most important questions were left unanswered,(is the world going to end? Can the main characters still change this future?).
Since this is getting kind of long, I'll just end by saying that leaving some things in the story unanswered for the viewer/player/whatever to think about afterwards is a great thing to do since it can, as you mentioned, make the ending much more poignant, but not getting any answers to the driving questions of the story is not the same.

God this thread is hard... Erm...Disgea? That was satisfying as fuck.

Bastion is the last game that gave me a great ending. Despite the fact that it looks childish, the story is actually quite heart-wrenching. The ending(s) only amplified that bit in my opinion :)

As far as games I played in the last year or so? Well, it's been mentioned quite a bit already but I have to say that Portal 2 had one of the best endings I've ever seen in a game. I actually found myself applauding to my computer screen as the credits rolled.

Also, despite being a bit bittersweet, I recently found the ending to Alice: Madness Returns to be damn satisfying. If you're one of the people that's actually played through this game you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I have high hopes for how Bastion turns out but I haven't finished it yet. I'm grinding a bit so I can upgrade some of my weapons before the final level.

Just finished LA Noire and thought the ending worked really well not only neatly tying up the last case, but the city corruption angel, and Jack and Coles story in a satisfying if sad note.

Last one for me would probably be Jade Empire. Finally tried it recently after hearing about it over the years, and although it's just a small cut-scene + text ending I was satisfied.

Actually enjoyed the evil/renegade play-through a great deal more, which (usually play games as the goody-two-shoes) was quite surprising.

Blargh. No one's going to know the game I'm talking about, but here goes. The last time I got a really good feeling from beating a game was Fossil Fighters: Champions. You beat up a big, evil wizard guy with dinosaurs to save the world. It is awesome.

The ending of MW3's campaign was fairly satisfying, if a bit of a bitch to get to. Freeze in hell Makarov, freeze in hell.

People will probably try to leave that out because of the whole "Fuck Call of Duty", but I'm with you.

That ending was so damn satisfying. Which was surprising, coming from the CoD guys.

Psychonauts had a damn good ending.

I just beat Planescape Torment recently and I must say that the ending was quite moving. Bioware should've taken notes because that was bittersweet done right.

Fallout: New Vegas in which I get Yes Man to drop General Oliver off a cliff and have Vegas become a powerhouse all on its own.

Any "good" ending in NV and its DLCs (that did't include you being in the Legion because they could all go and stick polls up their asses for all I care) was satisfying and made me feel that the important actions in the game actually had weight.

Oh, and the first Mass Effect's ending was PERFECT. Kill Saren, destroy the Reaper, pull off a sweet ass pose - simply perfect.

Silent Hill 2 and 4(though 2 more than 4), ninja gaiden 2 , NO MORE HEROES , Portal and Portal 2, LoZ windwaker, FEAR, Condemned, psychonauts

I'm thinking (not having played ME3) that maybe the outcry from the ending would've been less bad if other games would've sucked less at tying their endings together. It's the one thing ME sort of HAD to deliver on with it's story focus, so the fact that they (apparently) didn't was even more jarring

No More Heroes, seriously!?

That ending was intended to be a massive fuck you to the player. It is a pretty anticlimactic ending, albeit hilarious. I can't see how you could actually feel satisfied with that.

Bastion. No contest from anything this year that compares to that game.

As for the whole deus ex HR ending being so unpopular this was something i never understood. The entire game was about the ideas of information as power and those controlling it. Each ending allows the player to try to create the society of their desire by wielding (or not) the information

Journey, of course. That was the most satisfied I'd felt since Portal 2, or Infamous 2.

I just finished Eternal Darknes: Sanity's Requiem two nights ago. Oh my god.

Goddamn, seriously it's not all that hard to write a satisfying ending to something. As unsurprising as ED:SR's ending was it was still sooooooooo satisfying. Speaking of horror games I recently replayed through Silent Hill 2 and 3 and jesus, talk about multiple good, satisfying endings. Also recently started playing Farcry 2 again, which has a more or less satisfying ending, I like it. Honestly the only other ending to a game I can think of that was bad recently is Rage's ending. That's it.

Portal 2! If you didn't come close to shedding man-tears, you are hollow and I don't like you.

The only one that comes to mind is the Revenge ending in Amnesia. It was the first ending I ever got and it just felt right.

last game I beat was portal 2 and it's ending was good.

I can't actually remember being dissatisfied with any videogame ending i've had(not saying for certain I haven't, I just can't recall any times), though it's true some(most) do leave it set up for the sequel rather than finishing everything definitively.

Something I don't actually mind. It's the equivalent of the 'dead' serial killer opening his eyes again at the end of a horror movie, or the terminators arm being found. Stuff like that I think is kinda cool, it's only when they don't end up making a sequel that some[not all] of the endings like that feel a little disappointing.

Dark souls. The link the fire ending specifically. A bit of a strange ending story wise, but completing Dark souls was pretty satisfying anyways.


Thanks for letting me know, stops me from playing when I'm after something quick paced. I've been after something heavy on atmosphere for a while, appears it's sitting on a shelf looking at me...

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